Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bending Over Backwards for Islam: Episode 75,448

Wyoming is going the extra mile for its Muslim prison inmates to make sure they can practice their religion fully and freely, down to the finest detail.

You’ll notice that the ACLU, rather than defending the right of conservative radio commentators to broadcast unimpeded on the airwaves, or resisting the regulation of political speech on the internet, chooses instead to insist that Muslim convicts are not inconvenienced by any disruption of their prayer times.

If Christians made similar demands, would they be accommodated? It used to be that a prisoner was allowed to have a Bible in his cell and a crucifix on the wall behind his bed — no more elaborate accommodations were required or offered.

But suppose a devout Catholic from a monastic background wanted to celebrate Matins, Lauds, Prime, Tierce , Sext, Nones, Vespers, and Compline at their proper times every day, and with full liturgical rigor. Would the prison authorities accommodate his demands?

In any case, Wyoming’s Muslim cons are getting what they asked for, including a special microwave. According to Billings Gazette:

Muslim Inmates at Rawlins Accommodated

CHEYENNE — The Wyoming Department of Corrections says it will allow Muslim inmates at the state penitentiary in Rawlins to time their meals to accommodate their daily prayers.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit earlier this year on behalf of two Muslim inmates. The lawsuit challenged a prison rule requiring inmates to eat their meals within 20 minutes after delivery, saying the policy forced them to choose between eating meals and praying.
- - - - - - - - -
U.S. District Judge Clarence Brimmer approved an agreement on Wednesday that allows prisoners receiving religious meals to keep their meals in their cells until the next meal is served. It also requires the prison to install a new microwave for inmates that won’t be used for pork, which is forbidden to Muslims and members of some other religions.

Stephen Pevar, a lawyer with the ACLU in Connecticut, said Thursday that he credits prison officials for their willingness to make changes to accommodate the inmates. Congress passed a law in 2000 that was intended to make certain that prisoners could practice their religions in prison unless doing so clearly threatened prison security, Pevar said.

It’s not just prison security. It’s also cost. Elaborate accommodations for prisoners can cost a lot to implement, especially if they require extra staffing and new infrastructure.

If you mind your tax dollars being spent in this manner, I suggest a calm but emphatic letter to your congressbeing. Unfortunately, given the results of the recent elections, I don’t know that it will do you very much good…

Hat tip: JD.


Zenster said...

There shall come a time when prison officials will welcome the incarceration of new Muslim prisoners with the same sense of trepidation that they currently reserve for sexually active AIDS cases.

In the absence of deportation or summary execution, radical Muslims should be subjected to solitary confinement. Preferrably with such a degree of sensory deprivation that they experience abrupt mental breakdowns. Rest assured that such harsh treatment would seem blissfully humane in comparison to how they would deal with us.

SEADOG said...

The American prison system is a joke; the amount criminal activity allowed within prisons is an embarrassment. Muslim prisoners should be prevented from organizing in anyway and should not be given any special considerations whatsoever. Muslim prisoners if allowed to organize will be able to run jihadist and criminal activities just like gangs do in so many institutions.

laine said...

As described in another item on the newsfeed, Seadog's prediction has already happened in England which is ahead of the US on the appeasement curve to perdition.

Critics of penal policy allowing concentration of Muslims and the perfectly predictable riots they are staging suggest that they should be dispersed among the prison population. Of course, this is like dispersing cancer.

This is a very successful head of the many-headed Islamic hydra clamping onto the West, i.e. the rate of criminal activity among Muslim immigrants and the proselytization for Islam that converts many of the worst criminal thugs already incarcerated. (That the ACLU is aiding and abetting this process is just icing on the cake, part of the Unholy Alliance David Horowitz describes between the Left and Islam). Blacks appear to be especially susceptible to conversion, ironically joining the religion-ideology that was the main mover behind the black slave trade for centuries and that still reveals its marked racism in Darfur where African blacks of any religion have been slaughtered to the tune of 400 000 now and counting by Arabic Muslim janjaweed militias.

Black hatred is successfully directed instead toward whites who ENDED their participation in the universal practice of slavery, sacrificed thousands of lives to do so and are nowhere slaughtering blacks in single digits, let alone hundreds of thousands!

The appeal of Islam to the prison population is that it requires no repentance from criminals for their actions, no guilt, no attempt to be better. This is not surprising considering Mohammed whom all Muslims are supposed to emulate was basically a violent brigand.

Zenster said...

laine: The appeal of Islam to the prison population is that it requires no repentance from criminals for their actions, no guilt, no attempt to be better.

While true, the above neglects to point out how Islam also fosters continued involvement in violent criminal enterprises. There is a direct reapplication of the offender's skill set with only cosmetic alteration of its underlying motivational structure (as noted).

Elimination of all hala meals and appurtenances would be a great starting point. Make prison so unattractive (and punishment-based [gasp!]), that Muslims would avoid it like the plague. It's either that or, the deportations, summary executions and solitary confinement that I mentioned in my previous comment.

Islam is so virulent in nature that there is no way to dilute its effect through dispersal (as also noted). Dispersion only vectors the continued infection of even larger numbers of hosts by the Islamic parasite.

These viral aspects, when combined with Islam's comprehensive dedication to violence is what, literally, assures holocaust-based measures to combat it. Such a drastic outcome is a direct reflection of the one that Islam is seeking to bring about for the West. It's long past tea to stop being squeamish about paying Muslims in their own coin.