Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Motoonist on the ECHR?

Kurt WestergaardDansk Folkeparti, the Danish People’s Party, has nominated Kurt Westergaard to the European Commission of Human Rights. Morten Messerschmidt took the initiative in recommending his nomination.

Mr. Westergaard is the artist who drew the most famous of the Mohammed cartoons, the “Turban Bomb”.

I just got the news from our Danish correspondent TB. So far there’s nothing about it in English, but here’s TB’s translation of a quote from Morten Messerschmidt in an article on the TV2 website:
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“With Kurt Westergård as a nominee, the European Commission will have a chance to prove that it is not a club for specially invited, politically correct individuals and nations, but that they as a matter of fact take human rights seriously — also, while attempts are being made to spread these rights in the Islamic world. Hopefully it will give rise to some reflection,” says Messerschmidt.

Here’s a press release from DPP (in Danish).

Photo © Snaphanen.


Zenster said...

Yet more vivid proof that, unlike almost the entire rest of Europe, the Danes have retained both their integrity and sense of humor. No mean feat, given the circumstances.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

Bloody brilliant move, but the trouble is that Westergaard is a mere cartoonist. What actually happens if he hypothetically gets appointed ? Other than flipping the bird to muslim rage mongers (even though that in itself is a great reason)?

Flemming Rose, that would have been a bombshell. Kurt Westergaard, well, I find it hard to see as more than a clever provocation.

kepiblanc said...

Mr. Messerschmidt knows perfectly well that the EUSSR will not award Kurt westergaard with anything - perhaps aside from a lengthy prison term - until hell freezes over. In fact the EUSSR would not accept any nominee proposed by Mr. Messerschmidt. Nevertheless it's a cunning move: when the actual prize winner is found - probably someone like Tariq Ramadan - the contrast will be obvious to all and everyone. EUSSR in a nutshell.

Czechmade said...

Hiding - he was loosing some dignity in the public eye.

Promoted - the balance is recovered.

Dymphna said...

kepiblanc said--

EUSSR in a nutshell

Didn't you mean to say "EUSSR in a hell shell"?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Kepiblanc gets the point here. It's not about getting Kurt on board (which would be nice, I think), but about exposing hypocritical hollow-talk by the EU.

Of course they want appeasers on that board. Not the people with actual experience, not the persons the board is supposed to protect. That could cause - *GASP* - embarrassing situations!

Asger Trier Engberg said...

Eu are just bloody cowards that is all.