Thursday, November 13, 2008

Countdown to the Next Mo-Boom

Allah go boom!The article below, from the Jordanian news service Fact International, is a sign of what is to come.

It announces the upcoming book by Lars Hedegaard and Kurt Westergaard, and is a sign that the Arab world is being primed for action. Muslims are being put on alert for the next Mohammed-riots. It’s as if their media are saying, “Everybody get to your battle-stations!”

Notice that Abdul Wahid Pedersen is warning the authors (and Denmark itself): “You will pay for this!” The threat is not even veiled — he says the safety of Denmark is at risk, and the authors are holding the country hostage with their ill-advised actions.

Scroll down; the quotes from Kurt Westergaard are quite inspiring:

New Danish Anti-Islamic Drawings to be Published Soon

A new Danish book will be published soon containing a new episode of Danish cartoons insulting to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and critical of some leading politicians.

The first Islamic reaction to this shameful act came from Muslim scholar Imam Abdel Wahed Pederson [sic] who described the new drawings as part of a (storm) Danish Muslims have been facing for many years. “The storm has been in words and sentences but now it has taken the form of cartoons,” he said.

Danish media sources revealed that the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard has made new drawings to a book by Danish historian and writer Lars Hedegaard which will be published soon in Denmark. The 26 drawings and illustrations are demeaning to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and are critical of politicians, religious scholars and rulers.

Danish caricaturist Westergaard is known for his anti-Islamic cartoons published by the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten in September 2005 and cause a violent protest by Muslims worldwide

In a statement to Danish News Agency (Ritzau), Hedegaard said the new drawings by Westergaard are disrespectful and satirical . Kurt’s cartoons show that he has no respect and mockery because politicians and tyrannical leaders are always depicted in a very glaring way, he said.

Irritating Muslims

Imam Abdel Wahed Pederson said the new drawings represent a foolish act.

“This is a foolish action. I did not expect Kurt to make these cartoons and I am very much upset from this,” Pederson said in a state to website. “They are pointless and have no meaning.” “These drawing have disappointed me and killed my hope for a better dialogue in Denmark,” he added.

“It seems that Kurt has not learned anything over the past three years. I don’t know how he thinks. Is he really thinking of the safety of the Danish society? Pederson wondered.
- - - - - - - - -
In his comments, Westergaard said his drawings are no more than illustrations to further clarify the writer’s ideas. “I have my own ideas. I found it my duty to feature Lars viewpoints” in this book, he said in press remarks.

“We know that Westergaard and Lars have their own agendas to provoke Muslims but it is unreasonable to let those people always take the Danish community as hostages of their ideas and actions,” Pederson said.

In reply to a question on his fears about his life, Westergaard said “I am 73 now and at this age I have nothing to fear. I want to be brave; otherwise one can not live his own life.”

In words addressed to Muslim community in Denmark, Westergaad asked Danish Muslims to get used to such drawings. “I have no problems with Islam. My problem is with terrorists who a model of Islam as a dynamite thinking for them,” he said.

Our Muslim citizens get used to the idea that we in Denmark do not exclude anyone — politicians, the Queen, Allah — if he or she goes wrong

“Although we are facing a strong storm against Islam, we will not keep silent and say our word and we will denounce these cartoons as we did before and if there is a chance we will make use of any possible legal action,” said Pederson.

Lars Hedegaard is chairman of the Printing Freedom Society which has invited the Dutch politician Gurt [sic] Wilders, publisher of anti-Islamic Fitna movie, to visit Denmark last June. Hedegaard is also one of the harshest critics of Islam. He will publish his book next month.

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Anonymous said...

“They are pointless and have no meaning.”

Same applies for dialogue with islam. Or the koran. Or the socialists. Or the EU.

So this imam wants "dialogue", better call it "dia-lie", cause those dialogues are really only one thing: taggiya.

commoncents said...

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Zenster said...

“They are pointless and have no meaning.”

I say it's high time to have the cartoons make a point and to give them some real meaning. Namely, that if the Muslim world wants to try and penalize Denmark for allowing these images to be published, then it had better be ready to face some retribution.

Allowing all the constant threats to go unpunished only emboldens these scumbags even more. When those who attempt to propagate Islam's subtext of extortion, blackmail and coercion begin paying some sort of price for abetting such criminality, perhaps then they'll become a bit more reluctant to assist with such intimidation.

Until then, it will only be more of the same old spit.

joe six-pack said...

The Muslim word needs to learn a little anger management. They also need to grow up. Just because someone flips the bird at you does not give you the right to kill him/her.

I find it interesting that he claims the drawings are 'pointless and meaningless'. If this were REALLY the case, why would Muslims react to it at all, let alone violently?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Let me come with a little prophecy for whatever it is worth. If the muslims succeeds in killing Westergaard or/and his publisher or manage to pull off a larger scale terror act on danish soil, it will only result in a sh*tstorm of more Motoons. Not that I think this will stop them from trying though.

Anonymous said...

Is he really thinking of the safety of the Danish society? Pederson wondered.

In the wider sense - Yes. said...

in chat rooms I sometimes like to post my own ASCI art `@:*)> picture of the warlord Mohamed with a bomb turban. I have often wondered if ASCI representations are allowed or if it has to be a solid line drawing of Mohamed or whether or not pointalism would be allowed or what the rules exactly are.
It seems a fatwa has been given on this. Emoticons of any kind are strictly verbotten and doubly so by women. has the rules as odd as they are.


babs said...

You really have to hand it to Westergaard and Hedegaard. A couple of old goats if there ever were!
BTW, didn't Westergaard have to go into hiding because of death threats? If he is still in hiding, he has already lost his freedom. What more would he have to lose?
More cartoons please. Thank you sir. You are truly a man of the West!

babs said...

We need to keep pulling the tail of the jack a**, er donkey until it brays!!!
Hats off to Westergaard and Hedegaard. Those Danes are a plucky group! If the rest of the western citizenry had only half the spine, I think things would be quite a bit different.

“It seems that Kurt has not learned anything over the past three years"

Yeah, while he was sequestered in order to preserve his life? You are my mortal enemy and, it seems you have also not learned anything over the past three years. I guess you need another lesson...

Let the cartoons begin again!

Czechmade said...

Mohammed draw a cartoon of a religion and these idiots are not laughing at all. They totally disregard his original intention of making everything ridiculous.

If we do not give in, islam starts crumbling. It is a black magic of very law quality. Just a little spiritual school test for us.

If you say no to the little devil, he quits.

If you do not say no and hesitate, you have to live with him for ever.

It is like talking to the bolshevik
secret police. They will keep asking questions and you will be finally one of them. Do not talk or respond. Do not react to the (d)evils proposals.

Henrik Ræder said...

It seems that Kurt has not learned anything over the past three years.

Certainly he has. I had the good luck to meet him a couple months ago and hear it from himself. He learned a lot. He learned that shivering in fear is pointless, that standing up to bullying makes sense, and that courage is one of the finest qualities in man.

This funny boheme-fellow is 73, and has openly declared that he's too old to worry about being killed. Freedom is much too important for such selfish concern to bog him down.

Anyone protesting his right - and moral obligation - to publish more toons is an enemy of civilization.

Henrik R Clausen said...

BTW, I think everyone will enjoy the graphic here.

Widespread use is encouraged.

Joanne said...

"I don’t know how he thinks. Is he really thinking of the safety of the Danish society? Pederson wondered."

What, you don't do as you're told, you foolish Danes, we will kill the whole lot of you. I can't believe all Danes haven't taken up cartoon drawingS of Mohammed just to make their own point.....YOU CAN TELL US WHAT TO DO, SHIZZHEADS!

Joanne said...

Oops, I meant to say....YOU 'CAN'T' TELL US WHAT TO DO, SHIZZHEADS!

...that's better///