Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dutch Church Firebombed by Moroccans

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated some material from the Netherlands concerning the latest incident of cultural enrichment by the “youths” of Gouda.

First, his translation of the news report from Elsevier:

Moroccans throw fire bomb at church Gouda

Four Moroccan teenage troublemakers have tried to set fire to the Reformed church in the Bloemendaal district in Gouda by throwing a Molotov cocktail at the building. The damage was limited, but the police and the mayor take the issue seriously.

According to the police in Gouda the Moroccan boys (three of them fourteen years old, one fifteen) threw “a small bottle filled with a flammable liquid” against the door of the church on Saturday evening.

A spokesman for the church told De Telegraaf that the door of the building, the Vaste Burcht, sustained significant damage.


At the time of the attack nobody was in the church. “The police and fire brigade arrived immediately,” the spokesman said in the newspaper. [He added: “there is often trouble here, but this is the first time a firebomb has been thrown.”]

The police arrested the four suspects of Moroccan descent the same evening. One of the fourteen-year-olds was released short afterwards, because his involvement could not be proved.

‘The work of naughty boys’
- - - - - - - - -
The other three had to stay a night in the police cell and will be brought before the judiciary Tuesday.

Rioting Moroccan youth have recently caused many problems in Gouda, but that was in another neighborhood: Oosterwei.

According to church administrator A. van der Schee, the church has not been threatened this way before: “There have been windows smashed in sometimes, but that is what we call here the work of ‘naughty boys’“.

And now some commentary and supplementary material from VH:

Note: Only a few weeks ago the Public University of Gouda left the Oosterwei neighborhood due to the many burglaries and destructive incidents: “After more than fifty burglaries and smashed windows we’re fed up. We are going to move so there is nothing to rob here anymore,” is written in bold letters on a sign on the windows of the school.

“Time and again cleaning up the mess, having new windows fitted and notifying the police, we’re sick and tired of it,” says director Cokky Leersum-Scheer in De Telegraaf. “Enough is enough!”

According to the director, the Public University is not the only one suffering from crime. “Other entrepreneurs have already left, like the hairdresser. Most of destruction has taken place around four o’clock in the morning. It may be because of boredom. We have always reported it to the police, but unfortunately all these years no one was ever caught.” The police says they are working on the case.


Even church is not safe for the Moroccan intifada

Questions from Parliament members Wilders and Fritsma (both PVV) to the Minister of Justice [Ernst Hirsh Ballin, CDA; Christian Democrat] and the Minister for Housing, Neighborhoods and Integration [Eberhard van der Laan, PvdA; Labour] on the arson attack by Moroccan youth of a church in Gouda:

1. Are you familiar with the report of young Moroccans having thrown a fire bomb at a church in Gouda?
2. Do you share our opinion that this attack again proves that these Moroccan street-scum simply despise our culture and society? If not, why not?
3. What do you make of the fact that, due to the grave Islamization of our society, even the church, notably the symbol of our Christian tradition, is not safe?
4. Why didn’t you immediately condemn in the strongest way this insult of our society and the Christian community by Muslims?
5. Why do you use double standards by doing nothing now, while that is clearly different for instance in case of violence against a mosque?
6. Do you share our opinion that it is particularly sad that the Muslim community has not taken a stand against this crime, while the same community stands on their hind legs to demand respect? If not, why not?
7. Isn’t it time to request the Muslim community to show respect for our society, manners and core values?
8. What are you going to do to put down immediately the Moroccan intifada — which harasses the Netherlands — as well as the continuing Islamization of our society?
9. Do you acknowledge the need to remove persistent street terrorists who not only are in possession of the Dutch nationality, as well as their parents in case the instigators are minors?-


Sagunto said...

What has been telling with this "incident", is the chirping crickets in the back.. total silence from the powers that be.
While on the other hand, as soon as a Dutch aboriginal so much as sneezes in a slightly "islamophobic" fashion in the general direction of a mosque, then all political hell breaks loose.


Anonymous said...

According to church administrator A. van der Schee, the church has not been threatened this way before: “There have been windows smashed in sometimes, but that is what we call here the work of ‘naughty boys’“.

It would be nice to think that this churchman was using the word 'naughty' in its original sense - that the people who committed this abomination are 'naught' i.e. heretics against Christianity. One can dream?

Sagunto said...

Well @ioph,

I don't know for sure, but perhaps the "reformed" administrator is a little hesitant to use the "naughty" connotation of old, because there once was a time his radical calvinist predecessors smashed and looted the interior of countless Dutch cathedrals and monasteries ;-)

The original Dutch word was "kwajongenswerk", meaning "the work of little rascals". He is pleased when only their windows are being smashed.


Zenster said...

One word: Reciprocity.

European Muslims and just plain Muslims in general must be made to understand this one simple concept. If their mosques receive the same treatment that they deliver to Christian churches, then maybe they'll begin to show some respect. If not, I see little downside to fewer mosques.

Joanne said...

Every time a church is attacked by Muslims, a mosque should be demolished; that is sure to get someone's attention.

blogagog said...

Eh. I dunno that this is that big of a deal. Lock the runts up and be done with it. The bigger issue here is the name "Church of Gouda". What's next, "University of Cheddar"?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Once again the "religion of peace" shows it's true colours both here and there. Funny though that pc-crowd here in Sweden says pretty much the same. If they throw stones at firemen or ambulances, the pc-dhimwits comes running, "Oh it's nothing, it's just naughty boys!" Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

every nation allow Muslims to live on it's soil won't escape the punishment