Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sweden: A Most Curious Country

Yesterday I received an email from our Swedish correspondent LN.

Last spring I reported on his difficulties after an incident that involved an immigrant Muslim woman. At that time I couldn’t reveal that it was in fact LN who was the unfortunate object of Swedish police scrutiny. To recap: as a result of the incident, he was charged with:

(1) threatening to kill the Muslim woman in question,
(2) chasing her,
(3) cursing at her,
(4) calling her names,
(5) offending her, and
(6) being the reason why she had to seek treatment for her weak heart the next day.

His case is now before the authorities. I’ll let him tell the rest of the story himself:


Yesterday and tonight I started a hullabaloo or row with the Swedish establishment.

I reported the corrupt police handling of my case (you might perhaps have heard about it?), the “Murder-Threatened Muslima” — or in Swedish, the Mordhotadmuslima — to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Judiciary and Civil Administration (JO), to the Attorney General (JK) and to the Swedish National Chief of Police, and for information about what is happening down below at the grassroots, to the Minister of Justice.

I have already received confirmations that JO and JK have received my letter and given it a registration number. From the dear National Chief of Police Mr. Svenson, who has expressed a sincere wish to be the Chief of Police of and with the People of Sweden, I have got zilch.

The letter was also sent to a lot of other interested parties for information. Today I will go on distributing it to the press and serious bloggers in Sweden and in Denmark.

However, today at around 10 o’clock I wanted to make a minor adjustment to my homepage, but was refused permission to enter my account. My well-established username and/or password was/were declared incorrect. Not once, not twice, every time.

OK, let me pretend that I have forgotten something, let me reset my password! Username and email were typed in on the appropriate page — but NOTHING arrived to my email account. I did it once more. Nothing has arrived after almost six hours! It is, however, still possible to reach the site!

Is this only a coincidence? — or is there a connection to my doings? Is this how it is all going to start? No — not this time! At 10:30 in the evening it was possible to get through. But I am nowadays paranoid enough to always guess what might be the reason for what is happening.

You see, Baron, I am still a suspect, but I am not any longer suspected of having threatened to kill a Muslima. I am now suspected of having offended her, not particularly for what I have said to her, but more for having addressed her. Remember: in Sweden you do not with impunity address a ‘culture enricher’!

It is five times more expensive to threaten to kill a culture enricher than to offend the person in question, so I will now only be charged 10,000 kronor in damages ($1,250) plus fines.

Shall I be happy or sad? Shall I fall down in prayer as any ordinary conservative Swede would do, or shall I go on fighting as a bogey racist ruffian for common sense and an acquittal?
- - - - - - - - -
Those SK10,000 will probably be shared in proportions 66:33 between the Police Superintendent and the Muslima, she only being half human, according to the Koran.

As you already know, Sweden is a most curious country. Here are two striking examples:

(1) Selling sex is not criminal. It is not forbidden, but buying sex is criminal and severely fined. Could perhaps be called WOMEN POWER.
(2) Lately the prison authorities have had problems with many detainees committing suicide — the authorities have solved the problem practically by distributing pairs of ‘pruning shears’ (secateurs) to the custody jails, for easily cutting down the hanging carcasses.

The riddle of the epoch: Outside medical science, what is more like a malign cancerous tumour than anything else?

Answer: The Politically Correct Multicultural Society!

Hang in there, LN. The folks at Gates of Vienna are keeping an eye on your case.


costin said...

LN, it doesn't sound nice at all. I your place I would never give up, never shut up! I would risk getting in jail than shut up or paying that fine! if you fight your case hard enough, if enough people know about it, if you get enough exposure and support they have to back down. people need to fight back this kind of things!

laine said...

Is it not possible to counter-sue the Muslima for wilful damage of your reputation?

As long as such complainants are encouraged in their hypersensitivity and allowed to file what amount to nuisance suits with no repercussions to themselves, they will continue because surely the point for the colonists is to exhaust the enemy state's financial resources as well as garner sympathy for themselves and even more restrictive laws in their favor?

Skalman said...


You could do that. The problem here is that most likely the muslimas defender and the rest of her expenses would be paid by the state-run "Diskrimineringsombudsmannen", "Ombudsman against discrimination", and thus ´her resources are not the problem. For LN on the other hand it would be. I doubt, knowing his history from a political forum in Sweden,that he has the funds to defend his reputations.

There is simply no end to how the very state that is supposed to protect us is acting against us and likewise no end to how our own resources(tax money) are used to make us shut up and start crawling the dust.

Naturally the tensions are rising. So far the swedes are using peceful means but as a cornered dog someone or some people will see that they need to take up (illegal)arms to defend themselves. A future I like or encourage? No. A future I see likely? Yes.


More often being known as LN, let me express my deep thanks to the Baron and the folks at the Gates Of Vienna for their
kindness to make my eMail public.
As commentor 'costin' points out: getting enough exposure might get the 'lackeys of power' to back out or at least think twice.
Was it not Voltaire who said: "it can be fatal io be right when the lackeys of power are wrong"?
- - - - -
commenter "laine" also asked:

"Is it not possible to counter-sue the Muslima for wilful damage?".

Yes, "theoretically"(?) it is, and it has been done, because the muslima has no doubt made a false denaunciation/accusation, which is almost as severely punished in Sweden as it is in the USA (Class 4 felony). This "counter-sueing" initiated as it should a 'preliminary police investigation', which, however, was put down by the same Police Superintendent that was investigating the alleged "murderthreat"; his motivation being: 'continued investigation is expected not to prove that any crime has been committed'.

The crime of false accusation was committed at the moment the false report was made to the police and entered into the police computer at 21.15 PM 2007-06-11. This fact cannot be shown 15 months later!

NB the Policesuperintendent's investigatory work concerning the alleged murderthreats etc has been based solely on this false police report. When he now has cut off his nose to spite his face -- he had to, when the counter-sueing appeared, the Policesuperintendent had to construct a new accusation, now not based on what the muslima falsely and with impunity had declared to the police but based on the inquiry with the perpetrator. This dumb person did candidly and outspokenly tell the Police what he had said to the muslima. He had at that occasion not yet found out that the Police is his enemy. For the insignificances that were uttered and the nothingness that happened when the perpetraitor accidently first met allah's daugther back in june 2007, click here!

closed said...

Rule #1.

Never talk to the police. Have a lawyer talk to the police.

It's cheaper in the long run.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Fight LN, fiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhhhht!

He who opposes multicult PC are more a soldier on the front line than the chaps in A'stan. Grievous but true.

laine said...

There should be an international fund started to which people being persecuted by their own leftist western governments and police can apply for the wherewithal to fight back.

Why don't one of the billionaires with a conscience such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet start and fund this initiative as it would be a drop in the bucket for them and they of all people should be on guard against encroachment on individual rights in liberal democracies.

Or have their brains been turned into socialist mush as judged by the mostly antithetical to capitalism initiatives they DO fund now?

Are there no right wing philanthropists remaining who are interested in defending the basic principles of Western Civilization rather than getting their name on another art gallery? George Soros like some fiendishly successful Bond villain spends his billions undermining Western civilization. There needs to be an equal and opposite counter-balance.