Thursday, July 26, 2007

France to give nuclear technology to Libya?

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Is French President Nicolas Sarkozy a passionate Eurabian? Leading the EU to surrender for Libya, he now proposes exporting French nuclear technology to Libya, after the Libyans have themselves admitted that they recently had a nuclear weapons program. Libyan Leader Gaddafi has announced that one day the Islam will disseminate its power over the European countries. According to him, the riots in the suburbs of Paris in 2005 were “only the beginning of the armed struggle of the Muslims against discrimination in Europe. Probably one day Europe will be subordinated to Islam.” But the French president wants to give him nuclear technology. Nice move, Mr. Sarkozy:

French president travels to Libya

French President Nicolas Sarkozy promised to boost relations with long-isolated Libya as he met with the oil-rich country’s leader Moammar Gadhafi on Wednesday as a reward for releasing six Bulgarian medical workers.


France and Libya “affirm their desire to give new momentum to bilateral relations, and to build a strategic partnership between the two countries,” the leaders said in a joint statement.

The countries agreed to boost cooperation on areas including fighting terrorism, research, education, the economy and migration...

One agreement touched on defense cooperation, and in another memo, leaders pledged to work together on “peaceful applications for nuclear energy,” the statement said.

Sarkozy’s proposal for Mediterranean bloc makes waves

Sarkozy has said that he wants the countries ringing the Mediterranean — Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco — to form a council and hold regular summit meetings under a rotating presidency.

He wants to anchor regional cooperation in the fields of energy, security, counter-terrorism and immigration on a trade agreement, and create a Mediterranean Investment Bank, modeled on the European Investment Bank, that would help develop the economies on the eastern and southern edge of the region. He has offered French expertise on nuclear energy in return for access to North Africa’s gas reserves.

“The time has come to build together a Mediterranean Union that will be the bridge between Europe and Africa,” Sarkozy said in his victory speech Sunday.

Sarkozy tests the mediterranean Union in the Maghreb
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The president is leaving for the Maghreb today with the goal of defending one of his main diplomatic projects, the Mediterranean Union. He believes “the future of Europe and France is decided also, and perhaps first of all, in the Mediterranean”…

Brussels embraces Libya after medics’ release

“We are entering a new era of the relations between Libya and the EU,” said EU foreign affairs and external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.


Ms Ferrero-Waldner said she had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Libyan authorities, which mapped out ways of upgrading EU-Libyan ties saying relations will eventually go “into some sort of specific... agreement.”

With the new relationship, Libya can look forward to better access to the EU market for Libyan goods, funding for restoration of potential tourist sites, better visa facilitation for Libyans, scholarships for students and help to deal with the illegal immigration going through Libya towards Europe.


Libya is the only country in the region that is not a member of the bloc’s 11-year old Euro-Mediterranean — which covers all other countries around the sea – or in the EU’s ‘European Neighbourhood Policy’ under which states on the bloc’s southern and eastern borders receive financial aid for political and economic reform.

Relations between Brussels and Tripoli improved slowly after Libya abandoned a plan for nuclear weapons and in 2003 handed over two nationals accused for the 1988 bombing of an American Airlines plane over Lockerbie, Scotland.


Whiskey said...

France has undoubtedly been threatened by a Libyan invasion and has surrendered as usual.

Note his words that the West must surrender or face a war of civilizations. Also no doubt Libya and it's Iranian protectors made other threats.

Unknown said...

"...the countries ringing the Mediterranean — Portugal....". What is this shit? Besides having mediterranean climate and a mediterranean diet as well what a hell do they put Portugal in this shit? They do not know Geografy? Do they want us to have also our burden of muslim imigration? Go to hell!

kepiblanc said...

I wonder how they'll reshape the landscape to let the Mediterranean Sea wash the coast of Sweden?

mikej said...

Please correct me if I'm being dense, but I don't see a problem. I can't imagine that the typical French power reactor is a breeder, so the Libyans won't be able to produce plutonium from the spent fuel. If the Libyans are going to operate the reactors they buy, then I would certainly hope that the French design cannot possibly melt down. I would expect, however, that the Libyans can no more operate a nuclear power plant than they can produce their own petroleum. If Europeans operate the plants and process the spent fuel, then the French get to make a little money without doing any harm. Would you prefer that the Libyans do their shopping in China?