Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Criticizes Denmark

Barack Obama is on record criticizing Denmark — among other countries — for failing to take in its share of Iraqi refugees. The relevant statement is in a position paper (pdf format) entitled “Barack Obama: Turning the Page in Iraq” (page 4):

Fulfill America’s Obligation to Accept Refugees: The State Department pledged to allow 7,000 Iraqi refugees into America, but has only let 190 into the United States. Obama would expedite the Department of Homeland Security’s review of Iraqi asylum applicants. Obama also would appeal to the Coalition’s original partners to expand their refugee quotas. Coalition partners such as Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Japan have done woefully little to meet the refugee crisis, and must be encouraged to do more. Arab governments, especially American allies such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, should also be enlisted.

This is not news — the document was published in 2007 — but it surfaced today in the Swedish press. That was enough to make the ever-alert Danes sit up and take notice, and it stirred discussion which eventually spread to English-language sites. As Islam in Europe described it:

In his “Turning the Page in Iraq” speech more than a year ago, Barack Obama mentioned that he expects the coalition partners to take in more refugees:

It’s also time to go to our friends and allies — and all the members of our original coalition in Iraq — to find homes for the many Iraqis who are in desperate need of asylum.

And an article in The Copenhagen Post had this to say:
- - - - - - - - -
Obama: Denmark has done ‘little’ for Iraqi refugees

Barack Obama said that several of the Iraq War’s coalition forces have not given enough Iraqi refugees asylum

President-elect Barack Obama criticised several of the Iraq War’s coalition force nations for not taking in enough refugees from the chaos-ridden country.

On his website, Obama outlines the goals of his up-coming presidency, including a section entitled ‘Fulfill America’s Obligation to Accept Refugees’. Here he writes that ‘coalition partners such as Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Japan have done woefully little to meet the refugee crisis and must be encouraged to do more’.

But the US State Department itself was not spared of the president-elect’s criticism. He pointed out that only 190 Iraqi refugees have been accepted by the US since the war’s start, in contrast to the 7,000 it originally promised to take in.

Yes, thanks to the strenuous objections of organizations like Refugee Resettlement Watch, not nearly as many Iraqi refugees were foisted on the USA as the Bush administration would have liked. Not only that, once the Surge took effect, not nearly as many Iraqi refugees were created as had been expected by the doom-sayers at State and in Congress. The recent refugees fleeing Iraq have mostly been Christians driven out of northern Iraq by peace-loving Muslims — but that’s another story.

Mr. Obama’s position paper appears slightly antiquated now. It has a section entitled “The Surge is Not Working”, and refers to the conflict in Iraq as a civil war. Now that the Sunni tribes have joined in the rout of Al Qaeda, his formulation seems just a bit stale. I’m sure that the Office of the President-Elect is even now busy rewriting the appropriate documentation to reflect the facts on the ground.

In the rest of the document there are a lot of other entertaining pipe dreams, pie-in-the-sky ideas, wishful thinking, and whatever else you want to call the fantasies that make up the foreign policy of the administration-in-waiting.

But the interesting thing about all this is that Barack Hussein Obama indicated well in advance that he wanted to push more Muslim immigrants into various European countries — yet the Europeans gave him more than 70% of their shadow votes!

What’s wrong with you people? You’re as bad as we are.

And Japan! The Messiah wants to resettle Muslim refugees in Japan!

He wants to turn one of the few nations of the civilized world that has resisted the tide of political correctness into yet another failed Multicultural state.

It has worked out so well for Europe. Why not Japan?

Hat tips: TB and Esther.


El said...

the japanese will soon be refusing this demand in their own inimitable fashion. i can see it in my mind's eye...

Homophobic Horse said...

That's what you get with Global Government. You have to clean up everyone else's B.S. unleashed by Islamic Jihad and forced on us by it's intellectually degenerate enablers.

Anonymous said...

I know! Settle them in Kenya.

karyakarta92 said...

This is hilarious. The Danish christianists, like the other pompous Scandinavians keep sermonising India, for example about "human rights" of Muslims and "self determination" for Kashmiri Muslims, allegedly oppressed. Now, the boot is on the other foot. When it comes to actually accomodating these "oppressed" Muslims, the Europeans develop cold feet all of a sudden. Why don't they put their money where their mouth is and give asylum to the precious Muslim
"refugees" or quit their pompous sermons to the rest of the non-Muslim and non-christian world? That would be nice for a change.

rider said...

there is little or no difference between the two parties is the US....
one of the main issues here is our open borders...both parties allow the borders to stay open..
so... some 'kind hearted' Bushites and Obamaites should just fund a transfer of Iraqis over the canadian and mexican borders ...simple....


What have our respective countries been doing in iraq for the past few years?we are told that we have instituted "democracy""freedom"etc by rescuing them from a despot,in many parts of the country iraqis have taken control,and even thier government is calling for the foreign troops to leave as soon as possible,so why in hell do we have to have them come and live off us,they now have thier own country ,let them make what they will out of it,sink or swim ,it is up to them,but one thing the people of the west do not need is more parasites,more economic cripples,more rape,more murder,more theft,more foreigners screaming that our countries stink and should be returned to a primal state of medieval barbarity,stand on your own two feet ,we have to!

Czechmade said...

As far as I know Denmark took all Iraqi people working for them for years in Iraq unlike US and gave them residence rights at home. They do not fall under refugees, since they got this status in Iraq already?

This treatment shamed US reluctant to do some similar radical steps safeguarding their former Iraqi imployees and their f

Polilla said...

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Thank you. Polly.