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Pro-Köln’s Plan B

Recently a group of English patriots applied for a permit to organize a parade in Luton on April 23rd — St. George’s Day, English National Day — but their application was denied, ostensibly because they had failed to file far enough in advance. This refusal resulted in an unofficial outpouring of anger as shown in the video I posted last night.

Cologne CathedralA similar repression is at work in Cologne. As you may remember, the Pro-Köln movement will hold an Anti-Islamization Congress for May 9th, and it was originally scheduled to take place in the square in front of Cologne Cathedral.

This location is significant — the cathedral is the heart of the city, and the true symbol of its traditional Christian culture, which is what Pro-Köln is intent on defending against the Muslim encroachment as represented by the proposed mega-mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld.

But now it seems that the Pro-movement will be denied the right to gather in front of Cologne Cathedral. Notice the rationale that is at work here: because anarchists, “anti-fascists”, and Muslims are expected to react violently, a peaceful citizens’ group is denied the right to gather in a public place.

This is just the latest of many examples of the suppression of free speech — others include the self-imposed censorship of any publication of the Motoons, and the ban against Geert Wilders’ appearance in the UK — because of a fear of violence on the part of those who disagree with what other citizens have to say.

The organizers of the Anti-Islamization Congress, however, are ready with alternate plans. Our Flemish correspondent VH has compiled an account of the latest from Cologne, based on various German-language sources:

Many new developments in Cologne!

The Congress will not be permitted to assemble at the square in front of the Cathedral, because of the threat of violence by the usual fascists and Nazis (Antifa and the extreme Left). Basically, democracy and freedom of speech and association are not what they used to be — and should be — in Angela Merkel’s “democratic” Germany.

The prelude to a repetition of some sort of Weimar era seems in full swing due to the appeasement of leftist and Islamic intolerance and extremism, with thanks to Merkel’s CDU and other mainstream parties.

I think it is about time just to call the extreme Left for what they in fact just are: fascists, Nazis and the new SA for mainstream appeasers like Merkel’s CDU. Chancellor Merkel obviously seems too cowardly or incompetent to intervene in the disgracefully undemocratic CDU bureaucracy of Cologne.

The amazingly brave and — no matter what is continuously set up against them — very reasonable, civilized, law-abiding and democratic members of Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW have set Plan B in motion: a demo-train through the city to the site of the mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Meanwhile, Catholic organizations as well as the Turkish Ambassador support the appeasing mainstream politicians. They all call for protests by the German SA (the extreme left) against the Congress, and are looking forward to make it another leftist field day.

Amongst the new participants in the Congress is the honorable Islam-critic Adriana Bolchini Gaigher (who was present at Counterjihad Brussels 2007) as well as representatives from parties from Norway and the Czech Republic.

There’s a pile of material, therefore, which also needed some background information. So I tried to streamline it somewhat by inserting a few notes.

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From the Pro-Köln website:

Europe. Germany. Cologne. All full of Sheisse.

The Cologne chapter of Angela Merkel’s CDU sides with mainstream politics and Catholic organizations to set up once again the “Rote SA” against the upcoming Anti-Islamization Congress.

The protest against the restaging [1] of the Anti-Islamization Congress this year in May has united leftist extremists and the “bourgeois” like the “Christian” functionaries. Anyone who thought that the extreme left-wing riots of September 20, 2008 would have made the “moderate” anti Pro-Köln critics think again, is making a mistake, unfortunately.

Cologne Set. 20, 2008

Similar to last year, there is no sign of a condemnation or dissociation by the established mainstream politics (CDU [Christina Democrats], SPD [Socialists], FDP [Liberals]) and the “socially relevant organizations”. On the contrary: the leading local politicians and high religious representatives [2] together with the usual leftist extremists call for a protest against the Anti-Islamization Congress. Knowing that this will again let loose the violent left-wing agitators and blockaders upon the peaceful participants of a properly notified meeting.
- - - - - - - - -
What kind of people these self-appointed “anti-fascists” are — who since the events of September 20 have been aptly characterized by Hendryk M. Broder as the “Rote SA” (“the Red Nazi Sturmabteilung” [3]) — is shown by the call to a radical leftist “evening before demo” (pdf format) on May 8 in Cologne.

With the motto “Europa. Germany. Cologne. All full of Sheisse.” [with the German word Sheisse meaning both “worthless” and “excrement” and in their vocabulary used to paint Anti-Islamists as “brown”, i.e. Nazi] these leftist political criminals are drummed together from all over Germany. Just as in the previous year, these violent extremists are allowed to assemble in front of the Cologne Central Station to spend the Friday evening roaring and rioting through the streets of downtown Cologne. Reminder: Pro-Köln was denied the right to organize the Congress on Roncalliplatz [in front of the Cathedral] by the Cologne police leadership, for amongst other reasons the proximity of the Central Station as an important transport hub!

Only a clear condemnation of these extreme left-wing counter-demonstrators on the eve of the Congress could have proven that the established political parties, trade unions, and church representatives don’t want anything to do with these rioting thugs. However, if a breakup of the Congress because of the threat with blockades and disruptions by the extreme left might even be celebrated by the old parties as a victory, it will only prove the opposite. Whoever legitimizes these enemies of democracy as quasi-”auxiliary forces” in the fight against the Pro-movement will also have a shared responsibility for the crimes, injuries, and damage.

This year the extreme leftist scene wants — in addition to the demonstrations on the Friday before — to blast away the Congress on Saturday with an “active participation“ at the main rally. Even though the dress rehearsal for this, during the recent Saturday-demo of the Pro-movement in front of the mosque in Ehrenfeld, flopped magnificently (see video), a considerable amount of criminal energy is connected with the announcement of the disturbance of a legal assembly.

The CDU [Christian Democrats], SPD [Socialist Party. Labour] and FDP [Liberal Democratic Party] have a duty to condemn such calls in advance and in the strongest terms. Because in a democracy the battle of opinions should take place in the most civilized way. Demonstrations for and against Islam and Grand Mosques are both legitimate. Disturbances and attacks on others’ assemblies, however, are unlawful acts and punishable and should not suddenly be tolerated with a wink and a nod when it is directed against “the right”.

The prelude to the hottest phase of the protests against the Anti-Islamization Congress will be held on April 25 with a demo by the “school pupils against the Right”, who have notably been approved to use the forecourt of the Central Station as a gathering point. This agitation by the Cologne district school youth is also advertised on the relevant websites of the Left — one more indication of the political bias of the alleged non-partisan students.

Also in the coming weeks, numerous “action trainings” and “information events” are being organized by the extreme leftist scene in reference to the Congress. Flanked by their collaborators within the political establishment, these enemies of democracy will again try to knock out freedom of speech in Cologne.

It remains to be seen whether this year another “disgrace of the rule of law” (Prof. Isensee) will happen, or whether from May 8 till 10 the police officers dare to do their duty.

From the side of the Pro-movement all possible precautions are being taken to at least make a safe and peaceful conduct of the event possible. Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW have announced their full cooperation both during the various public appearances as well as the Demo-train [2] on Saturday. The security authorities have already received all necessary information. In particular, the arrival of the participants at the event has been discussed in detail with the police. For the main rally on Saturday it has been agreed with the police to establish a focal point for all visiting participants that will be published nationwide. Moreover, the Pro-movement has doubled the budget for security and arranged for a large number of stewards.

Nothing can stop us from a powerful demonstration for democracy and freedom of speech and against Islamization and foreign domination! Please visit this European Manifestation with as many participants as possible in these most daring times for the destiny of our Christian West!

Notes as referenced above:

[1] The Administrative Court in a recent ruling has not allowed the Congress to be held near the Cathedral on the Roncalliplatz.

”Unlike all of our political rivals and foreign extremists of any stripe, we are not allowed, according to the legal opinion of the Administrative Court in Cologne, to hold a peaceful, Islam-critical demonstration in the heart of Cologne,” the chairman and lawyer Markus Beisicht said. […] “The administrative judge did not allow the Congress to be held near the Cathedral, considering the exposed position of the Roncalliplatz [close to the Central Station] and the expected massive and violent protests from the extreme left-wing scene that might risk causing serious injuries and hazards to bystanders. […] The law is thus used the wrong way. The state has begun an embarrassing retreat. Democrats capitulate, as once before in Weimar, to violent extremists. We consider the decision of the Cologne Administrative Court to be highly questionable and appeal against the ruling.”

[2] From the Pro-Köln website: The Council of Catholic Associations in the Archdiocese of Cologne has drafted a “united declaration” on how to deal with the citizens’ movement Pro-Köln and Pro-NRW “whose ideology” they “clearly reject”. The aim is to prevent the Pro-movement from gaining in the municipal and regional elections: “We perceive that right-wing extremism is spreading in our society. We also register an increase in both right-wing extremism related crimes as well as the increased desire by extreme right-wing parties and organizations to gain a foothold in the middle of societies and make an entry in 2009 in the local parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia, and from there in 2010 in the national parliament.”

Also the Turkish ambassador to Germany, Ali Ahmet Acet together with the Consul General Kemal Demirciler and Mechmet Hakan Okay, praised the CDU mayor Fritz Schramma for pushing though the building of the Grand Mosque. They also showed their satisfaction with extreme leftist initiatives like “Wir stellen uns quer” against the Anti-Islamization Congress: “It is very comforting to hear that there will be a protest [against Pro-Köln and the Congress],” the Turkish ambassador stated. Schramma replied by stating that such protest [by the SA] belongs to the essence of democracy. He assured his guests that “the Turks that are living here will feel secure”.

Politically Incorrect writes concerning the collaboration of Catholic organizations with the mainstream politics and extreme left: “A church should not proclaim a political opinion, except when in comes to the ‘Right’ of course. The Diözesanrat of Catholics in the Archdiocese of Cologne therefore safely speaks out — together with various closely related associations — against the Right. It wants to combat Pro-Köln, because ‘God for every man has a plan’ and the ‘ideology’ of Pro-Köln contradicts this — as if the Christians are here to fulfill the wishes of the Muslims.

“The Church rejects any discrimination, except when it comes to the ‘brown scheisse’. In this sense, the Association of Catholic organizations in the archdiocese of Cologne calls voters to prosecute others on behalf of Christ. The Christian voters must therefore vote against the Right and warn others against this evil.

“The chairman of the citizens’ movement Pro-Köln, Markus Beisicht, opposes the attack from the church and recognizes that equality and human rights in the eyes of the church apply to all, but not for those of the ‘Right’?”

[3] The Red SA [“Sturmabteilung” or “Assault Division”] is actually a pleonasm. There has never been a Conservative or right-wing nor common sense party SA. However, there are many left-wing assault groups like Antifa and the “Autonomous” groups. The columnist Duns Ouray of the Dutch citizens’ journalism blog Het Vrije Volk [The Free People] recently published a series of pre-WWII campaign posters of the Dutch Nazi party the NSB (Nationaal Socialistische Beweging; “National Socialist Movement”) and its leader Anton Mussert.

Antifa logos

The latter was executed for treason after the War. As Duns Ouray states in the introduction to the posters: “A picture says more that a thousand words”:

Poster number four shows the black-red flag that Antifa and the extreme left still uses today.

Poster transcriptions:
1. Our Socialism is the future!
2. Workers, break your chains! Join the NSB!
3. Europe one. A close union of free peoples
4. A new Netherlands in a New Europe; Struggle together with the NSB
5. Colijn [then the Dutch prime minister for a Christian Party] cares for the Capitalists; Mussert cares for us all. List 15 NSB
6. Together with Germany AGAINST Capitalism [NSB poster]
7. Mussert and the Socialism; Today the word, tomorrow action! Together with Mussert we’ll build the Socialist State!

Note how successful the deceit by the Socialists and others after WWII has been: for instance, Mussert is called here a Nazi [National Socialist] who had engaged in “right-wing activities”.

[4] Pro-Köln is planning a “Demo-train” through the city from the Barmerplatz to the site of the Grand Mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld on May 9, the day after an international press conference.

Markus Beisicht: “We have always had a so-called Plan B. This we put into action following the ruling of the Administrative Court. Pro-NRW has amongst other things logged a demonstration with 2,000 participants through the entire downtown Cologne for May 9. The ‘train’ will start on Saturday, May 9 at ca. 13:30 on the Barmerplatz in Köln-Deutz, via the bridge over the Deutz to the Neumarkt, Rudolfplatz, the Hohenzollernring and Friesenplatz up to the planned site of the large mosque in Ehrenfeld near the Venloer Straße/corner Innere Kanalstrasse and then and ends there with a rally. There are several stops planned in which speakers from throughout Europe will inform the interested public about the concerns of the organizers.

“Our primary concern is to express democratically legitimate criticism of Islam and foreign domination publicly in Cologne. That seems no longer to be self-evident. Important fundamental democratic rights such as freedom of expression and assembly are betrayed in Cologne, as the incidents of September 20, 2008 have shown. That day Leftist extremists — incited by irresponsible media representatives and a blind political class — trampled the freedom of peaceful citizens underfoot. The democratic rule of law has been severely damaged, to which the Cologne police leadership also did not show their best side. This must and will no longer be repeated. We will make our contribution and work constructively with the authorities, but we are not naïve in dealing with them. We owe it to our democracy and the rule of law,” Markus Beisicht said in the announcement of the preparations of the demo-train.

[5] A few interesting new participants have confirmed their presence at the Anti-Islamization Congress:

“The well-known Italian journalist and Islam critic Adriana Bolchini Gaigher, the chairwoman of the Czech People’s Party Národní Strana, Mrs. Petra Edelmannová, Ph.D., and a delegation from the environment of the Norwegian right-wing party Demokratene.

“Overall, with these three new delegations from Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe about 50 other guests will travel to the Rhineland on Friday, May 8.

“The Islam-critical journalist Adriana Bolchini Gaigher was also present at the Counterjihad meeting Brussels in 2007. She is host to the national President of the ODDII (Observatory of Italian and International Law), as well as director of the online magazine Lisistrata. In 1978 she was the victim of a terrorist attack by one of the many the leftist terror groups, Prima Linea [‘Front Line’]. (Recently a former terrorist of the Prima Linea was involved in attacks against Islamic targets.)

“With the chairwoman of Národní Strana [the Czech People’s Party], Mgr. Petra Edelmannová Ph.D., another high-caliber guest will speak to the visitor of the Congress on Saturday, May 9.

“Petra Edelmannová (1975) graduated from the West Bohemian University and Charles University, specializing in economics and sociology. She is currently completing her PhD studies at the Dept. of Political Sciences, Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics. She has also completed numerous foreign fellowships, residencies and supplementary studies. She began her professional career at the Czech National Bank, where she was employed as a special consultant and later as the CNB vice-governor’s advisor. She currently works at HVB Bank as a bank analyst. She speaks fluent English and German and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Russian.

In the rightist democratic spectrum, the young party leader is seen as one of the future hopes for a modern patriotic party with a European orientation.

“‘I am delighted about this development for the new edition of the Congress,’ says Pro-Köln chairman Markus Beisicht ‘The international attention and commitment of Europe’s rightist democrats is much higher than last year. I am convinced that we will be able to establish a successful Anti-Islamization Congress from May 8 till 10, with several thousand participants.’”

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Fjordman said...

I'm so incredibly tired of these "Nazi" accusations, in Germany or elsewhere. Anti-Nazism has mutated into a permanent witch-hunt on an imaginary ideology. People no longer understand the real nature of Nazism, or exactly what made it so evil. People now think that "discrimination" generated Nazism, but we have "discriminated" against letting in large numbers of alien and hostile peoples into our midst for centuries, and that didn't lead to gas chambers.

I notice that even the Republican Party in the USA were recently told that they looked "just like Nazi Germany," for the simple reason that most of their members are still white. Being a "Nazi" today simply means "being born white and standing up for yourself," nothing more and nothing less. Ironically, both self-professed "anti-Nazis" as well as the marginal neo-Nazi groups that do exist seem to labor under the delusion that the Nazis were "pro-white." They were not. While Jews and Gypsies topped their hate list, they didn't particularly like "Slavs" such as Poles or Russians, either, even though they were white and in many cases a lot blonder than Mr. Hitler. Most of the people who died in Europe during the Second World War were non-Jewish whites, even though the percentage of the Jewish population which was eliminated was extremely high. The Nazis waged a brutal war against other Europeans but had a very positive relationship with Arab Muslims.

Frankly, I would be tempted to say that Nazism was a form of Jihad against European civilization, and unfortunately a rather successful one at that. There is no single human being who has ever done more to destroy the white race than Adolf Hitler.

Fjordman said...

Does anybody know who the people at this website are? They spend an extraordinary amount of time translating my sometimes longish essays into German. I also cannot find the older German translations of the blogger Eisvogel online now. If they are still available somewhere, there is already more than enough material to publish a German language version of my book Defeating Eurabia this spring.

Profitsbeard said...

The modern fascists find it a paradoxically effective pose to call their brand of fascism "anti-fascism".

Psyops of the most juvenile kind, but effective against historically vacuous suckers.

Just as the Leninist, Troskyite, Stalinist and Maoist communists posed as "liberators of the working people" ...who they then massacred and enslaved.

The crude, violent, intolerant, and totalitarian behavior of these fascistic "anti-fascists" is the dead givaway. It is the opposite of their simplistically pompous and transparently deceitful sloganeering.

Europeans are more passive in the face of such chaos-sowing punks. Literally, and ideologically.

These terrorizing "actions" don't flush in the U.S., where the average citizen won't put up with marauding thugs, since people in America tend to dislike having their property destroyed, their employment disrupted, and their lives soured by these anarchistic, posturing, infantile baboons.

We also know how to punch back.Time for the EU-nuchs to learn some basic combat judo, too.

Armance said...

It is absolutely funny how the real Nazis of today are ignored. They are holding now a conference in Geneva named "UN summit on racism", aka Durban II. If the liberal fools want to hear real Nazi anti-Semitic speeches, resembling Hitler's and Goebbels's, they just have to go there and they will hear tons of them. Oops, sorry. The leftards might like what they hear.

fnord said...

Hi fjordman,

the blog named after you is prosecuted by a guy named Manfred. His main blog is:

His efforts are honorable, as far as I can see. The blog consist of ambitious own texts and of translations of foreign language pieces, which this guy considers worthy.

Acht der Schwerter is not available any more, which is a pity since it was my entry in the sophisticated counter-jihad movement and it sensitized me to the necessity to focus on what and who we are - as Germans and as western civilization. A few very good commentators from Acht der Schwerter continue the quest for meaning and answers on

It's strange, since Eisvogel stopped posting and translating nobody heard or read something from her on the net and nobody knows why she ceased her great work. Any explanations are welcome...

Hope I could help you out. Btw. a german translation of your book would be great; I'm sure you'd gain a lot of new readers - and they'd gain a lot of new insights.

So much for that.



Unknown said...


The disproportionately high rate of violent black-on-white crime in America, akin to an intifada by African-Americans against Caucasians, runs contrary to your assertions.

You may be confused as to what I'm talking about as there is a blanket media blackout on this issue, including almost all right-wing conservative blogs.

Justice Department Statistics About Black On White Race Violence

Félicie said...

If somebody here is going to Cologne, please do not miss a great art museum there.

Furor Teutonicus said...

“We perceive that right-wing extremism is spreading in our society."Totaly ignoring the findings of the Verfassungsgericht, that the Pro Köln movement is NOT extreme right wing, of COURSE.

But since when did the truth bother these scum?

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

Paul said...

Mr. Profit,

I must disagree, though I would certainly rather agree. You said:
"These terrorizing "actions" don't flush in the U.S., where the average citizen won't put up with marauding thugs, since people in America tend to dislike having their property destroyed, their employment disrupted, and their lives soured by these anarchistic, posturing, infantile baboons."

I just passed the weekend in San Antonio. I walked through the Alamo, the shrine of Texas liberty where 5,000 Mexicans slaughter the few Texas defenders in 1836. I walked up and down along the San Antonio river several times during my stay, and passed by the San Fernando Cathedral, near Santa Annas' encampment and next to the mass grave of numerous Texas patriots.

May I tell you, the Texans of our day are not of the same focused mind as the Texans who faced Santa Anna's guns.

I think true Americans today are much like true Europeans of today: Weak. Powerless. Polite.

Polite will simply not do in the face of this evil foe. Evil is not polite. And it is not a respecter of protocol or manners.

Manfred said...

@ Fjordman:

I think I should introduce myself: I am the Blogger who runs and the counterdjihad blog which I started, together with some commentators of 8dS, after Eisvogel's sudden withdrawal from the blogosphere in july. The idea was to bring the German debate among conservatives closer to the international scene. (Presently, a certain autistic, anti-western and anti-american attitude seems to be still dominant among German conservatives, which was the reason why Acht der Schwerter was so important. We started with your articles but are now beginning to publish translations from other authors, too.)

By the way: I would be thankful if any native English speaker who understands German translated some of my articles in into English. I haven't the time to do it myself, and I think my English isn't elegant enough for publication.

The last news about Eisvogel was that in october her neighbours saw her, but she refused any contact. I'll try to find out the present state of affairs.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Manfred. Ich kann das.

I am just starting to translate "S.O.S Abendland" into English, as the publishers are not interested. But I have plenty of time.

Has the admin here got your E-Mail?

If so I will ask them to püass mine to you, then you can show me what you want doing.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.