Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Islamized Christmas in Cologne

I received a note this evening from our Flemish correspondent VH:

Just finished reading Bart Debie’s blog. Cologne’s famous department store Kaufhof is going belly-up.

Dhimmi Christian Democrat (and after hours blackhood?) Mayor Fritz Schramma and his taxpayer-funded little friends will certainly go shopping in the Kasbahaus in Istanbul on the Rhine!

And here is his translation of the post on Bart Debie’s blog:

What about Islamization?

By Bart Debie

Those who are a bit familiar with Germany will probably also know the famous department store chain Kaufhof [literally “buying store”]. It is a store like the “Inno” that we have in Flanders. The passers-by at the Kaufhof in Cologne looked amazed upon seeing the new stuff in the shop windows.
- - - - - - - - -
Instead of the classic Christmas decorations — Germany is known for its beautiful Christmas markets — in its windows it offers only decorations that depict mosques or puppets that are supposed to represent Muslims, and of course all female dolls are wearing a headscarf. A matter of preparing German children for what the future will bring.

Perhaps maybe better just to abolish Christmas right away?

Those who do not agree with this state of affairs can complain at Kaufhof. The contact address can be found here.


Czechmade said...

This German web-site has detailed reports about changing policies in Holland. Roughly: 23 mayors declared a ban on Moroccon youth leaving their homes, even some socialist politician calls for harder measures putting the Moroccans in prisoner cloth working in public etc. PC is dying - they say Moroccans explicitly!

The German commentators view it as unthinkable measures in Germany.
But knowing how close is Cologne in many respects to Holland, this could have an impact on their policies (the German dialect there is very close to the Dutch, other links too).

Now we can see a tringle of changes - Denmark, Austria, Holland.

Our Austrian correspondant might translate these repports.