Monday, April 27, 2009

The Mosque of Notre Dame

Sebastien from Paris sends the following information about the publication of a Counterjihad novel in French translation:

The Mosque of Notre DameThe Mosque of Notre Dame, a best-selling book by Elena Chudinova, has been translated into French from Russian, and, after initially being available as a free downloadable pdf, has finally been published by Tatamis in France.

This book is set in the year 2048 in Paris after France has been taken over by Wahhabite Islam, and the Vatican no longer exists. The novel starts with a public stoning on the Place de l’Arc de Triomphe and focuses on the lives of non-Muslims living in ghettos, families that have converted to ensure a good position in this new world, a pre-Vatican II Catholic resistance group, and an active resistance cell.

You won’t be able to put down this novel, and it is imperative that it gets the widest possible publicity. The publisher would really like to see an English language version and for this to happen, we need to start generating interest among the general public.

The book launch that took place on the 18th of April was of course not in a Catholic meeting place, because the Catholic Church, after years of Islamo-Christian dialogue, will never publicly offend the “Religion of Peace”.
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This was never more obvious than on the following Tuesday, when the publisher, along with celebrated Islamologue Anne-Marie Delcambre, were disinvited from an interview they were scheduled to do on Radio Notre Dame, the main French Catholic radio station.

The publisher is planning to have readings from the novel performed in front of Notre Dame and he even mentioned selling the book as people leave Mass.

The publisher, Jean Robin, like the Islamologue Anne-Marie Delcambre and the author Elena Chudinova, are very courageous and deserve all the publicity and support they can get.

More information can be found on the Galliawatch site.


Furor Teutonicus said...

My family are and always were Germanic heathen. My Grandmother, her Mother, HER Mother and back as far as we can trace, were Shamans WAY up North in Scandinavia.

I can assure YOU the bloody christians have nothing to be proud about either.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen

Fortress said...

Perhaps not, but this reeks of trying to apply a certain moral equivalence between Islam and Christianity, which far better people than I, can and have, on this site, debunked many many times.

Christianity may not like you, and may have burned your ancestors at the stake a thousand years ago, but that no longer goes on. Not to mention that most civilized people, including said Christians, find such actions to be as horrifying as they really are. Now, Islam would kill you outright or force you to convert (and then kill you outright) even and especially in the here and now.

I would recommend keeping in mind who the real enemy is. It's certainly not people who just don't like you.

Czechmade said...


Das Land Brandenburg (niedersorbisch Kraj Bramborska, plattdeutsch: Bramborg/Brannenborg)

Hi, Bramborska, you must be a Slavic heathen. From Potsdam?

It was first mentioned in a document in 993AD as Poztupimi, when Emperor Otto III gifted the territory to the Quedlinburg Abbey. A possible translation of the name might be beneath the oaks.

Poztupimi - Pod duby in Modern Czech Pod dubama in rather careless Czech.

Welcome in our West-Slavic club.

Can you describe our old habits? It is still a mystery to me. I am also interested in Prussia - this old Baltic HEATHEN tribe.

Czechmade said...

I must also proudly mention - avoiding unnecessary sarcasms - that this sequence:

Brandenburg, sorb. Bramborska, plattdeutsch: Bramborg/Brannenborg

is the basis for our word for POTATO

BRAMBORA - our main diet...I have full right to be somewhat sentimental about "Brandenburg".

Zenster said...

The book launch that took place on the 18th of April was of course not in a Catholic meeting place, because the Catholic Church, after years of Islamo-Christian dialogue, will never publicly offend the “Religion of Peace”.

Moral equivalence be damned.

As one of this world's largest and best organized faiths, the Catholic Church has an obligation to STOP all this useless "dialogue" and "outreach" with a Muslim death cult that would like nothing more than BURNING THE ENTIRE HOLY SEE RIGHT DOWN TO THE GROUND.

Whatever time organized religion has left on this earth had damn well better be spent allying itself with every other peaceful faith in an attempt to face Islam with a unified front.

Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Jews, Zoroasters, Janists, Copts, Shintoists, Orthodox Greeks and every other benevolent faith on earth - not to mention atheists, agnostics and pagans - all need to be rallied as one by the Catholic Church in an all out assault upon Islam.

The alternative is seeing each of these individual faiths and secular entities slowly picked apart piecemeal by Islam, just like what is happening today.

It is impossible to reconcile the Pope's retreat from his opening volley at Regensburg to his current state of Islamic arse-kissing.


Marian - CZ said...

Ahoj bro (Czechmade),

the original meaning of Branibor is "defended wood" ("bráněný bor" = les in CZ. We still have those "bory šumí po lučinách" in our anthem).

The potato meaning is secondary, as potatoes are an American plant, and came to Europe around year 1500.

Czechmade said...

Martin, we should grow potatos bigger than the trees... to do full justice to the meaning of the word.

And cook branibory, not brambory.
I am curious if our Teutonicus shows some sense of humour. Anyhow little towns of ex-DDR show unprecedented resistance to islamization - not really appreciated yet, not mentioned even in GoV: kebabians have no chance in many of them.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XXX David said...

Christianity may not like you, and may have burned your ancestors at the stake a thousand years ago, but that no longer goes on.XXX

Sorry David, but I must dissagree. O.K no burning at stakes, but;

My Grandmothers house burned down TWICE. My Sisters kids IN BRITAIN not allowed to go on schoo0l trips, spat at and insulted by TEACERS because of their rewligion, Being told to cut our hair and beards or we will not get jobs. Told by the dole that z´thjey will stoip our money if we do not cut our beards and hair, going to fifteen different solicitors to take the cas4es to court, and be called scumk to our faces.

NO Of COURSE it no longer goes on.

Czechmade, the Pruzz tribe, which later became Prussians are from all around the Baltic. So you are KIND of correct. But do not forget the Sueben, Suiones, Langobards, Heveler,Chaten, Rugier, and every other tribe that came marching through "The holy Roman empires sand box" on their way from Scandinavia to Rome. But yes, a lot of Slavic as well.

Potatoes were a joke on Friedrich der Große, he was known as the "potatoe King" in places, because of his introduction of the plat to Brandenburg_Preußen. In fact when our re-enactment group go anywhere that was famous in bothe his time AND Napoleonic (the period we re-enact), we always make sure to place a potatoe from each regiment present at the memorial. :-)

XXX Anyhow little towns of ex-DDR show unprecedented resistance to islamizationXXX

O.K back to serious matters. Yes you are correct.

If you read German, try to get hold of a book by Udo Ulfkotte, called "S.O.S Abendland". Besides it being MOST informative about the present invasion forces, there is a letter from a Russian who moved to Germany;

"Why do the Germans hate the Russian Emigrés? We are their BEST chance against islamification that they have." Those are not his EXACT words, as I have not got the book here, and it is translating from German to English from pure memory. But he goes on to explain his reasoning. But the first point, that I have told you here, really sais it all.

Ther more Est Europeans and Chinese that we can manage to stuff in the better for us.

Any views on that?

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

Czechmade said...

I like Ulfkotte. I try to find his sos book.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Kopp Verlag. Google will find it.

I reccomend it to all who can read German.

Furor Teutonicus.

Storstrand said...

Two points: is chudikovas book available in English??

And 2:
why would the Holy See oppose islam ... They do believe in the same god, after the fact.

Jenn said...

I wish this book was in English would love to read it.

Vraiable said...

if it were about religion then karma has no expiration, christians, get through your head, catholic burning counts then and now. the vatcan is a political force, now. the pope recently called for a new financial system. your ar matter a fact in denial when you pull a sect under christianity and painted it with a happy face, as much as the brainwashed muslims you attack. most people idolotry, projet their wish or ideal deity to christian bible and can not see it for itself, including the good.
In the secular sense france has been so "hands off' , how ironic and scary its for such a regulated system, of religion, comes into their country.

Unknown said...

I would really love to see the english version out soon!