Friday, April 17, 2009

More on the “Fitna” Sequel

It looks like Geert Wilders’ visit to Hollywood has paid off: he’ll have professional filmmaking assistance on his sequel to Fitna.

In addition, he says that he will tackle the crucial issue of free speech in the new movie. According to NIS:

Wilders Announces Fitna Sequel

THE HAGUE, 17/04/09 — MP Geert Wilders is preparing a follow-up to his anti-Islam film Fitna. The sequel is set to be finished in 2010.

For his new film Wilders says he is receiving help from professional filmmakers in the United States. “I have received offers from people in New York and Hollywood who have in the past made films shown in Dutch cinemas”. The Party for Freedom (PVV) leader declined to give names.

Wilders announced Fitna II in yesterday’s edition of De Telegraaf. “It will not be a copy of Fitna”. “This is the next phase”, the PVV leader told the newspaper. “I now wish to illustrate the consequences of mass immigration from Muslim countries, to which our doors are open”.

The controversial first film was chiefly a complaint against the Koran. Wilders warns that part two will once again be hefty, not least towards Islamic countries. “It will by no means be less peppery than the first film”.

Important issues in part two will be freedom of speech and the strict Islamic law known as sharia. “In addition, I will be offering solutions”, says Wilders, who is travelling to Florida next week to raise funds and discuss the film further.
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With the announcement of the new film, Wilders is according to De Telegraaf making it clear that he does not intend to await the outcome of the criminal proceedings against him in the Netherlands. Partly based on Fitna, an appeal court in Amsterdam recently decided that Wilders must be prosecuted for inciting hatred, a verdict sending the PVV up in the polls. One major poll says the party would be the biggest in the Lower House if elections were held now.

“We must attack more and go on the offensive”, says Wilders, who wishes to campaign even more intensely against Islam. “We must hit back. Therefore I have no intention of awaiting the trial”.

When Fitna was announced in late 2007, it caused much concern within the cabinet. Prime Minister Balkenende repeatedly stated that he expected outbreaks of violence from Muslims. According to insiders he even attempted to ban the film as a preventive measure, but this proved legally impossible. When Wilders eventually put the film on the Internet on 27 March 2008, the commotion remained restricted to several small demonstrations in a few countries.

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heroyalwhyness said...

AlJazeera English Crossroads Europe video clip illustrates Muslim understanding of immigration - integration vs. assimilation.In this program, Al Jazeera reporter Elizabeth Filippouli interviews Midhat Ibrahim (Midhat Ibrahimbegovic?), a Kosovo national who immigrated to Sweden in 1952, in the main mosque at Rosengard, Malmo's poorest immigrant-populated district.

Fast forward video to marker 8:20 where Elizabeth asks Midhat the following:

Elizabeth: "Do you think that Islam limits Muslims to fully integrate themselves into a Western society like Sweden?

Midhat: "Yes. Yes, I think Muslims can integrate. Assimilation, no. Integration, yes. The problem is that Christians don't know much about Islam. Muslims know much more about Christianity and Judaism."

Elizabeth continues: "Before I left, he cautioned me about the growing gulf between young muslims and native Swedes. Many people accuse Islam, and young Muslims have had enough. The conflict starts because young Muslims want to defend Islam. They want Swedes to know, they are not terrorists. It's ignorance about Islam that breeds conflict."

Integrate = invade = YESAssimilate = become a Swede = NO (Swede can be replaced Euro national of choice)Muslim immigrants demand Euro nationals assimilate to Islam via the slow jihad. Islam demands such assimilation around the globe . . .through interfaith meetings demanding the West tolerate a most intolerant pseudo religious doctrine.

In the video report, Madhat stated

"Swedish Christians don't know Islam"

. To 'know' Islam is to accept the shahada and Islamic supremacy. When those refusing to submit i.e. "know" Islam on such terms, submitters perceive such rejection as an assault on Islam triggering violent jihad to defend Islam.