Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Rules are Different for Palefaces

I’m going to yoke together two seemingly unrelated stories here, so bear with me for a minute.

Malmö riotsThe first article comes from Sweden, and concerns the resignation of the fire chief at a Rosengård fire station. As regular readers know, Rosengård is the scene of nightly arson and rioting by “youths” from the immigrant housing projects. After they set a school or a car ablaze, gangs of young punks wait around for the fire brigade to show up, and then pelt the firemen with stones, bottles, and the occasional fire bomb, all the while knowing that any significant punishment is unlikely to fall on them.

The local fire chief decided he had had enough of all this, and resigned. But you have to admire the guy: instead of quitting his job entirely, he simple gave up his administrative position and will continue as a rank-and-file firefighter.

According to The Local:

Rosengård Firefighters Call it Quits

After months of suffering through thrown rocks and threats directed at his squadron during numerous calls to the Rosengård neighbourhood in Malmö, local fire chief Henrik Persson said on Tuesday he is stepping down from his post.

“I’m not getting any support from our top management. They don’t listen to our requests for a secure working environment,” Persson told the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

Persson, who also sits in on the board of Sweden’s national firefighters’ union, said he will abandon his leadership role at the Jägersro fire station and instead continue work as a rank-and-file firefighter.

Three other firefighters, including another squadron leader from the Jägersro fire station, also said on Tuesday they were quitting in hopes of relocating to other stations, the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper reports.

Firefighters and police officers have long been subject to thrown rocks and threats on calls to Malmö’s Rosengård neighbourhood, with fire fighters working to introduce measures to make their jobs safer.

But their efforts have been for naught, according to Persson, who feels that he can no longer guarantee the safety of his colleagues.

“At a recent meeting a police officer said we need to be ready to have Molotov cocktails thrown at us,” he said.

Moving from Sweden to Scotland, consider this story about a Muslim-owned jewelry store in Glasgow, as reported by The Telegraph:
- - - - - - - - -
UK: Muslim-Owned Shop Bans Customers Wearing Veils

A Muslim-owned jewellery shop has decided to ban customers wearing veils after being targeted by robbers disguised as Islamic women.

Everyone entering ATAA Jewellers in Glasgow must reveal their faces under planned new rules to protect staff from further attacks.

The store owners decided to act after two Asian men wearing traditional Muslim women’s clothes — including niqab veils — made away with thousands of pounds worth of jewellery earlier this month.

The pair, who were also carrying handbags, pretended to be interested in buying some items but attacked staff with pepper spray when cabinets were unlocked.

Now the Sadiq family who run the shop are planning to put up a sign informing customers that they cannot wear any headgear that covers the face.

Any Muslim women who are more comfortable in a niqab will be encouraged to telephone in advance to ensure that a female member of staff is present during their visit, to confirm their identities.

“It is our safety that matters as well at the end of the day,” Rukhsana Sadiq told the BBC Asian Network. “God forbid anything like this happening to anyone else.”

The family said they accepted the policy may offend some Muslims, but expect other businesses to take a similar approach. Criminals wearing Islamic veils have carried out at least one other robbery in the city.

Local councillor Hanzala Malik backed the plan. “I know in Scotland that banks will not allow their customers coming in with motorbike helmets, I don’t see why it should be different for people wearing the Niqab. It is an issue about identifying people,” he said.

That’s a good question: why should the rules be any different for people wearing the niqab?

Actually, the rules themselves aren’t the issue; it’s who is allowed to apply and enforce them. If the owner of the shop were a red-headed fellow named Hamish MacDonald, what do you think would happen to him when he refused service to a Muslima in a burqa? Anyone want to bet against the likelihood that he’d be looking at the wrong end of a discrimination charge from the Crown Prosecution Service?

Any white store owner who did such a thing would be engaging in the heinous practice of racial profiling. The horror!

Let’s face it: the rules are different for white people. What would be called racism if I did it becomes perfectly acceptable when it is done by someone who has slightly more melanin in his skin or who bangs his head on the floor when he prays.

Malmö burning carsWhich brings us back to the Swedish fire chief. What if the rioting youths of Rosengård were “persons of Swedish background”? In the unlikely event that ethnic Swedish youngsters would engage in such destructive antisocial behavior, what would be the consequences?

Sweden is far too enlightened a place to dress the miscreants in striped pajamas and send them off to bust up rocks on a prison farm. But you can guarantee that they’d be in reform school or juvie, and not free to run around setting fires night after night.

It’s an unhappy fact, but the standards for white people are not the same as they are for ethnics. People from non-white cultures are expected to be more violent and criminally-inclined, and since we must respect cultural differences, the penalties for them are less harsh and less frequently applied.

Is this racism? You betcha!

But it’s not my racism. It’s the racism of the ruling Multicultural elite, who believe that black and brown people are not capable of civilized behavior, and thus refuse to hold them to the same standards that white people are expected to meet.

So if most of my friends are white, or if I hire mostly white employees to work for my business, then I’m a racist. Period. No court of appeal.

But nobody thinks anything of it if all of an African-American’s friends are black. And if an Iranian businessman has nothing but fellow Iranians as employees, what’s the big deal? It’s diversity at work — something to be celebrated.

This wonderful thing called Multiculturalism mandates that enclaves of foreign cultures be established in our countries, and that the new arrivals be allowed — nay, encouraged — to create an exact replica of their home culture in our midst. To expect assimilation is to be racist.

So everyone is invited to enjoy practicing his traditional customs and mores in this gorgeous rainbow patchwork quilt that is the modern Multicultural state.

Unless he’s white.

If you want to practice the traditions and customs of a white person, then you’re a racist.

Hat tips: Lexington and Vlad Tepes.


mace said...


I agree with you on this, I've had enough of the "only white people are racist" whine,especially since I'm ,culturally, an old WASP myself.Many non-Caucasians seem remarkably unaware of their own blatant racist attitudes and policies and define 'racism'only as discrimination against themselves. I also wonder how much the 'noble savage' mentality informs our anti-racist crusaders who seem to be willing to tolerate particularly nasty practices in the name of "multi-culturalism",they should admit the fact some cultures really are primitive,backward and brutal.

laine said...

Ask someone who does the "only white people are racist" whine to explain Hutus hacking over 800 000 Tutsis to death in a matter of days. What about Arab Muslim militias doing the same to black Sudanese to the tune of half a million and counting?

Is it not at least a slightly more abhorrent form of racism to commit genocide in the modern age than say hesitating to import large numbers of immigrants from volatile unassimilating murderous cultures into one's country?

Félicie said...

I am re-thinking the question of burqas or niqabs. I am beginning to think that I wouldn't mind wearing one. I think I might enjoy the total anonymity it would afford me.

Snouck said...

Baron Bodissey: "the rules are different for white people."

That is right. The opposition to this "some animals are more equal than others" is very dispersed and on the run. While the proponents of this double standard are a well entrenched group of people, which occupy the commanding heights of society. In fact it is a Class and what we see is Class struggle.

heroyalwhyness said...

Consider the Dutch option:

'Teen Repellent'The mosquito, or "teen repellent," is intended to discourage groups of kids from loitering in the streets, making a nuisance of themselves or engaging in anti-social behavior. snip

For their part, the local authorities in Oud Charlois are extremely pleased with the mosquitoes. "We were getting complaints about intimidation and vandalism," says neighborhood council president Dick Lockhorst. "The nuisance has diminished by 70-80 percent. That means less work for the police."Question: Do the complaints about intimidation outnumber the previous number of complaints and physical damage caused by 'youths'?

via Mike Pechar at mypetjawa

Afonso Henriques said...

In a way, this is nothing but a fruit of the believe that European Civilisation or European Culture does not exist. And it is white people who believe in this.

If people of European origin just become assertive enough to understand that European culture/Civilisation is worth preserving, they will not feel obliged to let non Europeans colonise their Nation.

Funny is that the proponents of multiculturalism are the first ones to left a place when multiculturalism popps in.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of a interview i recently read with a dutch baker in rotterdam. He opened his bakery with the name "dutch bakery" in what is now a predominantly turkish neighbourhood.

The thing is that this was once a predominantly dutch neighbourhood. When the turks came in, they immediately started opening all kind of shops, including a lot of "Turkish Bakery's".

Now, while opening of turkish bakeries in a dutch neighbourhood was celebrated as cultural enrichment, the first thing that the journalist asked our dutch baker was, why opening a dutch bakery in a turkish neighbourhood, should not be considered a provocation!!!

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I could only think of one advantage of complete assimilation into the ummah. That is seeing the heads of all the white traitors roll. Anyone out there care for a party of bowling when that day happens? If bowling is not haram that is.

Homophobic Horse said...

Be careful what you wish for Robin. The Serbs have a saying about traitors: "the converts are the worst."

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

HH, I know hehe... They are often the most zealous. They have to prove themselves vs the ones born into it. So when the civil unrest starts, we must make sure to get rid of them first. They will of course rat on the ethnicals, first chance they get, to prove themseleves as good muslims. I consider converts as much as traitors as the dhimmis in politics and media.

Unknown said...

I find this topic interesting. I witnessed where a woman in her cultural garb, including a veil and complete coverings, was allowed to go through airport security with an ID that had a picture not of her face. However, a white female entered, still had on her prescription sunglasses (she broke her regular ones) and was told to remove them for security reasons. Why is it that Americans - well actually any country and culture - is asked to understand their religious differences and allow Muslims to not uncover their face when in a security situation, but we have to follow their rules even if we don't believe in their religion when we go to their country. They should be able to get 2 IDs, one of their face taken in a special room if necessary by a female and one with their veil. Then when going through security, they can have a female officer check both IDs.
Then again, I also always wondered why our country allows Ms. Black America and other Black only entertainment and political organizations without considering them to be racist.