Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Truth Puts on its Shoes

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

— Mark Twain

In the last few days a lot of virtual ink has been spilled describing the “neo-Nazi” connections of the German anti-Islamization coalition Pro-Köln.

Like similar allegations about Vlaams Belang in Belgium and Sverigedemokraterna in Sweden, these assertions are based on a mixture of falsehoods, fabrications, half-truths, and facts from the past that no longer apply to the current Pro-movement and its resistance against the Islamization of Germany.

Solidarity with IsraelCheck out the photo at right: if the members of the Pro-movement are “neo-Nazis”, what were they doing holding a “Solidarity with Israel” rally in Cologne on the January 10th, 2009? What on earth were they thinking of??

Some Nazis they turned out to be!

The truth is somewhat different. As Markus Wiener, one of the leaders of Pro-Köln, said, “The neo-Nazis in Germany hate us, because of our positive relations with Jews, Western immigrants, democracy, and freedom rights.”

Readers who understand German will want to watch the videos posted at Politically Incorrect that were recorded at another Pro Köln rally, this one from last December at the site of the proposed mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated the text of the accompanying report:

Together for diversity

The German flag alongside the Israeli flag. The Cross next to the Star of David. Christians next to Jews and atheists, buoyant Rhinelanders next to indigenous Saxons and well-integrated immigrants. At the Saturday demonstrations in Cologne-Ehrenfeld the diversity of our free modus vivendi can be seen, which is defending itself against standard Socialist gloom and Muslim monoculture.

Josef Intsiful and Manfred RouhsStupid August

This amazes even the silly August [Antifa “clown”]: just as the bogus giant Mr. Turtur [European Dove], Pro-Köln gives in close-up a completely different impression than what the well-oiled “stupefying machine” wants to make you believe — there they stand, Mayor Schramma’s “brown muck that belongs in the loo.”


Josef Intsiful, born in Kenya and well-integrated into Cologne, still has hope for the vestiges of the culture that once made up Germany. One has only to listen to take note of the arguments of others. The Turkish scarf squadron on the opposite side leads the dialogue according to its own rules and in accordance with the strategy of the Cologne communist leader Jörg Detjen, who doesn’t care a bit about the fate of his comrades in Iran, in Turkey, anywhere where the green flag of Muhammad flies: drumming on pots to make it impossible for people to understand one another.
- - - - - - - - -

An anonymous “quality reporter” from the “Kölner Stadtanzeiger” [Cologne City Advertiser, a newspaper] will have hallucinations later of families of Cologne with children singing songs from Cologne. Since the DuMont Group [which has a newspaper monopoly and enthusiastically collaborated during the war] appointed Franz Sommerfeld as its chief editor, who once received his wages from the Stasi to spread lies, and finds it better to have the occasional misperceptions, so that he does not have to ask, like his colleagues of the Süddeutsche or WAZ-Group [publishers of newspapers that went through financial difficulty and fired many local reporters], for a new professional perspective.

Total demo

Of course “quality” journalism denies its subscribers any information about the arguments and thoughts of the demonstrators. At Politically Incorrect you can read excerpts from the original speech. Because freedom needs information.

  • Video # 1: Speech by Mr. Josef Intsiful
  • Video # 2: Talk by member of Parliament Henry Nitzsche
  • Video # 3: Speeches by Jörg Uckermann and Markus Beisicht
  • Video # 4: Speech by Manfred Rouhs (Part 1)
  • Video # 5: Speech by Manfred Rouhs (Part 2)

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Let’s be clear: Pro-Köln has members with dubious connections in their pasts. There’s no argument about this fact.

But more important is what the organization does now. Organizations and people change, and the Pro-movement is no exception. By coming out in support of Israel and inviting anyone who opposes Islamization and supports traditional German values to join, the group has demonstrated that it is not about race.

The “Nazi” bogeyman is losing its power to frighten citizens into meek submission. More and more voters are unwilling to line up meekly behind the culture-destroying agenda of the Socialist Left and its Islamist allies. Common sense tells the man in the street that neo-Nazis are not the threat here.

Even so, the usual scare-mongering has done its work. The lie has already made it to the International Dateline.

But stick around: the truth is sitting up slowly and putting on its shoes.


Francis W. Porretto said...

I'm reminded of a poser I put to a group of writers at a workshop. One of them was ranting about someone's membership in an organization that had once espoused segregationist ideals, but which no longer did. So I asked her and the others: Imagine that over time, th Ku Klux Klan were to lose all of its current members, to alter its statement of principles and agenda in an entirely anti-segregationist direction, and to be repopulated by persons whose character, conduct, and allegiance to the new principles and agenda is beyond all question. Would you still condemn the current KKK as equally evil to the pre-reformation KKK? If so, would your condemnation extend to the new, untainted members? Why or why not?

Inversely, I continued, would you contend that the odium of the old KKK attaches to anyone who, attracted by its new membership, principles, and agenda, might decide to join the new one? Why or why not?

Those questions caused a riot, or as near to one as a bunch of writers can come.

People tend to forget that groups are illusory -- that in the great moral equations of the universe, only individuals and their deeds truly matter. It's a remarkable species of blindness, given the behavior of politicians and their parties.

Homophobic Horse said...

The charge against the Pro-Köln movement is that it's key figures were once involved in German Rechtsextremen.

There are two main questions to be answered,

1. Are the charges true to begin with?

2. To what extent has Rouhs, among others, repudiated their old (?) views? Do they even admit to them?

laine said...

Until we start hearing equal use of the term "extreme left" as a pejorative and sniffing out their past and present unsavory associations, I am not lending any credence to a labeling system that is used to discredit only the right of center.

Czechmade said...

I would like to see faces which were not part of ANY political party.

Beisicht and Rouhs had something to do with Republikaner. I remember the superboring old guy in charge of them - Schoenhuber. It is like visiting some kindergarten...museum.

Same like Haider or Strache - why do we need to recycle those guys? It is not their political skills, it must be some ready made network or money what accelerates them.

Note that I do not discuss their "extremism" - they must be extremistically boring just like their comrades from main parties.