Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trapped into Losing Our Freedom

An entity known as the “Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures” functions as the Grand Board of Architects for Eurabia. In its own words:

Euro-MedThe Foundation is the first common institution jointly established and financed by all 35 members of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. This far reaching partnership between the European Union and their partners in the southern Mediterranean region was launched at the Barcelona Conference in 1995. The declaration adopted at Barcelona strongly promotes regional cooperation in the economic, social and cultural fields.


The Middle East as well as the southern and eastern Mediterranean region form an area of vital strategic importance to the European Union. The general objective is to transform the Mediterranean basin into a common area of peace, stability and prosperity.

The Foundation’s main objective is to bring people and organizations from both shores of the Mediterranean closer to each other and to help bridging the gap between them. Particular importance is given to the development of human resources, while youth is the main target group.

Euro-MedThe youth that are the main target group are those young Arabic- and Turkish-speaking Muslims who inhabit the teeming littoral of the southern and eastern Mediterranean. Notice which countries are included in the map above (Israel is obviously present for cosmetic purposes only).

Do Euro-Med’s leaders seriously think that the importation of millions of poor ill-educated young Muslims from these countries will make Europe a better place? It obviously will make their political positions better, but how about the ordinary citizens of Europe?

And what if there are thousands of violent Muslim extremists among the regional “partners”?

Presumably the Nawabs of Euro-Med can stay safe behind the walls of their guarded enclaves, or jet off to sunnier climes if the going gets too rough.

In order to implement the goals of Euro-Med, a strong and non-democratic European superstate is necessary so that the plan can be shoved through against the will of its citizens. Hence the latest efforts to sneak the non-democratic EU Constitution by as a new “treaty”.

But not everybody is buying into this con job. Surprisingly enough, a publicly critical editorial has emerged from Sweden, of all places.

Anders Bruun Laursen, who blogs at the Euro-Med, has sent us his translation of an article in a Swedish newspaper. According to Mr. Laursen:

It gives a picture of how many Swedes (and Europeans) think today. However, they are not allowed to express their views, because Swedish authorities and media hold their citizens in a very firm grip. Besides, the Swedes are very well educated and peaceful people — not accustomed to reacting against their authorities in the multicultural immigration country, “the Swedish People’s home”.

The Swedes and the Europeans as a whole have been exposed to about forty years of massive mental hygienic brainwashing through the mass media to delete their identity and culture. This makes the following article in Världen idag that much more interesting. Presenting this kind of article takes courage in Sweden, its officials being very conscious and conscientious about resistance to political correctness — and its and Europe’s media being the toadies of the New World Order.

And now for the article from Världen idag, which was published on July 6th:

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

[The author of the translated article has demanded its removal from this post.

The original article, first published at Världen idag on July 6, 2007, is no longer available. Therefore I have summarized its contents below.

Note: This is a précis of the original article, which provides the gist of what was said, but more briefly. It was written entirely in my own words:

The European Union is turning into a closed system, and is moving away from democracy.

Margot Wallström, Sweden’s commissioner in the EU is astonished at the lack of understanding about the EU constitution [now the Lisbon Treaty] and the fact that people see it as the project of “the elite”.

Since the constitution was rejected in previous referenda, the author writes that this time, for the new treaty, there will be no referendum. The leaders of the European Union do not like the opinions of their own people, so the people will not be permitted to have a say in the treaty. The super-state will be constructed without ordinary citizens having a say in it.

The people of Europe will have thus been trapped into losing their freedom.

The new treaty will have a foreign minister, called by another name. It will impose a common defense system, and its courts will supersede national courts. Power will be concentrated in the hands of the highest-ranking officials in the EU, who are virtually unaccountable to any electorate in any member state.

Parliamentarians in Sweden are to be given a verbal account by the EU Commission, but nothing in writing, and there are no legal guidelines for what must be contained in this verbal account.

Thus, the workings of the EU under the new treaty are decided by elite without popular advice or consent. The flow of information is impeded, and there is a lack of openness. This is obviously destructive of democracy.

Without consulting their people, the leaders of the European Union are moving away from democracy and entering a closed system which will be indistinguishable from dictatorship. This is true of Sweden and all other member states of the EU.]

[1] On May 19, 2006, the translator attended a meeting with Margot Wallström, EU vice president and the commissioner in charge of EU communication. The hypocrisy of her words about EU democracy, debate, and dialogue with the EU citizens after the French and Dutch treaty-rejection is clearly seen from her reaction to the following questions:

1. Why have you kept the Euromediterranean Project secret for all Europeans for now 11 years?
2. Why are you so busy deleting European identity and culture through the Danish Center for Culture and Development and the Anna Lindh Foundation — and at the same time increasing your endeavors to replace our culture by Islam?

Mrs. Wallström turned mute and crimson. And even more so, when she was asked why at the Euromediterranean Foreign Minister’s Conference in Naples on Dec. 2-3, 2003, the EU had promised nine Muslim countries the four fundamental freedoms of the EU. No answers.

By the way, the account of the conference was already published in an EU report on Nov. 28, 2003 — six days before that conference was ended! Which proves that the promises on the allocation the four fundamental EU freedoms to the citizens of nine Muslim partner countries at that conference was given by the Eurocrats — and not primarily by our chosen politicians.

Furthermore, the passing of the secretive new EU treaty — largely unaltered from the treaty rejected by the French and Dutch — shows the lack of debate, democracy and dialogue with the EU citizens. The treaty is now in a disguise so as to avoid further referenda.


Unknown said...

Lets go to Brussels


And burn it down!

Ypp said...

Note, that Europeans never opposed that alliance on principal grounds. They started opposing it only after they felt some inconvenience from its results. Well, taht's the way people learn.

Unknown said...

You are wrong. What we have now has nothing to do with UE citizens expected. I am portuguese and european. I dont want, nor have to, cease to be portuguese to be european. This has never been (openly) at stake. For years we have been misguided by our politicians. Only few days ago I learned about that ignominous trade "oil for muslim imigrants" made 30 years ago and what are Euromed and Barcelona declaration. Englishman talk to much. Brussels demo will be a hard job. The hostility of belgian autorities and police are granted. I think there will be lots of provocateurs and the ones we saw in action in thje last G8 summit in Germany.

Brian in Calgary said...

No, the EU élite does not want a repetition of what happened in France and Holland, when the people said “no” to the increased concentration of power that this EU constitution was to have given to the central EU organ.

Ah, that pesky little concept called democracy.

OMMAG said...

And don't forget to Blame America !

John Sobieski said...

When are the Europeans going to stand up and say HELL NO. We stood up and said hell no about Bush's shamnesty bill and won. They can too. They must.

Unknown said...

Blame America for what she desserves to be blamed.
The last thing Europe needed was the shit Clinton made in the Balkans.

ziontruth said...

It's now official. From the American Thinker:

EU President calls it a "European Empire."

X said...

EUReferendum carried it too,

More analysis.

This one has hit the MSM in a huge way. Like richard says in the second post, it may well be seen as a turning point.

David M said...

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