Sunday, April 19, 2009

Politically and Ethnically Correct

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has written a brief meditation on the excesses of official political correctness as exemplified by a public service commercial produced by the Amsterdam authorities. A video of the commercial he describes is embedded at the end of this post.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It may not come as a surprise that problems in Europe continue to spread. Several years ago (!) Gates of Vienna reported that ambulances and the fire brigade in Sweden can no longer operate without (armed?) police escort. Not in Malmö, and the other major cities, that is.

The same thing is happening right now in the Netherlands. The media regularly report that ambulances are threatened by ‘ethnic minorities’. Read: Mohammedan juveniles. Okay, once in a while it’s reported that somebody not a member of the Religion of Peace misbehaves against ambulance personnel. Not often, simply because it doesn’t happen often. But if it does, the media have a field day.

In most other cases, the news is buried in politically correct descriptions: ‘an Amsterdammer…’ (meaning: a Moroccan living in Amsterdam); ‘a juvenile’ (of what extraction?), ‘a boy’ (of 18, guess what religion), or no references at all to the criminal’s background. Usually we can pick it out pretty quickly anyway.

So, the government has a problem: Politically very incorrect, ambulance staff are threatened.

We have to do something about it. What will it be? Order the police to do something about it? Of course not. Those guys are much to busy. (USA: munching donuts. Holland: writing citations for speeding 5 km over the limit or riding a bike without a light.)

We can’t have the police do what they are paid for, what? Besides, we have a politically correct dogma: “violence” doesn’t solve problems. Having the police do something might involve violence. We don’t want that.

There is a much more profitable solution: we ask one of our (politically correct) political friends to make an educational video.
- - - - - - - - -
Obviously, those poor misunderstood Mohammedan juveniles have no idea that beating up ambulance staff is not the right way to behave. Let alone threatening them. Cultural differences, you know. We have to respect that.

Before any misunderstanding might occur: this friend is — of course — a member of the PvdA or SP, but there are no politics involved. Anybody can bid to make such an educational tape. It’s just that we didn’t publicly invite others to bid for it, and we just don’t accept Nazi scumbags’ (i.e. anybody not a party member of the PvdA or the SP) entries. On the off chance that such scumbags might care to offer something.

So we have a tape made explaining, politely, how one should behave. As it is politically very incorrect to have Moroccan juvenile actors appear in that educational tape, we picture someone else. Our villain is someone in whom the average Dutch Moroccan juvenile can recognize himself. A thirty-something white male, driving an average car (worth about three times the average salary), obviously a short tempered capitalist on his way to another scam fleecing the poor.

Enjoy the video. This propaganda movie was made courtesy of Amsterdam taxpayers’ money. To be extra politically correct: the ambulance staff is ethnically correct. Which is not in reality correct, for the government has consistent problems recruiting ethnically correct staff…


Andre said...

A person from Amsterdam myself, I can sadly only confirm this. This is merely just another example of taxpayer's money being abused for politically correct propaganda. Propaganda so incredibly transparant and obvious, that it is a complete insult to the intelligence of the reader. Yet we are expected to swallow this nonsense and even support it.

The Netherlands isn't the Netherlands anymore, it is a run-away, out-of-control multicultural train, fully on its way straight into the abyss. And the closer it gets to the edge, the more hysterical the engineer seems to get and the more it speeds up. It's madness crowned.

Unknown said...

A white guy, employed (a car owner) & in his early forties, is going to physically attack an ambulance crew? Get real!

As Andre has said, that's a complete insult to people's intelligence.

Gabrielle said...

wow, that was funny, almost as bad as our anti-drug commercials. so typical of the day, thinking a badly made commercial will alter behavior.

Anonymous said...

and a few months back teh amsterdam police in trying to recruite more immigrants to the force, came up with this one:

There you have your typical muslim inner city jihadist, and the text on the policebus says:
He needs your help because he is being discriminated.

Victims portrayed as criminals and criminals being portrayed as victims. Nothing new then in multiculti wonderland!

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Hahaha as a swede this scenario is just too familiar to us by now. And MSM are doing their best to hide their ethnics. Not that it matter much. Everyone knows it's the monkeys who are stirring up trouble and not the swedes. It's nothing to worry about. It's just the daily jihad, nothing else. Just think about how much more exciting and thrilling life has become thanks to the religion of peace.