Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Third Jihad: Full-Length Video

This is the full 71-minute version of Zudi Jasser’s movie The Third Jihad:

The text of the blurb accompanying the movie:
- - - - - - - - -
The Third Jihad — Radical Islam’s Vision for America
The Hidden War

There’s a war going on and the major battles take place right here in America. It’s a hidden war against the freedom and values we all take for granted. The enemy is taking advantage of our country’s democratic process, and using it to further its own aims.

Most people, busy with their daily struggles, don’t even realize there’s a war. And that’s just the way the Radical Islamists would like things to remain.

The Third Jihad is the ground breaking film that reveals the truth. It exposes the destructive aims of Radical Islam and its mounting threat for America and the world. It covers all the major players — the radical extremists and the leaders trying to stop them.

The Third Jihad will update you on the most urgent issue of our time in ways you can’t find in the media.

Using footage from the Arab media, the mounting dangers of jihad are uncovered: The numerous terrorist threats since 9/11, and the likelihood that more are being planned now. The threat of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of terrorists. The subtle dangers of non-violent cultural jihad and its influence in America’s universities An update on radical Moslem prisoner recruitment.

Hat tip: Steen.


Zenster said...

None of this is going to change until Islam is crushed like the cultural cockroach that it is.

Anyone who believes in coexistence with Islam inadvertently supports the continuation of jihad and global terrorism.

However decent people like Dr. Jasser may be, the fundamental core of Koranic doctrine places it in diametric opposition to all modern standards of human rights and civilized society.

Islam will continue to be a scourge upon humanity until the West summons sufficient political and military will to break Dar al Islam.

Czechmade said...

I do not think that your philosophical introverted thoughts
bring you any further.

Maybe taking them by surprize would work better:

A movement asking for cancelling their adult status might work wonders. In SA they have an institution of guarantors for foreigners (non-whites?).

Their obsession with long beards indicates to me they are nasty kids and they know it. Their bonzai mind
needs some beard burqa...the only thing growing on the sick dwarf.

Calling them simply bonzai might also work. Calling them equals takes our power away: Bowing to a dwarf is the end of a full grown being. We are then all society of sick dwarfs. The real ones can fight better - without bowing.

Orlando said...

Why did Jasser resort to the dhimmi-like appology of Islam in the intro by differentiating between "radical Islam" and "Islam". All Islam is radical. Muslims who aren't radical are NOT adhering to the tenents of the cult. They are apostates. Islam is radical. Not all Muslims are radical. Am I splitting hairs?

Alcuin said...

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We actually have a very powerful weapon against Islam, and that is satire. If a few rather poor and half hearted cartoons in a Danish newspaper can make a difference, imagine what a fully networked anti-Islamic version of the Simpsons (the Bin Simpsons, perhaps?), as part of a full blooded media onslaught on these people could achieve. Sure, the Muslim world would be hopping mad, and many would be killed (and we should plan to mitigate this), but that will happen anyway when they really get going. Are our governments even thinking of such a strategy?

While Zudi may be a nice guy, he is in a very small minority of Muslims who can see (or if the truth be told, invent) a difference between Islam and Islamism. But full credit to him for standing up to be counted for decency.

laine said...

The key thing to get across to the average poorly informed (misinformed by the media) westerner is that:

a) Moderate Muslims are a small and weak minority, not the majority as described by western leaders against all evidence.

b) It is moderate Muslims who agree with separation of mosque and state who are the radicals. They are departing from Islamic scripture and teachings that insist on religious law (sharia) as the only law governing Muslims.

c) It is they whom mainstream Muslims consider apostates and threaten, not jihadis like Bin Laden.

d) They or more commonly their offspring can be turned at any time into fire-breathing jihadis from mild-mannered Clark Kent types by those switching on the religious programming installed in childhood.

5) Islam is a supremacist ideology, not a religion willing to coexist with others wherever it gains power.

6) The choices for infidels when Muslims are in control are:

...Dhimmitude with inferior and uncertain rights bought with extra taxes that the masters can revoke at any time

Have I missed anything?

Alexis said...

You all do understand that this documentary is complete anti-Muslim propaganda? While the radical Islamist do exist many Muslims do not agree with them and don't even consider them true, faithful Muslims since their actions go against all that is Sharia. Just thought I would throw that out there. Just a religious studies major putting in her two cents.

Anonymous said...

Laine: With very few infidels having been conquered by Muslims and lived to tell their tale to the infidel world, there IS one fine point that you missed.

Although Muslims allow conquered dhimmis to initially possess the option of conversion - the option eventually becomes a mandate in ALL truly Sharia states. If you look at the Sharia state of Saudi Arabia, you see that Saudi Arabia is all but 100% Muslim. If you look at Egypt which is about to become a Sharia state via the Muslim Brotherhood, the Jews are already nonexistent and Christian Copts are about to encounter the full Sharia mandate to become Muslim - or die violently.

The Jewish Population of the World

But, it is important to note that dhimmi conversion does NOT confer new Muslims in conquered countries with either equal rights or equal status to native born Muslims or Arab Muslims.

Indeed, where at all possible, Muslims treat converted conquered dhimmis as slaves for centuries after their conversion to Islam.

Islam is an ARAB supremacist religion where the Arab Muslims claim superiority over all other Muslims - injuring the pride of conquered Iranians and Turks whose Muslim leaders constantly vie for supremacy despite the fact that 1) Mohammed was an Arab, 2) the Koran was written and is memorized and recited in Arabic, and 3) Medina and Mecca exist in Saudi Arabia - giving the Arabs all of the best theological trump cards.

Tellingly, Arab Muslims still call black Muslims by the Arab insult word abd which means both black and slave.

They're called "abed" (Arabic for "slave")


Anonymous said...

Alexis, You need to get out more. Try Saudi Arabia.

How about Mecca? Oh yeah, Muslims forbid non-Muslims from entering Mecca. Muslims would rather murder you on the spot than let you 'peacefully' visit Allah's shrine.

Well, surely there's some Saudi town that you can visit? Then again, as a woman, you won't be able to drive there yourself from the airport because Saudi Muslims do NOT allow women to drive.

So, maybe you should take a taxi? But wait, you had better remember to wear your burqa and take along a male companion or else your taxi driver is likely to rape you for being 'uncovered meat.' And, if you are raped, Muslim men will try you under Sharia Law for the crime of fornication or adultery unless YOU can provide four Muslim men to witness - against their fellow Muslim - that all four men saw the act of rape occur. When you are convicted, you will be lucky if you are sent to prison with lashings instead of being stoned to death by a devout Muslim crowd.

But, your religion will comfort you through your trials although you won't be allowed to possess a Bible or cross - upon pain of torture or death.

On second thought, maybe you should just stay in the USA where civilization is temporarily in tact until Western fools like YOU allow Muslims here to turn America into a Sharia state due to your 'sweet' innocence and ignorance.

Then, you can discover Islam first hand without having to pay for an expensive plane ticket to Saudi Arabia.