Sunday, April 19, 2009

Luton Takes to the Streets

The pushback is inevitable; it has to start somewhere, sometime. And when it does, it will undoubtedly look something like this:

Thanks to Lionheart for the video. There’s no additional information about this protest in Luton, but the video is dated April 17, so I presume it took place recently — and without an official permit.

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Ex-Dissident said...

The palpable taste of of a powder keg being tossed around, makes me uncomfortable. Same feeling seeing one of these protesters giving a Hitler salute as he passed the camera. There are a lot of passionate and motivated people out there. I feel that if a sane leader doesn't emerge to take the reins of this movement, some people will follow an insane one. Violence is likely inevitable, but the degree of this violence and the whether something better will emerge is still undecided.

Man Of The Woods said...

More info here:

X said...

Ex-Dissident, I think you're seeing things that aren't there. I watched the entire video - raised hands, but no nazi salutes.

J. Hank Rearden said...

Hoorah! Time to start taking back your country boys!

Fjordman said...

I'm willing to bet that the people working for the Labour regime are getting quite nervous by now.

Anonymous said...

Do they realize they are chanting "Let us March" to the tune of "Stars and Stripes Forever"?

X said...

Probably not. Has some interesting (if brief) history, though.

Counter-Jihadist said...

God bless this lot. The push-back has indeed begun. The British government has allowed ONLY the Muslim side the benefit of free speech, free assembly, and freedon from all criticism - and has done so at their great peril.

I got goose-bumps watching the nacient 'Take Back the UK' movement spread its wings. About bloody time!!

babs said...

Wow. I actually started tearing up watching this. The people of the U.K. are in one heck of a pickle. While the British police retreat at the site of Muslim mobs they don't seem to share the same cowardness toward indiginous British people. Oh no, link arms and hold your ground police! I'm surprised they didn't tear gas them! The last few seconds of the video you could hear the police dogs. What have you wrought Labor?
Trying my best to read the signs, can anyone explain what these mean?

Unknown said...


NF = National Front, a neo-Nazi political party.

ASBO = Anti-Social Behaviour Order. It's a type of civil order the government uses to penalise anti-social behaviour, even if no laws have actually been transgressed.

I don't know what LBC stands for.

Baron Bodissey said...

LBC = Luton Borough Council.

Ex-Dissident said...

Archonix, I saw a man walking towards the camera with his hand stretched out. Maybe I am seeing things, but the violence at this demonstration rattled me. I can easily see one of our TEA rallies turning into this. I also think that the people here have the same grievances as the people there. As the Baron said, "pushback is will look like this."

Charlemagne said...

I'm happy to see that this protest seems to have been made up mostly of young men of fighting age.

X said...

Ex Dissident: moments before he probably had both hands up. It's a cultural thing over here, believe it or not, to raise your hands while you're singing in large groups like this. It happens a lot at football matches.

thll said...

First I've heard of this. Great news. Anger is growing at what's happened to Britain these past ten years or so. And it's not going to go away. The Muslims will only have themselves to blame for the reaction that their behaviour will precipitate.

Aussie said...

Who is the Genius that thinks it's a good idea to piss off the cops?

The majority of the UK Police force would share the sentiments of the protesters.
Rather than doing infidel "Rage Boy" impersonations,they would do better to NOT behave like Muslims.

I believe that impersonating your enemy you reduce the challenge of negating Islam, to a fight between two equally sociopathic groups each vying for power, using the same thug methods.

babs said...

If you click over to Lionheart's site you will discover that a permit was applied for to hold a parade in honor of St. George's Day which was denied by the Lutton Council. The original parade idea was to be pro country, like a 4th of July parade in the states I assume. The fact that indiginous Brits were denied the right to assemble while "other elements" of their society not only assemble but become violent on a fairly frequent basis so enraged the organizers that they decided to hold a parade without a permit. Hence, rather than a positive parade so to speak, the signage and mood of the parade became reactionary. I would say that a case can be made for the gov't as thug and not the ordinary citizens...
It is my estimate that there were several hundred people in the streets. Emotions must really be running high for a group that large to assemble to protest. If I understand correctly, St. George is the patron saint of the U.K. and to deny a permit to march in honor of him is nothing more than repression. IMO the people of this area have every right as free citizens to assemble and denying that right while others assemble at will makes what is a bad situation worse. It seems that gov't at all levels in the U.K. wish to repress any expression of the nation's heritage while promoting the transformation of society into something alien.
BTW, there is a link from Lionheart's site to a short video that explains that Lutton is the heroin headquarters of the U.K. basically where the kingpins of the heroin trade do business importing and distributing the drug to the rest of the country. I'll give you one guess as to the ethnicity and hense religious affiliation of the major players in this business based on arrest records and mug shots (hint, it is not young white men.)
Throwing a parade in honor of St. George is not only an expression of British heritage but also Christianity. To deny this right to a free citizen tells me that they are no longer free. It would have been far more wise to allow an orderly march expressing pride of heritage and (what was once) national religion than to anger an entire sector of the population already under pressure from the explosion of the drug trade and mass immigration. Because now the city of Lutton has a real mess on their hands...

babs said...

PATRIOTIC Brits blasted a council yesterday for barring a St George’s Day parade – after letting Muslim fanatics abuse our soldiers.

Anyone wanting to stage an event in Luton, Beds, has to seek permission from the council’s Safety Advisory Group.

But while fanatical Muslims were given the green light to gather and scream insults when the Royal Anglian Regiment returned from Iraq last month, an application for a St George’s Day celebration this month was turned down.

Approval has also been granted for events to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed and the death of his grandson.

Many Luton residents complaining of “double standards” were further angered when a rally to protest at the council’s decisions two days ago was stopped and then broken up by police.

Craig McKoy, 22, claims he had two teeth smashed in by a policeman’s truncheon during the event.

He said: “I don’t have any problem at all with large-scale Muslim celebrations on the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

“But why can’t other people be given the same rights, especially as I don’t think Muslims would have a problem with a St George’s Day celebration either?

Those who oppose marking St George’s Day and the attempted rally on Monday try and label it a far-right or National Front type event.

“But I am black and I was pictured in the crowd along with others carrying banners which read ‘NF Go To Hell’ .”

He added: “All the council and police action does is stir up racial tension and outrage people even more.

“Now there are plans for another march on May Day Bank Holiday, whether the council gives permission or not.”

Luton Council and Bedfordshire Police confirmed that they gave the go ahead to the Muslims’ protest last month.

But they said Monday’s rally was stopped because there had been no application to the Safety Advisory Group.

Of the request for a St George’s Day parade, the spokesman said: “The SAG was unable to comment on the application because of a lack of information such as detailed route plan, full risk assessment, and timings of the event.”

Luton’s Council is Labour-run with 26 Labour councillors, 17 Lib Dems, and five Tories. About one in five councillors are Muslim.

In a landslide vote yesterday a massive 99% of Daily Star readers said the Brit protest should have been allowed.

Homophobic Horse said...

Make no mistake, the multiculti mandarins have got a lot riding on their project to Aryanize Britain and the West. They're so whacked out of reality that they will have to use more and more violence to sustain the political paradigm.

Zenster said...

First off, many thanks to our worthy British correspondent, Lionheart, for capturing this video of the event.

While it is good to watch average Brits finally taking to the streets, albeit in anger, the most important thing of all was seeing the anti-shari'a and counter-jihad signs being hoisted by the crowd.

The national pride of holding a St. George's Day parade is no small thing but it is far more important that British people begin connecting the dots as to exactly why their nationalism is being spat upon by the ruling elite, even as these poodle-walking toffs coddle their pet Muslim traitors.

Just as only two missed meals separates dogs from wolves, downtrodden indigenous Europeans are just a few betrayals away from some serious uprisings.

It is always hilarious to hear Muslims whine about how Israel was supposedly plunked down in their midst. Of course, this ignores the historical fact that Jews have occupied that exact area longer than any other group in recorded history. Nonetheless, Muslims still snivel about how this is the cause of all their unrest.

I wonder how Europe's Muslims will react when everyday European citizens begin taking a similar exception to how Muslims have been plunked down in their midst, complete with no-go zones and shari'a courts. There's few better ways of riling up a native populace than to summarily cordon off a bit of their historical turf and deny them all access to it.

While Europe's vulture elite have much to answer for, it is still important to understand that a large portion of this unrest is the direct byproduct of Islam, regardless of whatever Politically Correct Multicultural groupthink that helped spawn it.

Proof of this lies in how the exact same model of encystment and internal assault occurs wherever Muslims infiltrate a host culture. This is the nature of the Islamic beast and no one should fail to remember it.

I will also venture that the European elites have over-reached themselves. There are nowhere near enough police to contain the eventual mobs that government-sponsored Muslim colonization will inspire. It is less than likely that military troops will so willingly abet their Multicultural agenda when it begins to involve assailing their own kith and kin.

While the constables my indulge in exercising their power over angry civilians, don't expect local National Guard units to show the same zest for it. The cat will be out of the bag when metropolitan authorities demand that military units from outside of the area assist in subduing angry British crowds. That is when things will really start sliding over the edge.

IrishNationalUnity said...

They are not covering themselves in glory fighting the police like that and allowing members to do Nazi salutes.

X said...

l me say this again: THERE ARE NO NAZI SALUTES!The sigh said "NF go to hell". That's "National Front". This is not a neo-nazi gathering, it's not a bunch of racists. There were no nazi salutes and I wish people would stop saying that.

babs said...

The whole "Nazi Salute" thing is really under debate Swordsman.
I didn't see it. Pehaps you WANTED TO SEE IT"?
Could that be true???
Your argument sets aside the larger argument of why people of Islamic character are able to assemble while those that hold dear British heritage are not.
Why would you agree to this Swordsman?

PRCalDude said...

hey are not covering themselves in glory fighting the police like that and allowing members to do Nazi salutes.No. Wrong. Fail.

Go back to LGF.

babs said...

PRC - Thanks for the attitude check!

Anonymous said...

While the jury is still out on the nazi-salute, i would like to put my 2 cents in.

I dont know how it is in england, but in holland it is not uncommon to react with a nazi salute if an authority is perceived as being unreasonable and overly authoritarian.

This has ofcourse nothing to do with these people actually believing in somekind of nazi-ideology. The point is that the nazi salute has become a kind of cultural reference to anyone or anything authoritarian.

So referee's ocassionally get them at football matches, police while fining people, security guards, and so on.

Now, having read the background on this (thank you babs!), the protesters certainly view the authorities as unreasonable and overly authoritarian.

Therefore, if it was set in a dutch context, i would not be surprised if there was some nazi saluting going round, given the way the council and police handled this.

Also, yhe protesters show a sign with "NL go to hell". So clearly, the people behind the protest are clearly distancing themselves from any (neo)nazi ideology. Can they then be held responsible for the odd neo nazi showing up and going on a saluting frenzy?

Homophobic Horse said...

"The cat will be out of the bag when metropolitan authorities demand that military units from outside of the area assist in subduing angry British crowds. That is when things will really start sliding over the edge."Persecution works when it is done right.

IrishNationalUnity said...

'NF go to hell' could be factions within the so called "far-right" sniping at each other rather than people outside these movements telling them where to go.

The whole attitude of the protest towards the police will gain it zero support from the public either. It makes them look as much like nutcases as the G20 protesters did.

Their respect towards the British soldiers doesn't seem to extend to their police force.

Qob said...

My take on this is a little complex. Whenever you get a mob demonstrating, you risk losing control and have people doing crap that the organizers didn't want. Was there a Nazi Salute, I didn't see it, but I wasn't looking for it. The demonstration was notably more heated than the tea parites we had last weekend, but I think that's attributable to the fact that Britain is in a more desperate state than we are in America. Also since European liberals have bent over forward and grabbed their ankles before the islamists. they have ceded the anti-jihad movement to Nationalists. Whether CJ is right and the Euro nationalists are crypto-Nazis, I don't know. But if things continue as they are going, the Nazis may be the last line of defense for the Western culture.

I don't like that idea one little bit, and I hope that my friends in the UK armed forces have a country to come home to they can still tip a pint and eat a pork chop in.

Gregory said...

You go Brits....This is just the start I hope. TIME TO TURN THINGS AROUND!!
The coppers are afraid of the muzzies, but not of the Christians and Secularists......yet.
And as for that goofy Aussie.....
Remember Cronulla pal.

Steven Luotto said...

Forza England! Smite the dragon!

X said...

One last time: they are not neo-nazis. There were no nazi salutes. There were blacks and asians in the crowd. Stop trying to turn this into something to be repudiated because you're just making yourself look dumb.

These people are attempting to assemble and march to celebrate the patron saint of our country. How would you react if you were prevented from celebrating on St Patrick's day, or on Irish Independence day?

The police in this country don't deserve respect, when they defend the criminal and arrest the victim. Individual police officers probably do the best job they can under the circumstances but the institution deserves only contempt for its behaviour over the last few years. There is additional, immediate reason for contempt in Luton as well. These same officers were on duty to protect a bunch of Muslims protesting the Anglian regiment as they paraded after returning home. The double standard involved is immense and the anger is almost visceral.

Steven Luotto said...

No Nazi Salutes, but surprisingly no Mo-bomb turbans either. Instead St. George, (the Patron saint of many places) love of the troops, hell to preachers of hate. Love of home, country, flag, culture. It's a crusade, except the Holy Land is home.

Stormgaard said...


Unknown said...

These protesters are not neo-Nazis. They're ordinary boys in tracksuits.

They don't deserve to be denounced by frightened liberals who are afraid of their own shadows.

Equating British Nationalism with Nazism is not just grossly incorrect, it is evil.

What Charles Johnson thinks on this matter means less than nothing. No, less than that.

What would Sir Keith Park think?

Aussie said...

Dear Babs,
Thanks for the additional info, please do not think i oppose the demonstration,just worried about the behavior.

I am sure the Mosque crowd are splitting their sides laughing in anticipation of the following days headlines and statements of "outrage" from "concerned" Luton councilors with pledges to stand behind "their brave men and women in the Police force" who showed "great restraint" "under very difficult circumstances" blah blah blah followed by the obligatory official Luton Council apology to the "vast overwhelming majority" of Muslims, who simply want to "contribute" and live their lives in "peace" blah blah free from the threats of "racist intimidation" that such demonstrations always bring to the community.

Yours faithfully,

Aussie said...

Dear Gregory,
And as for that goofy Aussie.....
Remember Cronulla pal.

I DO remember Cronulla,that's exactly my point and thanks for making it again for me.

Yours faithfully,

Zenster said...

Swordsman, I suggest you go back and review the video with more care. The ONLY gesture even remotely similar to a Nazi salute takes place at around 1:56 to 2:07 on the tape. One, count ONE, chap wearing a pale red short sleeved shirt marches past the camera with a hand held high.

Please pay close attention. A freeze frame shows that the guy's thumb is distinctly separated from his palm in an open-handed, waving gesticulation which has little, if any, resemblance to a Nazi salute.

I invite you to please nominate ANY other portion of the video footage where something similar occurs. If not, would you please respond with a retraction of your muddling and inappropriate accusations. Your, at best, mistaken interpretation of the footage has derailed this thread and done a huge disservice to the townsfolk of Lutton.

moderntemplar said...

ive looked for coverage on multiple media sites of this and could not find anything outside of the dailystar... does anyone know why? i think this exposure would do much good for the cause!

Abraham said...

"i think this exposure would do much good for the cause!"

That's precisely why you couldn't find any media coverage.

Unknown said...

Trolls, trolls! your little games will not work here. Go away with your silly misnomers. And thank you for playing.

The N-word aside, this is a heartening demonstration that the ENGLISH are getting fed up to the back teeth. BTW, to the previous poster who said that St. George is the "patron saint of the UK"; no, he's the patron saint of Merrie Olde ENGLAND, and long may she thrive!

And while we're on the subject, what the hell is wrong with nationalism and a proper pride in OUR heritage, hmmm?

Unknown said...

One more thing: don't be such Nervous Nellies about seeing some real anger and passion in the streets. These folks didn't injure anyone or break anything, dearies. They're just damned mad. Thank God there are still Britons who have the balls to fight.

babs said...

Hey Beverly,
Thanks for the clarification re: England/U.K.
We here in the states are always getting it wrong and having people yell at us! It seems better to default to U.K. than use England. That aside, I think this site is rather devoted to the question "what the hell is wrong with nationalism and a proper pride in OUR heritage?"
Things have gone so upside down that any expression of national heritage seems to be met by rather forceful derision. The forced "blending" of third world failed cultures with those mighty western heritages is supported by screams of Nazi and Fascist (even by some visible actors on the right!)
Most common sense thinkers would reply that there is nothing Nazi or Fascist about wanting to maintain a culture and traditions that have made a country great. The door is open to those that want to join in and adopt the culture but... agitate for a complete change in the culture once you are under the liberal rule of law that western nations enjoy, I don't think so...
My hat is off to the young men that protested in Luton. I only wish they didn't have to and were "granted" permission to assemble in honor of St. George's Day to begin with. I mean, WTF? A permit was granted to honor Mohammed's grandson and not St. George???