Monday, November 24, 2008

Where Have All the Somalis Gone?

Gone to jihad, every one?

Maybe. But in any case, they’re disappearing from the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul. According to the local TV news station KMSP (spelling errors and typos cleaned up by BB):

The Missing: Somali Men Off Twin Cities Streets, Back in Somalia

Somali community fears young men leaving to fight holy war

MINNEAPOLIS — Young Somali men are vanishing off the streets of the Twin Cities. More than 20 have left in the last few months, and the community fears they’ve gone back to Somalia to fight in a holy war.

They’re known in the Somali community simply as The Missing. More than 20 young Somali men, between the ages of 17 and 22, who have left the Twin Cities in the last few months, without a single word to their families.

The families and community leaders believe the men have gone back to fight in a bloody civil war, in which Al Qaeda is a major player.

“They’re concerned emotional and in shock,” Omar Jamal, of the Somali Justice Center said. “They’re completely grief stricken.”

We’ll hit the pause button here and take a closer look at Omar Jamal. Refugee Resettlement Watch has this to say about the spokesman for the Somali community of the Twin Cities:

Omar Jamal is the ultimate spinmeister. We first heard about him in August 2007, only a month after RRW was launched. He was spinning and defending a Somali rapist in St. Paul who had been caught on camera doing the crime. I’ll let you review our Omar Jamal archive

I called him the Somali Jesse Jackson when he got involved in the Denver Somali Cyanide death telling the media that the Canadian found dead with enough cyanide to kill hundreds was just a nut, not a terrorist. In that post we learned Jamal had been ordered deported due to immigration fraud. He reportedly lied to get into the US. Of course, the big question now is why is he still here?

We also learned in that post that Jamal is the uncle to a Canadian Somali indicted for giving material support to Al-Qaeda in 2003.
- - - - - - - - -
Then we caught site of him again in an article in which it says the Socialist Workers Party helped him fight his deportation.


Most recently he was in the middle of the mess involving a possible election fraud in a predominantly Somali community. We learned in that article that Jamal is related to the president of Somalia.

And, now here he is again telling us how distraught the families are that their young sons have gone off to Africa to fight in the Somali civil war. Or possibly they heard how much they can make from piracy, beats working in meatpacking for a living?

Back to the story of “The Missing”. Where did all the young men go? Nobody seems to know, although they didn’t go directly to Somalia:

From multiple sources in the Somali community, FOX 9 has learned eight men are believed to have left on August 1, and another ten on November 4.

Flight itineraries discovered by their families show they left Minneapolis to take the winding trip back, through Dubai, Nairobi, Malindi, Kenya, where they’re believed to have snuck in by boat to Somalia.

Then, last week, five families went to the FBI, worried their kids were part of some jihad in Somalia. For their part, the FBI would not confirm or deny whether they have an ongoing investigation.

Presumably the FBI is glad to have the “youths” out of its hair. I wouldn’t expect them to take any interest until the young men return to the USA.

Another big question: who paid for these unemployed indigent youths to fly to Africa?

Sheik Imam Abdighani Ali is on of the few religious leaders who would discuss The Missing. He believes someone is organizing the trips.

“A lot of parents coming to us asking where their kid is going,” Ali said. “We are trying to find out who financed (the trips). They are 17 years old, $1,700 dollars and most of them didn’t work.”

Some of The Missing are believed to be former gang members, escaping the street violence that’s claimed the life of seven young Somali men this year. Others are in college, and some were said to be deeply religious.

Some of them were in college. What kind of college? If they’re educated young men, what draws them into the same group as the former gang members and mujahid-wannabes?

The irony is their families risked everything to escape the violence and religious wars, yet something or someone is luring the young men back.

The article doesn’t make any mention of it, but an obvious possibility is that the young men are being lured back to Somalia by the promise of a career in piracy. If they’ve been watching the news, they know that they and a handful of like-minded fellows can divvy up a cool $15 million if they bag a Saudi supertanker. It’s just like gang violence, only with a much larger payoff. Throw in the warm climate and the fresh sea breezes, and who could resist?

Not only that, the pirate life is a form of jihad, and is fully compatible with the tenets of Islam. It’s in the Koran!

And it’s nice work if you can get it:

An estimated 25-30 million dollars has been paid in ransom to Somali pirates this year, according to a UN report released last Tuesday.

So maybe there’s an up side to all this piracy off the Horn of Africa: it’s a scum magnet, sucking away the violence-prone “youths” from the cities of America, and relocating them in a more favorable climate.

Go Pirates!

Hat tips: Anon and C. Cantoni.


Solo said...

Speaking of Somalis, the other day during a visit to a local supermarket, I caught the site of a bakery dept. worker - and she looked like a spitting image of Ayaan Hirsi Ali! I barely restrained myself from asking her: "Ayaan?" Of course, it couldn't have been her, but what a striking resemblance!

Czechmade said...

It is our projection into Somali Iraqi etc. society that makes us think of the people as a nation.

Iraq is made up of 200 tribes. The key to understand something is therefore to read old British district records to understand what we are dealing with.

Obamas Luo tribe is probably connected more with Somalia than Kenya.

The thugs are being recruited from some nomads, bedouins etc. Saddam knew how to play this game with marginal uneducated rough people replacing very educated Iraqis.

So what might be described in this article as Somalis going for jihad, might be something else: the decision to fall in Somalia which tribe will rule the others.

Even in SA the tribe is stronger than islam. Mohammed did not succeed in simply "uniting the Arab tribes". Some are better. Higher. More pure etc.

Without knowing the tribal characteristics we may write millions of articles with no clue.
Imagine those Somalis go fighting each other, or does US have special Somali tribe(s) to deal with at home?

This has been studied in detail in colonial times - get the old books!
The jihad is there - no doubt. But other structures work as well and are as vital as jihad. said...

I would really like to read some follow up on the Ottawa Canada-Somali who was found with the cyanide in the hotel room in the US. There was nearly no information given at the time except the politically corrected material and suggestions that he went to Denver with gobs of the stuff to commit suicide.
If there is any more info it would be great to know of it. Something is definitely wrong here.

spackle said...

Piracy was my first thought. If we are lucky they will stay in Somalia to live like kings (although I doubt it). Chances are they will return here (with their booty) along with some good battle experience to further "enrich"our culture.

Gort said...

If they leave, good riddance! If they want to come back, slam the door!

I often wonder about the do-gooder organizations like Lutheran Social Services that bring "refugees" from Somalia to live in the frozen north of the U.S. Last evening I asked a Lutheran minister if he know whether they were importing Somali Muslims or Somali Christians. He had no idea.

Why anyone feels the need to import this sort of culture is a mystery to me. I can understand those who feel they should flee such conditions and culture, but they should be considerate enough not to bring their problems with them.

spackle said...

"I often wonder about the do-gooder organizations like Lutheran Social Services that bring "refugees" from Somalia to live in the frozen north of the U.S."

There is nothing to wonder about. These organizations view the Bible in large part as a suicide pact. All these good intentions (and we all know where that road that leads to) done for some good old spiritual ego massaging.

Zenster said...

The irony is their families risked everything to escape the violence and religious wars, yet something or someone is luring the young men back.

Bzzzzt ... WRONG ANSWER! By remaining Muslims, they have done exactly ZER-EFFING-OH to "escape the violence and religious wars". They merely shifted the backdrop but the central plot remains unchanged. Islam is NOTHING BUT "violence and religious wars", so they'd better get used to it.

These idiot rectal cavities need to understand that Islam will continue to inflict tragedy and hardship upon them WHEREVER they go. This is especially so for non-Arab Muslims. They are Islam's own "useful idiots" and deserve everything that happens to them as they slavishly assist global terrorism with their moronic worship of Allah.

How anyone who embraces the Koran can be mystified when their children disappear into jihad's lethal web defies all reason. Muslims are cannon fodder for their clerical elite and NOTHING else. Non-Arab Muslims need to take a hard look at how the Palestinians are being played for supreme fools if they want to know sort of fate awaits them.

Zenster said...

spackle: ... some good old spiritual ego massaging

Not "massaging". More like masturbation.

Czechmade said...

I went through some articles, surprisingly they are more homogenous than I thought. They take pride in some ancient islamic nonsense. 4 main groups plus more mixed inferior groups. They are not the type of later misfortunate converts ... the islamic non-sense is not to go easily.

In the West they are the worst in our criminal records. Obamas Luo does not ocur in Somalia.

joe six-pack said...

This war keeps looking bigger and bigger. The only way that I see we can slow it down is by waging offensive warfare. They will attack us. It is always better to fight on ground of your chosing. The best defense is a good offense particularly because our enemy will eventually obtain WMD.

heroyalwhyness said...

Czechmade's comment reminds me of this recent article:

Obama is a descendant of Arab Slave traders

Anonymous said...

I live in the Minneapolis, St.Paul metro and I haven't missed the missing one bit. Good riddance if they want to go back to Allah land to play Jihad joe. And if they try to return...tell them sorry your right to re enter the USA has been forfeited for good.

Findalis said...

And this is bad news why? Just when the ask to return, say no. Now if we can get the women to go back, we might be onto something.

Czechmade said...


Christians are in Somalia practically non-existent acc. to surveys.

It seems also that they speak one language...which is in Africa rather unique.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I'd happily send more of our lokal Khat-chewing Somalis back to the desert 'in the cause of Allah'.

They have a whopping 69 % unemployment rate (though the Quran 'almost' forbids them from taking welfare payments, their spokesman says). The men chew Khat instead of doing productive work - but they *do* keep their women from taking productive employment. Send 'em back.

citizenscircletour said...

To Gort; Follow the money, Dept of Human Ser gives 13.6 billion in grants to 10 churches catholic church got 1.78 billion this last year in the refugee resettlement prog. check web site. They get our tax $ for each refugee they bring here, the churches show them how to fill out forms for welfare, food stamps, healthcare, childcare, LEAP, English classes, etc. We pay for their plane tickets, 1/4 pay this back but that money goes to churches. Cargill gets tax credits 9000.00 for each refugee they hire. It's all about money.