Thursday, November 13, 2008


Late this afternoon I was informed that the Jerusalem conference has had to be postponed. I was instructed to wait until tomorrow to tell everyone, after the official notice has been published.

But someone has evidently jumped the gun, so now I can tell you about it. I’ll post more about what happened after the official notice comes out tomorrow.

Don’t donate any more money. We will return donations to anyone who so desires.

But I’m told the conference will be rescheduled. The only question is whether it will be before the Israeli elections or afterwards.

And I just bought a non-refundable airline ticket! SOB!

But… I’m told that it’s possible to pay a change fee and get the ticket transferred to the new dates. So keep your fingers crossed…

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Henrik R Clausen said...

Yes, even non-refundable airplane tickets can be rebooked (that's what to ask for). I did so recently, even for a flight I had already missed.

It costs money, but not outrageously much.

Abu Abdullah said...

Some airlines allow you to keep the money as open-ended credit with a time limit. That may be a better option than rebooking, since the new date has not been set. Best to get travel insurance next time.

Abu Abdullah said...

From reading the announcement at New English Review that this post links to, I take it that this thing is morphing into something bigger. It specifically names Canada, India, and Korea as countries to be invited for the postponed summit. I am intrigued to find Korea on the list. (Does it have a Jihadist problem already?) The organizers might as well also invite, say, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and the Eastern European countries to make it an international affair instead of a regional, Euro-Israel one. Oh, also South American countries, since they are going to have their own little Jihad problems to deal with pretty soon with their importation of Pali refugees. Maybe get some of the African countries to go, too, like Ethiopia.

X said...

Wow, that is big... is it possible this might presage the formation of a new power bloc in the UN?

Abu Abdullah said...

A glaring omission on my part. Add Japan to that list.