Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Report From Lund

AFA counter demo in Lund

A reader in Skåne emailed us this report on today’s events in Lund, where a venerable tradition revived by Swedish nationalists (including the neo-Nazis) was met with an “anti-racist” counter-demonstration. See last Thursday’s report for background on this event.

Here’s what happened today:

Lund MonumentFor the officially permitted demonstration honoring Carl XII, approximately fifty individuals collected around this monument at the northern outskirts of Lund between 4 and 5 pm. The monument memorializes one of the worst bloodbaths, “the Battle of Lund” between the Swedes and the Danes around 1676, and has got nothing to do with Carl XII. Carl XII died on the 30th of November 1718 in Norway, fighting the Norwegians.

The counter-demonstrators, who had no official permission, were throwing stones and grave-candles at the police (the monument is 300 meters away from the big Lund cemetery).

The police strategy was to keep the groups apart. Roads and streets were blocked all around the monument — lots of riot police, but no dialogue police were seen. Some twenty mounted police, etc.

There were many counter-demonstrators, 1000-1500, lots of them with masked faces, lots of trash — medium age late teens through say 25. One strange thing: there is no mention of Nazis, only about nationalists, also on the radio. Very significant — there must be a dog buried here!
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On the radio, the 6 pm news had nothing exceptional to report.

I include the latest from Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter, nothing special.

There may be fights when the Nationalists try to go back to town. The Monument is about a kilometre from central Lund. In that case it must happen just about now…

In all haste!

No word yet on any further trouble. I’ll post an update tomorrow if any more news arrives.

The material from the newspapers was in Swedish, and our correspondent translated only a little bit (sorry, no URLs available):

4 arrested — 52 in custody

AFA counter demo in Lund […]

Police attacked by counter-demonstrators

The counter-demonstrators tried to start fights at the train station in Lund earlier in the day, 1400-1500.


Conservative Swede said...

We have discussed before how it is effectively the neo-Nazi camp doing this manifestation. It's actually virtually impossible today in Sweden (since two decades ago) to do a nationalist manifestation without having it overtaken by neo-Nazi types. It's more or less like this everywhere, but it's more accentuated in Sweden.

The interesting and notable thing is how both sides of this street fighting (Antifa and neo-Nazis) share the same mindset. No I'm not talking about the methods now. I'm talking about how they share the very same world view. They both see nationalism and Nazism as intimately connected; essentially the same thing.

It's the same as with pro-Americans and anti-Americans, they both see the USA as tough and right-wing. While it is in fact soft and left-wing (and has always been). Same delusion.

These neo-Nazis wanted to oppose the current order, but couldn't imagine another way to do it but to become neo-Nazis. Since they have bought into the liberal/socialist drivel about how nationalism is identical to Nazism. And if you ever talk to any such brownish type, you will find that they have bought into almost all of the liberal/socialist drivel: about Capitalism, USA, Palestine, etc. And by becoming neo-Nazis and by taking over any public nationalist manifestation, who are they helping? Which side are they really on? Oh, they are doing an indispensable job in upholding the PC liberal political theater. The PC paradigm couldn't do without them.

As usually, and as with the issue of pro-American vs. anti-American, it is not a matter of which side to place ourselves in that political theater (to the left or to the right, with the good ones or the bad ones), but to tear down the whole stage and rip the script into pieces. The whole paradigm is corrupt and all of it has to be thrown away. And this applies to every single issue. It's not a matter of taking sides, it's a matter of completely changing our minds, to replace the prevailing myths and narratives.

For you that have followed me since FFI five years back, know that I have been saying this all the time. And I'm still making the effort, working on people to make them understand that they need to throw away their myths, their precious teddy bears. Given how people react when you try to deprive them of their teddy bear, I refer to this process as exorcism.

When I apply this on people IRL life the very same method has to be applied to both neo-Nazis and liberals (of course since they share the same mindset). The main difference is that neo-Nazis are much more in favour of dialog, while the liberals are much more fond of methods to silence and ostracize people. In spite of the truly deranged and freakish nature of neo-Nazis, they appear as calm and reasoned compared to liberals who infallibly react as the most sensitive and hysterical Princess Peas. And then it should be taken in account that I do not treat the neo-Nazis as gently as I do liberals or people here at GoV; I go full throttle at them. But the poor bastards seem so deprived of the opportunity for dialog that they consider me comparatively friendly.

Michael Servetus said...

I have no first hand experience of Neo-Naziism but I have mor esympathy for them than for the so called "anti-fascits". I think it is because of the reasons you hint at Con.Swede.
For one I do believe that the so called Neo Nazi's, whatever they may be, do have their minds eyes fixed on some issues worthy of discussion and those opposed to them,seem all about shutting them down and bullying them. It is strange to me, that everytime I see anti fascists , so called, they are bullying people, trying to silence them, throwing stones, acting up in ways I consider offensive and rude, if not immoral and criminal.I think because they are so self righteous.

Conservative Swede said...


For one I do believe that the so called Neo Nazi's, whatever they may be, do have their minds eyes fixed on some issues worthy of discussion

The neo-Nazis are obsessed about the Jews. And in spite of being clearly against multiculturalism their positions and focus add up to no good. The main overall result of heir "efforts" is to greatly help the PCs, Antifas, etc. in staging their charade. Neo-Nazis are as essential in upholding the PC paradigm as the Antifas. They are truly useful idiots. So useful that if there were not idiots with such a terminally negative self-image that they volunteered for the role. then the PC elite would have had to invent them, to hire such "actors". (We saw this e.g. in the Brussels 9/11 demonstration, how French-speaking "nazi-skins" had been "hired" to give the manifestation a Nazi image).

However, in spite of all this, these neo-Nazis are much more open to dialog about realities of the world we live in, compared to liberals. That's the only thing I said. And compared to the hysterical liberals these objectively freakish and deranged people appear as calm and reasonable.

Mind spinning isn't it? But we also live in absurd up-side times, when e.g. Communist China appears as responsible and moderate compared to the lunatic West.

Michael Servetus said...

I get you. That is a cleverly insightful analysis of the situation.

Sagunto said...


Couldn't agree more.
Saw these things happen in Amsterdam 2006 and I was there at the 2007 9/11-demo in Brussels, when the jackboot thugs of Thielemans were all over the place, looking for "nazis".

Same thing happens everywhere. The so-called AFA's desperately need "neo"-Nazis and when they are in short supply, well, just go to the nxt "Rent-a-Nazi" shop and style those French speaking clowns as neo's. It's leftist infighting like before in the '20s. When it's obvious that no "neo-nazis" are around, like in Amsterdam (feb 2006), then the AFA's go out of their way to attach the label "extreme right" to anyone they don't like. That old myth though, (neo-)nazis being "extreme right", is wearing thin by now, but not nearly thin enough I'm afraid.
Very often, at least in Holland, those groups denounced by other leftists as "extreme-right" neo-nazis are not all that "neo" and certainly not extreme-right. They seem to be sort of nostalgo-nazis, if anything, old school heterodox socialists, while the actual "neo's" (neo as in "renewed") are the AFA, "anti"-fascists. Boy, even the labels are topsy-turvy.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Afonso Henriques said...

Nice to know that Sweden got its tradition back regardless of everything.

Here too, after 30 years, the extreme right started to parade during relevant National Holydays. After thirty years they finally were able to mobilise few hundred people to go out with pictures of various National Heros in key dates.

Last 1st December it was the day of the Restauration of the Independence and the founding of the current house that still now has a pretender to the throne. They paraded and gathered only 40 people. 40 people???

Sad thing. But maybe it was because it was 5ºC or something...