Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Vote for Asmaa

Yesterday I reported on a young woman named Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, who is a candidate for the Danish Parliament. She stated in an interview that she considered Danish soldiers to be legitimate targets for insurgents in Iraq who are “resisting occupation”.

Needless to say, the average Dane is not happy about Asmaa. As we all know, there is a vigorous Counterjihad in Denmark, with no shortage of enterprising photoshoppers ready to create iconic images. Here’s one from the Danish blog Islamofascisme:

A Vote for Asmaa

The caption reads, “A vote for Asmaa is a vote for Al Qaeda.” On the lower right is the logo and name of her political party, Enhedslisten. Go over to Islamofascisme for a much larger version.

Last night I received an email from one of my Danish contacts:
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There is a huge understandable anger against her — the problem is, she is a moral traitor and fifth columnist, in a moral sense.

In court she probably couldn’t be convicted. But there’ll be lots of chances in the near future.

She militant, young and ignorant. Yesterday she spoke out for polygamy, although today she denies it. She is a constitutional liar — but one shouldn’t pull the trigger, before we have a sure hit. As is the case with the fatwa imams. Their time will come.

I know — between us — that Dansk Folkeparti [the Danish People’s Party] wants her in the Folketing [the Parliament]. No wonder.

As an earlier commenter said, “You just have to wait. They’ll do something stupid; they always do. They can’t help themselves.”


mikej said...

Waiting for one's enemy to do something stupid is a good idea only if one is not engaged is gross stupidity oneself. Are the Danes continuing to admit Muslim immigrants? We Americans are, and I'll bet that the Danes are. Do the Danes allow Muslims who become public charges to remain in Denmark? I'll bet that they do. Have the Danes allowed Muslims effectively to conquer parts of Denmark? Apparently, if Muslims can expect to win election to Parliament.

Importing the enemy, paying them to breed, and allowing them to take over parts of one's country are all grossly stupid. What could Muslims possibly do to match that?

kepiblanc said...

Gringo_malo: we're less stupid now than we used to be.

Mark Harvey aka Snooper said...

Political Correctness in the face of the Jihadists is signing one's own death warrant.


Steen said...

Gringo : As you can see here, the authorities nowadays avoid muslims and take a small number of non muslims:

Flygtninge fra Irak kommer bagest i køen

Anonymous said...

Isn't Asmaa a disease?