Friday, July 27, 2007

The Prophet as an Obedient Retriever

The Swedish artist Lars Vilks is apparently unwilling to heed warnings issued by the Religion of Peace, and continues to turn out blasphemous drawings of the prophet. Now there is a Modoggie #4.

According to one of my Swedish contacts:

Modoggie #4Vilks has gotten written complaints from Muslims.

His answer: he makes another doggie.

The caption:

En skojig teckning av profeten som rondellhund som apporterar ett bombbälte.

“A funny drawing of the prophet as a rondell dog having retrieved a suicide bomb belt.”
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R. Hartman said...

Off topic, I'm afraid.

Something fishy's going on with Blogger. DutchConcerns has all of 7 articles and a few trackbacks and is now blocked as being identified as a spamblog. How can a blog with so little activity be blocked for spam reasons?

Baron Bodissey said...

RH --

I just put the word out over the counterjihad network. We'll see if it helps; it worked for us.

Yankee Doodle said...

Maybe Big Brother is heeding the charms of the Religion of Peace and going after all the vicious suicide-homocide-psychobloggers.

(Did I write that, or did I just think it?)

Anyway, laughter is the one weapon that penetrates to the very soul of the Mujahideen, and their only defenses against it are political correctness and lawsuits; if it gets past those two lines of defense, the Mujahideen have had it!

Abu Abdullah said...

With regard to R. Hartman's blog trouble, my suspicion is that the person who previously tangled with Foehammer's Anvil is now picking off people who frequent Foehammer's site. R. Hartman and Lady Predator are two of Foehammer's readers who have blogs with Blogger. Lady Predator's blog was recently blocked, too. According to her, someone with a account visited her blog 10 to 20 times a day for a few days, each time for only a few seconds (just enough time to press the "FLAG BLOG" switch). R. Hartman should check his site's stats to see whether or not his blog had a recent surge in visits from

R. Hartman said...

@ Anon. Very possible. I found that Blogger does not provide stats, so there was nothing to check. Need to look into that. Anyway, got unblocked again today. Thanks for the suggestion.

R. Hartman said...