Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Use Your Brain!

A zealous local prosecutor in the Swiss canton of Wallis took offense on behalf of Muslims over an “Islamophobic” campaign poster and initiated a judicial action against the disgusting racist political party that created it. Even the local cantonal judge ruled against the prosecutor, and now the highest court in Switzerland has confirmed the verdict: the poster is harmless.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a report from Politically Incorrect:

Controversial poster found innocent

Use your heads! An election poster for the SVP [Swiss People’s Party] in the Swiss canton of Wallis insulted Muslims and caused an outrage. It shows Muslims praying in front of the Federal Parliament in Bern (photo) and on the picture are printed the words: “Utilisez vos Têtes!” [“Use your heads!”], followed by “Votez UDC — Suisse, toujours libre” [“Vote SVP — Switzerland will always be free”]. The Swiss Federal Court has now reached a final decision that this poster was acceptable because it does not violate the prohibition of racial discrimination.

The public prosecutor of Wallis demanded a punishment for racial discrimination against the unknown designer and distributor of the poster. The Cantonal Judge did not agree with the accusations, and this was confirmed last July by the Wallis Cantonal Court.
- - - - - - - - -
The Federal Court at its public session on Monday finally dismissed the appeal against the verdict by the public prosecutor of Wallis. Four of the five judges of the criminal department came to the conclusion that the poster does not infringe the ban on racial discrimination.

The image merely shows praying Muslims and calls for them to use their heads. The fact that people feel it is addressed to them and thereby feel insulted actually allows more conclusions about the insulted than about the poster itself.

That the Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne still prefer to use their brains for something other than giving in to Muslim outrage has been proven in previous cases.


Louise said...

This is great news!!

mace said...

Western nations seem to have an endless supply of "useful idiots" in positions of authority. Well-meaning,but ignorant, opinionated and totally oblivious to the true nature of Islamic society and the danger of accommodation to Moslems' demands. JS Mill's "On Liberty" should be compulsory reading for every elected official and bureaucrat in the West.

laine said...

Note that there's no shortage of dhimmis like this Swiss prosecutor to advance the Muslims' cause for them. Even the eventual victory is a loss for Europe because tax funds were squandered on yet another of endless trumped up offenses against Muslims. This prosecutor aided their financial jihad against his own country though he was stymied on the legal jihad to censor all criticism no matter how mild or justified of Muslims.

Islam is being aided in its project Eurabia by the traitorous Left. These sick dhimmi are injecting Muslim poison deep into the West's veins while trying to wreck all our defenses.

Czechmade said...

Maybe we should mockingly approach some antifas and like people telling them they have 100% failed in fighting fascism under a slightly different label.

Record it and publish it.

It would be funny. I wonder how they would react if we use people - use ourselves - with no "right extreme" background.

Maybe the idea could be sound. We might start some antifawatch or antifa plus antiantifa and screw them.

Make a list of organizations involved and we can think of some action. Their blubbering might be more worth than gold.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I believe that the useful idiots are the more dangerous. whether they are private citizens, politicians or msm.

Czechmade said...

What the nazis do with their right hand, they do with their buttocks.

They are asking allah for toilet paper. It is a humble religion.
It is all about more toilet paper for true believers.