Friday, November 21, 2008

Boycott Durban II

To the confection of woe and chagrin that will surely be ours early in 2009, the UN conference known as “Durban II” will apply a particularly cloying icing. The original Durban conference — which occurred back in 2001 just before the terrorist attacks of September 11th — was an unprecedented hate-fest directed at Jews and the State of Israel.

Durban II, which will be held in Geneva next April, is shaping up to be the same as Durban I, only more so. The conference agenda — which was basically written by the OIC — is blatantly anti-Semitic, and vigorously attacks freedom of speech under the guise of fighting “Islamophobia”. The farce has gotten so out of control that Denmark is threatening to boycott it, and other Western nations may follow suit.

Europe News has an excellent collection of videos that show the illiberal UN functionaries busy at their work of demonizing Israel and shutting down all criticism of Islam. The non-Muslim world is too inattentive and divided, and the OIC too tightly-focused and united, to prevent this farrago from going forward.

Here are some useful links about Durban II supplied by Europe News:
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And a petition urging the boycott of Durban II has been organized by French academics:

Nearly seven years ago, the “UN World Conference against Racism” took place in Durban (South Africa). This event mutated into an outright tribunal against Israel and its right to exist and into an apologia for unfree states and dictatorships. The UN is now planning to organize a “Durban Review Conference” in April 2009 in Geneva. French novelist and essayist Pascal Bruckner has recently called to boycott it.

We, the undersigned — journalists, writers, scientists and artists — join Bruckner’s appeal. We call the states of the European Union, and especially Germany, to boycott the “Durban 2” conference and to push forward a comprehensive reform of the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

During the recent G-20 conference, George W. Bush ceded America’s economic sovereignty to international institutions, particularly the EU. The Obama administration is expected to surrender control of our foreign policy to the UN.

If the United States goes along with the charade in Geneva, the last vestiges of our civil liberties will disappear, under the guise of “fighting racism”.

U.S. Constitution
1787 — 2009


laine said...

Canada under a sensible conservative Prime Minister declared months ago that it will not be participating in the farce of Durban II after seeing how Durban I degenerated.

Instead of joining Canada in its so far isolated principled stand, other western countries are still letting the Islamic states' tail wag the dog and trying to pressure Canada back into the manure laden fold.

las said...
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las said...
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Henrik R Clausen said...

The proper way for Canada to respond to this stupid 'pressure' is to go into the details, and show the other Western states why it stinks in there.

Giving just a 'No' is not a very solid position. Giving "No, because there's anti-Semitic and anti-free speech stuff in there [quote the details] that we cannot support."

That would be embarrasing for the other Western governments, who'd then have to (*GASP*) do their homework and look at the actual issues, rather than applying 'pressure' to make Canada and others do stupid things.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Oops, sentence missing at the end of 2nd paragraph:

"is much more effective."