Sunday, November 16, 2008

Western Principles vs. Islamic Principles

Our European correspondent Lexington, after reading ESW’s account of the “Euro-Islam” panel discussion in Vienna, sent us this email:

On the subject of ‘integration’ of Moslems into non-Moslem societies, Tariq Ramadan had this to say to his Moslem audience (MEMRI transcript):

Tariq Ramadan‘In his audiocassette, Living in the West, Ramadan says: “When I live in a country or when I am a citizen in it, I respect its constitution. This is an Islamic principle.” However, he hastens to qualify this statement by stressing that a country’s constitution and laws must only be respected “as long as there is no social, cultural, economic, or legal aspect in that country that contradicts any Islamic principle.” He makes it quite clear that “the Muslim respects the laws of the country only if they do not contradict any Islamic principle”.’

On that basis, and taking the man at his word (yes, really), I’d say there’s absolutely no basis whatsoever for either obtaining, or indeed, desiring ‘integration’ of Moslems into any society, anywhere, because Islamic principles contradict Western principles in every category imaginable.

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laine said...

Islam is a supremacist ideology. For devout Muslims, it trumps the laws of any country they colonize. I don't know how many times the hoi polloi need to hear this before it sinks in but of course the problem is, they're not hearing it. The MSM is still in its "religion of peace" disinformation mode.

As for the phantom "moderate Muslim" this is an oxymoron by the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran as Hirsi Ali attests. If he's moderate as the West understands the word, then he's not a Muslim, or he's committing taquiya. The Muslims who appear to be telling us the truth at danger to their own lives are considered apostates by their co-religionists and are often threatened. Even being called an apostate rings a death knell in some quarters.

There's the additional peril for us that the chap who's casual about the five times a day praying and Ramadan fasting etc. and just one of the guys at the malt shop can be radicalized at any time, at the mosque or via the Internet, sometimes to the surprise of his own parents.

Even the well meaning ones that you've grown up playing ball with will turn away sheepishly where Muslims become supreme and will not be giving you refuge a la Anne Frank. They're not even supposed to be friends with you, and it appears quite uncommon that any Muslim in good standing with the Muslim community would consider helping non-Muslims against other Muslims. Islam is the only major religion without a form of the Golden Rule. Worse, it has many directives on how to shun and maltreat non-Muslims.

Muslim soldiers in a western army fighting in a Muslim country...first, it's likely they're under-represented in proportion to their percentage of the general population and therefore are not the most engaged citizens. Secondly, how often have there been incidents like the one in which an American soldier (black Muslim convert) suddenly decided he was more Muslim than American and started firing on fellow soldiers in their tent in Afghanistan? They must be conflicted, and could blow at any time.

Zenster said...

laine: As for the phantom "moderate Muslim" this is an oxymoron by the teachings of Mohammed and the Koran as Hirsi Ali attests. If he's moderate as the West understands the word, then he's not a Muslim, or he's committing taquiya.

There's not much that can be appended to laine's comments. I'll only add that whether the elusive "moderate Muslim" exists or not is of little to no consequence because, there is no moderate Islam.

Those who adamantly insist that Islam is "The Religion of Peace" rank among the most useful idiots of our age. Nothing but the sharp edge of Islam's sword will separate them from their folly.

Michael Servetus said...

laine said:"Islam is a supremacist ideology".end

Exactly. That sums up the nature of true Islam.

Czechmade said...

They respect our Constitution(s), but turn it into a torso stuffed with quran. I respect the muslims but I want them to spend next 30 years with the Bible studies only: Reciprocity.

Abu Yousuf said...

Islaam is the religion of peace and justice, but not a religion of submission to aggression, oppression and injustice! Muslims fought wars to repel aggression, oppression, tyranny and injustices, and have always fought them with civility, high morals and high regard for life and property, which cannot be said for wars fought by Christians.

Take a look at Europe’s barbaric and bloody history of internal wars as well as wars of aggression against distant nations in the Philippines, China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Africa and the Middle East?

Take count of the hundreds of millions of innocent people slaughtered by the Europeans since the Roman empire vs. how few died at the hands of Muslims!. Take a look around the globe today and try to see who is really invading defenseless sovereign nations, and who is committing massacres of civilian populations by blindly bombing from the air in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Chechnya?

Europe’s Christians are always on the attack. While Western governments, religious establishment and media are calling Muslims “terrorists” and “violent extremists, and while they demonize Islaam and label it a religion of war, NATO forces invaded and continue to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, blindly bombing civilian buildings and structures killing families while they slept and destroying property, crops, water systems and life-sustaining infrastructure. Even rag-tag Somalia did not escape Christian invasion, destruction and slaughter which continues until today.

Likewise, while Western governments, religious establishment and media have been beating the drum of the assimilation and integration of Muslims into European societies, they ignore the fact that Christians living among Muslims for centuries in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and other Muslim states, never assimilated or integrated into the Muslim societies that hosted them and treated them well for hundreds of years!.

Not withstanding the integration issue, Muslims living in Europe are only recent immigrants (post WWII), as Muslims who ruled Spain for some 800 years and established the great civilization that pulled Europe from its Dark Ages into the Renaissance have been forced (along with Jews) to embrace Christianity or were slaughtered if they refused. Compare this to how Christians and Jews lived and worshipped in peace among Muslims for centuries..

Zenster said...

If you believe that last comment, I've got a few bridges and some waterfront Florida real estate to sell you.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I don't buy it, not one bit. It'll take too mcu time to cemment on all of it but I just to want to comment on his claims that the moorish rule in Spain was a "great civilisation". Yeah, right, great for the moors themselves, that is. For the kafir spaniards and jews it was just like another muslim hell-hole anywhere else, where muslims did rule.

laine said...

bmsharef needs to write on a blackboard one hundred times:

"The biggest killers of Muslim civilians in the world are other Muslims".

Meanwhile, American soldiers' deaths are higher than they need be due to their attempts to minimize collateral damage among Muslim civilians used as cover by cowardly Muslim "fighters" hiding behind children and the skirts of women.