Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is Dutch Society Too Open?

Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled a report on the dangers of the traditional openness of society in the Netherlands. This national characteristic has been exploited by foreign spies, particularly from Morocco.

VH begins with this translation from Elsevier:

Dutch secret service: A transparent government is a threat to the state

By Arne Hankel

The transparency of the Dutch government brings with it risks to national security. Terrorists, animal rights extremists, foreign powers, and companies abuse Dutch openness.

[caption: Morocco also recruited spies in the Netherlands]

This is the conclusion of the Dutch Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) in its annual report released Tuesday [download Dutch version here (pdf)]. The Netherlands, according to the AIVD, is insufficiently aware of the risks.

Collusive activities

The number of reports by the AIVD on collusive activities from abroad in the Netherlands has considerably increased recent years. From 819 reports in 2007 to 1,303 in 2008. Some of the reports led to arrests or aliens being expelled.[1]

The Netherlands is interesting for foreign powers because of its established high-technology industry and the presence of large groups of migrants. “Much of the high tech in the Netherlands is useful,” the intelligence service reports. [and because of its naïveté easy to obtain, they might add: Pakistan was able to develop a nuclear bomb thanks to information stolen in the Netherlands]

Weapons of mass destruction
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“It is therefore important that companies and scientific institutions are aware of the risks involved in contacts with organizations and agencies from countries suspected of developing weapons of mass destruction,” the report states.

The annual report also mentions cyber-attacks on computer networks in the Netherlands that originate in China. Russia, according to the AIVD, is very active in the field of espionage. The interest of this country focuses on information about NATO, the defense industry, and the energy sector.

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[1] Two Moroccan brothers, both criminals and living in the Netherlands since around 1994 without a residence permit and not quite unknown in Moroccan circles (a Moroccan Green Left PM knows them well*), suddenly have to be expelled according to Ahmed Marcouch. Though they should have been expelled fifteen years ago, and certainly after their first arrests (the brothers are gang members and must have been known to the police for much longer) Marcouch, the Brotherhood man of the PvdA (Socialists, Labour) who like all good Muslims wants to Islamize the Netherlands, only comes up with this now. While the PvdA is descending in the polls.

Green Left MP Tofik Dibi (Wilders-hater and effectively a Nazi) grew up in the same neighborhood as the two gang members and is strongly against the expulsion procedure for the brothers. “I find it a proof of incapacity that these guys must be kicked over the border,” he said in the newspaper Trouw. Even more so, Dibi says, because Marcouch here obstructs the attempts to get one of the brothers on the straight path again.

Gregorius Nekschot portrayed Dibi in a pastiche of an anti-Wilders poster. The text reads “A son of a whore / with a bad haircut”.

VH supplies this additional information:

Moroccan spies

Last September a Moroccan police officer, Ré Lemhaouli, was discovered to have had spied for the Moroccan secret service. He also had set up a (subsidized) project for unemployed immigrants in which princess Maxima handed out the diplomas. Two Moroccan diplomats were expelled in the aftermath of the news. The Moroccan police officer and spy had already been transferred to a job at Rotterdam Airport (!) and after the discovery and protests was put on leave. He “might” lose his passport.

The Rotterdam PvdA-city council member Fouad El Haji also stated he had been asked to spy for Morocco and said that Morocco does this on a massive scale.

Dutch Moroccans with an “advisory role”

PvdA MP Khadija Arib came again into focus during the spy-scandal because she is working for a Moroccan advisory commission for the Moroccan king. “A secondary object of the Council is the spread of ‘Arab language and Moroccan culture’, particularly in the EU,” Klein Verzet wrote on this “double spy” issue.

However, Ahmed Aboutaleb, the PvdA Mayor of Rotterdam, is still a member of a “High Council” to the Moroccan King, and this was not discussed anywhere at all when he became Mayor of Rotterdam in 2008. In 2007 he stated that he is only able to say something in that Council “twice every five years, on things like infrastructure, education and human rights.”