Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Muslim Insurgency in India

This blog neglects India. I admit it: the topic is so large that I can’t get a handle on it. Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that India’s lingua franca is English, the amount of information is just too much for my brain.

India is the single largest theater of conflict in the Counterjihad. There are about 140 million Muslims in India — roughly equivalent to half the population of Western Europe — and they comprise more than 13% of the nation’s population. Since the Partition of 1947, which separated India from Pakistan (and what is now Bangladesh), the percentage of Muslims in India has increased significantly, while the Hindus and Sikhs of Bangladesh and Pakistan have all but disappeared.

India is subjected to frequent and horrendous terrorist attacks committed by Muslim extremists. If the amount of death and suffering caused by the average Muslim terrorist attack in India were experienced in the West, it would be a crisis of unprecedented magnitude. But such things happen in India all the time.

According to the few contacts I have in India, the political culture on the subcontinent is as much in thrall to the madness of political correctness as is the United States or Europe. Well-meaning people want to believe that Muslims in India are just like anybody else, and that any problems with them are due to a lack of understanding or a failure of outreach.

But there are other points of view. Take, for example, this op-ed from the Sunday edition of the Daily Pioneer:

Quit India, Now

It’s 63 and counting. That’s the number of bomb blasts that have happened in India over the last six months. This works out to an average of one every three days! Of course, blasts usually don’t happen singly. Most of the time, they are serial in nature for jihadis have perfected the art of creating a cascade of terror, be it in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi or Guwahati.

The Government will not admit this, but the jihadis have succeeded in their diabolical aim of creating an atmosphere of insecurity and fear across the country. No city, no State is immune to this. Even if explosions haven’t happened in Kerala yet, it doesn’t mean that terror merchants don’t have the State on their radar.

Some 300 persons are believed to have been indoctrinated there already. Intelligence agencies, as usual in the dark, stumbled upon this startling fact only when two Kerala-born militants were gunned down in an encounter in Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir are the center of Muslim grievance in India. They are India’s version of “the Territories” in Gaza and the West Bank. Muslims commit their atrocities in Mumbai or Varanasi ostensibly because the filthy infidel Hindus control Kashmir — what might be called Pakistan Irredenta.
- - - - - - - - -
But this issue, just as in “Palestine”, is a smokescreen. Much of India, like the state of Israel, was once part of the Umma, and no zealous and devout Muslim will relent in his jihad until all of the territory has been returned to his control. The Hindu temples must be razed and the mosques rebuilt. Polytheism must be extinguished, and the land must return to the righteousness of Allah.

From Idduki to Imphal, Kargil to Kanniya Kumari, India lives in trepidation. It is already being compared to jihadi-infested Iraq, Afghanistan and even Pakistan. With nearly 1,000 innocent civilians lost so far this year, and 18,360 total deaths from terrorist depredations in the country (excluding J&K) over the last decade, India has probably overtaken the tally of deaths in those countries.

But why India? There is no convincing answer to this question because nobody knows what the jihadis want.

This is not entirely true. If one overlooks the taqiyyah, the standard smokescreen put out by the legions of the Prophet, it’s obvious what the jihadis want: they want India. They want every square foot that was ever under Mogul control. They want all the cemeteries returned to the control of the waqf. Every mosque that has been razed to restore a Hindu temple must become a mosque again.

After that, they might consider a hudna with the remaining infidels — until the next opportunity for jihad presents itself.

In Iraq, they are fighting foreign invasion and a puppet regime; in Afghanistan they are battling to overthrow Hamid Karzai’s NATO-backed Government; in Pakistan they want to seize power from the incumbent Establishment. But that certainly cannot be their goal in this country. Despite the steady decline in their numerical predominance, Hindus constitute 80 per cent of India’s population, Muslims accounting for a meagre 14 per cent. So, the establishment of Dar-ul-Islam here is about as much a possibility as finding intelligent life on the Moon.

Don’t fool yourself. How long has it been since Muslims were in the minority in Lebanon? Now the infidels are fleeing the country almost as fast as visas can be issued. A combination of Islamic fecundity and continuous, unremitting violence does the trick. Look at the increase of Muslim population since 1947 and project the future on a graph. It’s not encouraging.

The op-ed goes on to give a clear outline of jihadi strategy:

The terrorists’ strategy is two-pronged. First, they wish to destabilise the economy and cripple visible symbols of India’s success — the Bombay Stock Exchange building, Indian Institute of Science and offices of IT giants in Bangalore, to name just two. Alongside, they seek to knock the bottom out of Narendra Modi’s Vibrant Gujarat, paralyse Rajasthan’s tourism-driven economy, and spread panic through Delhi since events in the national Capital have a multiplier effect on publicity.

Their second, but parallel, strategy is to create pockets of Muslim dominance to serve as recruiting grounds through exploitation of the community’s perceived sense of victimhood. That explains the concerted manner in which liberal and “secular” opinion was mobilised in defence of the Batla House terrorists in Delhi and the selective targeting of Bodo people in the Assam blasts — a transparent bid to coerce indigenous populations of the North-Eastern States into submission.

The Assam blasts are, therefore, particularly ominous. They clearly reveal the operational co-ordination between local insurgent groups and jihadi organisations, with Bangladesh playing cupid. Although ULFA began as a terrorist outfit seeking Independence for Assam and expulsion of illegal Bangladeshi migrants, circumstances forced its leaders to seek refuge in Dhaka where Pakistan’s ISI had a field day indoctrinating them. Meanwhile, the rise of Harkat-ul-Jihadi-i-Islam (HuJI) was fostered by anti-India elements there and pushed to making common cause with ULFA and other insurgents in the North-East.

And in India, just like the United States and Europe, illegal immigration plays a part in the deterioration of national security:

Finding recruits to carry out terrorist acts was no problem because millions of Bangladeshis live illegally all over India. In Assam, the migrants have caused an explosion in the State’s Muslim population in recent decades. In fact, demographers are certain that within the next two Censuses, Assam’s Muslim population will overtake Hindus, courtesy unchecked illegal infiltration from across the porous border and the alarming rate of their reproduction.

A pusillanimous Government in Dispur and Delhi has persistently ignored alarm bells sounded by the Army, indigenous Assamese leaders and Governors like Gen S K Sinha.

Now the immediate goals become clearer: the separation of Assam, and the breakup of India to provide autonomous Muslim-majority states:

In other words, we are probably witnessing the rise of a new version of the pre-Independence Muslim League which, eventually, will legitimise the demand for Assam’s separation. The current effort of the jihadi forces there is to assist the process of Muslim consolidation so that the goal of India’s dismemberment comes that much closer.

If we are serious about reversing this trend, gloves will have to come off. Sadly, there is intense hesitation among India’s middle class to call a spade a spade when it comes to something as sensitive as a communal classification of realities.


Second, and more immediately, the process of identifying and deporting illegal Bangladeshi immigrants from Assam and the rest of India must be seriously expedited.

A Times of India report that over 62,000 Bangladeshis have gone “missing” after entering India with valid documents is absolutely stunning. Just imagine what must be the number of illegal Bangladeshis if so many “legal” visitors have disappeared!

It is well known that HuJI acts as the executor of jihadi terror in most parts of India, working through legal and illegal Bangladeshi migrants. The time has come to serve a firm Quit India notice on them. If they don’t leave voluntarily within a given deadline, they must be forcibly deported and if necessary simply rounded up in hordes and dumped into detention camps.

Shades of Gulag, did somebody say? But then, better a Gulag than the impending dismemberment of India.

These last few paragraphs would get a European newspaper shut down or sanctioned.

But this is India, not Belgium, and stringent circumstances require stringent action.

Hat tip: DC.


laine said...

Brown people are allowed to deport other brown people to protect themselves.

Only whites would rather die (literally) than be called racist or Islamphobic.

Whiskey said...

I think you will see a general communal violence, with someone seeing the road to power by being the Cromwell of India.

There has been a big lag in the military strongmen of the Shah (the original adventurer, not the last one), Franco, Mussolini, Napoleon, etc. A leader who promises stability and security and nationalism and protecting the interests of the broad sweep of the dominant majority population or grouping.

That has been because the Cold War stasis and superpower rivalry threw a blanket over existing regional-ethnic strife fires, so to speak. The blanket is off. The fires are roaring.

It does not look good -- someone in India will see the path to power. Take it. And things will be exceedingly bloody. Muslim over-reach provoking a counter-reaction by a militarist leader who will provide security -- by killing all that threaten it, to I might add great popularity.

Humans can be exceedingly violent. I do not think we are doomed to eternal violence, but are somewhat subject to it under stress and particularly under radically different belief/cultural systems.

Abu Abdullah said...

So much for the idea of India becoming the next global cultural force put forward in an earlier post. With India seemingly paralyzed for the near future, that leaves China to do the dirty work. My prediction is that whichever big power that first solves its internal Moslem problem will be the new West/East.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Whiskey wrote:

"Humans can be exceedingly violent. I do not think we are doomed to eternal violence, but are somewhat subject to it under stress and particularly under radically different belief/cultural systems."

And then, of course, there is Islam, which is not simply a "radically different belief/cultural system" but in fact is THE MOST VIOLENT belief system in all of recorded history.
Or perhaps it is simply the most successful and longest lived of the
ULTRA-VIOLENT belief systems. The Nazis died in flames after only about 10 years, but the THUG Muslims have been a blight on humanity for 1,400 years.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

With about a billion people in India and 140 million Musulmen, the bloodletting will be beyond human comprehension. Consider also that this will not happen in a vacuum: Pakistan will want to use its nuclear weapons and if they do, India will certainly reply. With much of the poor population of India and Pakistan living in densely packed cities, those who are not killed by the blasts will succumb to the radioactive fallout.
And will the nuclear armed Chicom just stand by and watch, or will they take advantage of the situation?

Czechmade said...

The media in India might be PC, but the police uses harsh methods everywhere. Northeast of India has a long experience with Naxalite movement - terrorist marxists originally from Bangladesh.

Infiltrating muslims must be much easier in India. Recognizing Bangladeshis should not be a problem due to their different language/accent, look and habits (even in West Bengal). Indians are hypersensitive in this sense - they can smell your cast/religion/sect at distance. For ex. Srilankan Tamils have real difficulties with "hiding".

It is the cast system which will help us in counter-jihad. Look always for paradoxes.

Henrik R Clausen said...

There is so much going on in India, including big baddies like Lashkar-e-Toiba, it is like a continent unto itself. I used to have more India-stuff at EuropeNews, but when time became short, I had to cut down somewhere, and India/Kashmir was one of the easier topics to let go of.

There must be some English-language blogs dealing with the problems in India, a place where independent journalists can publish and where people can analyse the situations like we do here at GoV.

sdfed said...

Wow I just stumbled upon your blog...amazing insightful. I cant tell you how it feels to me in India that the Government is taking people for granted. Its not even political correctedness of the west..its just complete political vote bank apathy.We need to revert to a 2 party system from this multitude of coalition politics, where the party in power can be booted out and the prime minister or president can be directly elected by the people. The situation in India about people dying from terrorists in only one small problem. There are so many others that you are simply overwhelmed.

Thanks for your effort in bringing out this article.

Great work

Proud Infidel said...

Like many Westeners, I was ignorant until recently on how much Hindus have suffered under Muslims. That India has managed to become a true world power in spite of it's Muslim enemies and history is a major acomplishment.

It's horrible to think there may be a major war with untold millions killed in India, but this seems to be almost inevitable given Islam's fundamental intolerance and violence. Islam has a way of backing non-Muslims into a corner until their options are kill or be killed or enslaved by Muslims.

Conormel said...

Hi Gates of Vienna, I've followed the blog for years, but never posted a comment before. As a long-time lover of all things India, I'd love to see more coverage of the Indian jihad on GOV.

Anyway, here's 2 for your blog-roll which surprisingly are absent.

Koenraad Elst


Islamic Terrorism in India

In particular, a must-read from Keonraad Elst is Negationism in India

Gregory said...

I don't feel one bit sorry for many hindus of India in general. They are generally as anti Christian as the muslims are anti-hindu. Check out this link:
That whole country is just one screwed up place and the only time it was half-way peaceful was when it was ruled by the Brits. Hinduism is a bad cult because it breeds sects like the 'Thuggee' sect. They murdered travellers in a most horrendous way, and THEIR religion told them that it was acceptable to do so. And the Brits were the only ones to fight that sect. Look at the movie called "The Deceivers" to get some taste of India.

PM said...

Why India ?

you as a westerner raised a question, i as a Indian in west will love to answer... Israel is the political boundary, if it falls democracies around the globe will start falling...

Indian Hindus are the religious boundary, if it falls then the comes the real war to Judeo-Christian stage.... here the supporters of most celebrated pedophile has left some information for world to read carefully....


Henrik R Clausen said...

Yes, 'why India?'

If one follows the comments on Compass Direct (I doubt that many government officials or leftist NGO's do), it is obvious that Hindu extremism is a problem in India as well, harrassing and assaulting Christians and their property.

India is a huge and very diverse country, and the unrest created by Muslim and Hindu fanatics alike are threatening to cause a bloody mess. Fortunate that Indians are relatively relaxed people in general :)

The state of democracy may also be a cause for concern. I don't believe in the idea of a two-party system for 'more efficient decision-making' (AKA benign dictatorship), I believe instead in relegating more power to the regional governments. I think this would bring democracy closer to the citizen and give it a health injection.

PM said...

BTW, it not only ULFA, but also LTTE is dependent of Islamic world, Islamic finance and ISlamic training's for its suicide bombings; and most 'Peaceful' victim of Jewish atrocities named 'Palestine' give training to LTTE....


PM said...

# henrik r clausen

Hindu extremist and Indian-NAtionalist have a big difference !!

the difference is as big, as European Nationalist and Christian extremist...

remember, Christian extremist do not get involved in violence rather do many stupid things like grave conversion for example :


Hindu extremist are also the same type of idiots... who do fall in same category...

but what comes later is Nationalist lobbies that tries to utilize the sentiments of extra-Religious bigots for their political stand...

anyways majority of indian discards nationalist loobies, like the european.. look yourself how much time did they ruled india after indian partition ?

Infact majority of Indians as well as westerners here are really on one platform here that rules and constitution must be created around Human dignity, and political loobies as well as religious loobies must stay away from it... and at most, we forced our religious fanatical to follow the line of Live-n-let-other-burn-in-eternal-hell-for-praying-wrong-god-stuff so every one can explore his way to reach the divine on Human dignity lines...

but this picture changes when Muslims enters the scene... what we get from muslim masses is demand of sharia, attack any random non-muslim without reason after friday prayers....

Joanne said...

A relative of mine a couple of years ago went to India to attend a wealthy friend's wedding ceremony. When this relative left the country, she travelled to the airport in a taxi of a person the family knew and trusted well; otherwise, it would have been most likely, she would have never been seen or heard from again.

It is no wonder people go missing in India.

Joanne said...

I have great hopes for India; I do not believe they will be allies of Muslim countries; therefore, they will have to rid their country of their Muslims one way or another. I would imagine perhaps the Hindus aligned with another group, if that be possible, will have to eradicate them and will.

I'm not going to give the Hindus a break because they are willfully killing Christians, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I do know some Indians, and they are a very fearful lot....at least the ones I've met, so I do certainly feel for their predicament.