Monday, July 23, 2007

“Youths” and Night Life

København natklubLast night Kepiblanc reported on the methods nightclubs in Copenhagen use to handle the problem of Muslim “youths” and their tendency to react violently when they can’t have their way with Danish girls.

Two commenters on the post then reported on the same problem as it occurs in other parts of Scandinavia.

First, Vasarahammer has translated an excerpt from the interview of Sedu Koskinen, owner of several nightclubs in Helsinki. The entire interview is available in Finnish at Viisi Tähteä:

Sedu Koskinen spoke of a politically sensitive subject in the Haaga Studia Restonomia seminar, namely allowing entry of foreigners to a night club.

“Today there is a problem with foreigners. One must raise this issue in some forum. I sometimes get tens of complaints that there have been too many foreigners in our place. Regular customers find that disturbing. Foreign men don’t necessarily respect others, especially women. They openly grab, fondle and behave badly. That is the reality.

“And when the foreigners start making trouble, it is not that do I hit first or do you. At that point they have already hit, usually with a knife or a beer mug. And normally they come in groups. They make sure that the group is there and then they start hitting.

“Finns normally don’t come in groups. When the foreigners visit a club, they don’t come in at once, but one by one. But they still constitute a gang. When a Finnish gang arrives, they all come at the same time and they will be noticed at once and their entry is refused. They cannot do that. Foreigners know how to deal with it. Obviously we are not talking about the French here. Are there any specific nationalities you need to look out for?

“Yeah there are. Yugos, Albanians and Asians are a dangerous lot. And the Somalis have arrived as their own group. They have lived here so long that they know the system and speak Finnish. They are not outsiders any more. They are deep in the system. And I am not a racist. I have spent a lot of time abroad and always try to understand as far as possible, but the problems are a reality today. At some point they may get out of hand, as it has already happened in Sweden and Germany, for example.

“However, the law requires that you cannot refuse entry based on race or nationality.

“I know many clubs in Helsinki that forbid entry to foreigners. Even in the most popular clubs there are clear rules. You just don’t talk about them.”

Vasarahammer adds this comment: “Frankly, I’m surprised that he has not been visited by the thought police yet.”

Carpenter has his own report: “Well, we have similar bar problems in Sweden too. Here, a ‘discrimination industry’ has occurred.”
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Here’s his translation of excerpts from an article in published on May 29th:

Struggle against restaurant racism — A business idea?

The law students have received much — overwhelmingly positive — publicity for their struggle against club-racism. After having sued about a dozen clubs for ethnic discrimination, their requirements for damage compensation amount to almost 1,000,000 kronor [around $140,000]. Now, they’re accused of having found a profitable business idea.


So far, they have received just over 100,000 kronor [around $14,000]. But they will possibly receive even more. According to the “law students” themselves their demands amount to one million, against thirteen clubs.


It all started three years ago, as a discrimination experiment by the law students. With hidden camera and microphone, they went around in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Their work resulted in reports against thirteen clubs.


mikej said...

I'm puzzled as to why we don't read about problems with foreigners in American bars, especially in view of Brenda Walker's recent article about Kurdish gangs in Nashville. Yeah, you read that right. Is it that our press is more thoroughly muzzled by the politically correct?

Brian H said...

Man, the world shore would be boring if all the problems caused by Muslims were removed suddenly. Relatively speaking, of course ...

rickl said...

In my ideal world, a private business owner would be free to run his business as he sees fit. That means no government interference as to who he must serve, or whether he chooses to allow smoking or not.

But I guess that makes me a racist, or at least a tool of Big Tobacco.

Dymphna said...

gringo_m --

You reminded me of a story I was going to follow up and didn't. When I was retrieving a photo of Cindy Sheehan off the website of our local paper, I noticed a headline about two couples who had been beaten up in that same general area where she was speaking.

Of course, they were walking along at 2:00 am when the music stopped and the restaurant/bar closed, so it wasn't the same thing at all. But in Charlottesville, the downtown mall, a pedestrian, yuppy place, has always been considered safe. Lately though there have been a # of beatings. My oldest son, who has played music there for 20 years without incident, was thrown to the ground and his ribs were fractured by heavy boots. No robbery, just "trash-and-dash" at 10 pm. They couldn't do much because it was a busy area in front of the ice-skating rink so they ran as soon as someone came along.

He was lucky: for some it's "slash-and-dash" as they walk back to their car after a movie.

These are home grown black kids who are imitating the Mexican gang-type kids who are slowly moving into the area.

And the police are short-handed. Right now, they're trying to lure some of the big city experienced officers rather than train rookies since it takes so long to get the new guys up to snuff.

This is so sad. I remember being part of the time when we fought to get blacks into restaurants...a fight that hasn't been entirely won -- e.g., a local restaurant in a small town near here where blacks only go to the take-out window. It's a very popular spot and the owner is a well-respected member of the community. Well-respected by some. I always thought it was strange that a restaurant that predated the fast food joints had a takeout window...and then I was shown the alley for another place down the street -- this alley was used by black people to go to the kitchen door to be served their food.

Yes, it's an old southern town. The alley is gated up now and local blacks do use the other restaurants, but not the one with the takeout window. I believe you can smoke in there, too. The owner is a real retro...

I'm really OT here. What I'm describing in one place is vestigal prejudice left from events hundreds of years ago, but the first example is part of the growing street violence everywhere. So far it's a nighttime phenomenon. I wonder when it becomes a daytime commonplace.

Whatever you see in California will get to your town eventually.