Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fjordman’s Book Has Been Released

Fjordman’s first book, Defeating Eurabia, has been released and is available for sale at lulu.com. This is a European marketing site, and I don’t know any details about the possibility of shipping to the USA.

Below is the description accompanying the book:

Defeating EurabiaThis is the first book by Fjordman. This compilation of Fjordman articles from websites like Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, The Brussels Journal and Fjordman’s own (now defunct) blog has been updated and finetuned to reflect his current views on the Islamization of Europe. It provides a thorough analysis of the causes and circumstances of the Islamization process, a country-by-country survey and an optimistic concluding chapter with suggestions for the future. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs writes: “The preeminent essayist, historian, and one of the leading lights of the counter jihad movement, Fjordman, has released his first book. Europe’s most reliable witness and modern historian has completed a compendium of analysis and data of the Islamization of Europe.”
- - - - - - - - -
Fjordman’s work cannot be publicized except virally. If you appreciate his work, whether or not you buy his book, please forward the lulu.com link, include it on your blog, post it on forums you visit, leave it in comments, IM it to your friends, and engage in all the other viral marketing strategies that are available.

I repeat: the only way that word about this can spread is virally.

It’s been almost three years since Fjordman closed his blog and started working on his books, and about two and a half years since he began publishing essays at Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, the Brussels Journal, Atlas Shrugs, and the other sites where his work has been available.

It’s gratifying to see it all come together in one volume. Thank you, Fjordman.


Michael said...

I bought it already. Am curious.

Outlaw Mike/Belgium

PS: It's official now. Frank Vanhecke has been stripped of his EP immunity. An overwhelming majority of MEP's voted in favor of ousting him.

The road is now open to prosecute Vanhecke for "racism" simply for being the responsible editor of a provinical leaflet wherein a minor VB member accused Moroccan youths for desecrating graves.

This was labeled a "racist" act since, because they were minors, it was not allowed to disclose their identity. I would have to look it up, but it's practically sure they WERE Moroccan teenagers.

Point is... Vanhecke will now be prosecuted for "racism" and lose his civil rights for 5 years...

That is how the left deals with dissenters.

The evil genius behind this all is a socialist scumbag, Freddy Willockx, the socialist mayor of Sint-Niklaas. Note that in 2003, he prohibited the use of Belgian Army barracks by passing Iraq-bound US forces on their way to the port of Antwerp.

I think that at some time we have to quit talking and start acting.

Michael said...

Baron and Dymphna, all that is happening here is coming your way soon. Very soon.

Fjordman said...

In case somebody thinks this book is too expensive: I agree, actually, especially since I put the entire text online for free. I will work to get the price significantly reduced as soon as possible.

talnik said...

Fjordman, if you're getting most of the money you deserve it. You've been enlightening us for free for years and I still use your old website for reference and as a portal to other blogs.

Fjordman said...

I'm not getting most of the money. I put it online for free. Anybody can still download it and print it out on their own. That's why the current price is just too high.

heroyalwhyness said...

I ordered my copy of Fjordman's book. :D (happy dance)

Quote =>: "This is a European marketing site, and I don’t know any details about the possibility of shipping to the USA."

FWIW, I have purchased two books from Lulu in the past (don't know if there is more than one Lulu publishing) and did not experience a problem with shipping to the USA. The two books were:

*Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography of Allâh’s Prophet by Ali Sina - note: Sina did have some issues with Lulu and eventually re-published his book which is currently available at Amazon.com


*Truth is Not Bigotry, D C Watson

Bruce Church said...

Lulu is actually an American company with a branch in the UK. If someone orders the book in the US, it's printed in the US. If someone orders the same book in Europe, it's printed and shipped from the UK or Spain, I think.

Fjordman said...

Talnik: This book is intended to be available to everybody in order to increase maximum distribution in the fastest possible way. What I will do instead is put up a donation post or something similar so that people can contribute there if they want to. But they can download the book itself for free.

costin said...

hi Fjordman, where can I download the book from? i can only do it by copying the text from GoV and/or the other blogs or I can also find it in PDF format somewhere.
I think about starting to translate it in Romanian for a blog where we are 7 people that write about these issues. patrupedbun.net

Vladtepesblog.com said...

Well, I already have put a link to it in my blogroll. But one idea, would be to arrange to have it on the list of Amazon.com products, which is easy to do as an associate, then all bloggers who have an amazon associate account can actually sell the book through their own websites and get 15% of the retail price as well. Money aside, basic capitalism is a good way to propagate a product. I know of a few talk show hosts that would be delighted to promote this book if it was easily available and Amazon.com would really help that process.

kepiblanc said...

Fjordman - if you read this, please post your book's ISBN number so we can force our local bookstore - and library - to get it.

Michael said...

Fjordman, stop whining. Your book is by no means too expensive. Are you a capitalist or not?

Outlaw Mike/Belgistan

Fjordman said...

Michael: Yes, I believe in capitalism, but in this case I am an idealist, not a capitalist. I want the price of the book to be as low as possible. I didn't write that book to make money. I would have made more money per hour by flipping burgers at McDonald's. As I said, it will be more sensible to say that people can donate money for the book if they want to, but the book itself should be cheap.

Costin: It will be available in pdf format at some point, and I will actively encourage people to copy and repost the entire book on their websites when it is available.

Conservative Swede said...

Many congratulations Fjordman for the publication of the book! This calls for salutation in champagne. Also, I like the cover of the book.

Fjordman said...

CS: Thank you for that. Well, after years of writing online it was about time to get something published in print. I certainly have enough material. Yes, the cover illustration is nice. He did a good job there.

Conservative Swede said...


Fjordman, stop whining. Your book is by no means too expensive. Are you a capitalist or not?

Obviously he's not a capitalist :-)

Living as a monk, working at his lectern all day is quite a quite of quite a different from being a capitalist. He's liked by (intelligent) capitalists however.

Fjordman is maximizing reach, not profit. However, as a capitalist I know that income = volume * price, so Fjordman is capitalistically right that the price should be decreased to a more normal level.

On the other hand there is something called price differentiation, meaning that the same product is sold many times at different prices, and thereby "painting" as much as possible of the integral of the diagonally sloping demand curve. I.e. let all the people who are prepared to buy for this price do it, and then decrease the price, etc. Check out how they do it at Amazon.

Czechmade said...

Obviously he is a capitalist.

His book is a long term investition in cutting the wrong "islam-is-good" investition. This miserable investition was made by his state - a miserable capitalist - always ready to loose.

One day all the money for Palestine and unimployable, unqualifiable immigrants will be redirected to Fjordman - the lonely oligarch of Norway - investing in seemingly philosophical projects of basic survival, owner of one way airports network and detention centres resounding with various versions of Missa solemnis, Ave Maria, Johannes Passion, Requiem, In excelsis deo,
Kantaten, Missa h-moll etc., sending the reformed ex-immigrants home on a mission.

Make sure that his final book "Eurabia defeated" will be quite expensive, almost unaffordable!

Conservative Swede said...


I misread and thought the price of the book was 47 Euros, but it's actually 35 Euros, which is a much more reasonable price. A price reduction later on is of course a good idea.