Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Somalis Go Missing

I’ve reported recently about the missing Somali youths in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The first report asserted that twenty of them had vanished from the Twin Cities, to the distress of their families. The second indicated that at least one of them had blown himself up in a suicide bombing back in Somalia.

Today the number of missing Somalis has mysteriously increased. According to local TV news station KTSP:

Forty young Somali men from the Twin Cities are missing and federal investigators believe they may be back in Somalia training as terrorists.

“We have active Al Qaeda cells recruiting these people,” said Omar Jamal with the Somali Justice Advocacy Center.

And the article adds this ominous note:

CIA Director Michael Hayden acknowledges a growing tie between Al Qaeda and Somali terrorist groups. Federal investigators believe these missing men are training for terrorist attacks overseas, but can’t be sure they won’t return the Twin Cities someday to carry out an attack.

The Mystery of the Missing Somalis has even worked its way up to the MSM. According to ABC News:
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A naturalized U.S. citizen who reportedly blew himself up in a suicide bomb attempt in Somalia last month might have recruited others to join a terror network, U.S. law enforcement officials tell ABC News.


ABC News has learned that agents from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are investigating whether Ahmed had developed a recruiting network in the Minneapolis area where he had been residing before departing for Somalia.


U.S. officials suspect that most of the young men have departed for Somalia to fight in ongoing violence there or to train in terrorist camps. Family members of the young men are said to be distraught, trying to figure out what happened to them, sources tell ABC News.

These young men are the fruits of Multiculturalism. Either born in the USA, or resident here for a long period, they become radicalized by jihad propaganda and are recruited for terror operations.

They may have left the country, but there is no reason not to expect that some of them will return to fulfill their training and target infidels here in the heartland of the Great Satan.

The investigation has not uncovered credible evidence of a plot targeting the U.S. homeland, but U.S. officials want to track down all these young men before they can say for certain what this is or is not. Sources say the situation is being closely monitored by senior law enforcement and intelligence officials in Washington.

CIA director Michael Hayden recently voiced his concern about increased fighting in Somalia and the Horn of Africa and the desire of al Qaeda to strengthen its ties in Somalia.

“In East Africa, al Qaeda’s engaging Somali extremists to revitalize operations,” said Hayden. “And while there clearly has not yet been an official merger, the leader of the al-Shabaab terrorist group is closely tied to al Qaeda.”

This is a test of all the security procedures we have had to endure for the last seven years. Every time I travel I have to strip down and assume the position for the dedicated employees of the Transportation Security Administration. If they can’t keep these young thugs from re-entering the USA, they should look for other work — maybe packing meat in one of those Swift plants, where so many jobs have mysteriously gone vacant in the last few weeks.

Hat tips: Anon and Refugee Resettlement Watch.


James Higham said...

It's quite amazing that it has worked its way into the MSM.