Monday, July 30, 2007

“They Celebrate the Massacre That is Still Vivid in My Eyes”

Minerva Reports from Italy

Dear Dymphna,

I found this anonymous letter recently, reproduced on an Italian blog called “Penelope alla guerra.” As you can see the letter is not recent, but the situation has not improved in the meantime. If anything, it has gotten worse.

Mark the optimism with which, at the end, the writer speaks of our government (at the time the centre-right one headed by Silvio Berlusconi). My opinion then was that Berlusconi simply managed the catastrophe of illegal immigration without doing anything to actually solve the problem.

With the present left-wing government things are worse.

Note: The punctuation is this letter is erratic, but I left it as it was because it reflects the writer’s deep anguish.

Ciao, all the best,


This letter must reach everyone; spread it around as much as possible…

Milan, September 11 ’04

Saturday afternoon September 11 2004. In front of my house there is a mosque of sorts, or rather there’s a building where practically only Muslims live and they’ve set up a room for prayers, they’re all dressed in white, they’re celebrating… yes they’re celebrating September 11, they usually never meet on Saturdays but on Fridays so this is a special day, they’re celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers, they celebrate the massacre that is still vivid in my eyes and in anybody’s eyes…
- - - - - - - - - -
A poll has found out that anyone interviewed today remembers perfectly where he was and what he was doing on September 11 2001 at the precise moment when the two towers fell… showing how much we were traumatized.

They celebrate…

But shouldn’t these be the moderate Muslims? The ones who aren’t terrorists and who want to integrate, the ones who aren’t here to take away our freedom but to share it?

Bulls**t, Bulls**t, Bulls**t.

They aren’t terrorists because they don’t have the courage of their kamikaze buddies but they totally approve their choices, the kidnappings, the slaughter of children, anything feasible to make Europe understand that we are falling under a dictatorship worse than any Italy has ever undergone.

I’ll read to you what they write: European women are a shame! They must be re-educated. Muslim women have no schooling, they don’t work, their only task is to have children… they’re considered as much as animals, maybe worse, they’re even beaten.

I am an anesthesiologist and I see lots and lots of women give birth, lately most of them are Muslim, their husbands don’t come into the delivery room, it is not allowed by their religion and even before our request for help at least to provide some translation they REFUSE if she must die it’s Allah who wants it… so these poor girls (even if they do nothing to change the situation) don’t understand a word of Italian, they suffer like beasts, we tell them to push and they don’t understand, to move, to walk, to stop and they don’t understand, the situation gets complicated and we almost always practice a caesarean. They breed and breed, they must outnumber us within a generation.

At this rate they will succeed… once we are a minority we won’t be able to rebel any more, we’ll wear the burqa, we’ll take down our crucifixes and our freedom will be lost forever… Our politicians don’t deal with the problem, frightened like all of us by these people who are not afraid to die, are not afraid to fight and above all have a precise plan.

Let’s show at least to our government, to the state, to those who have the power to stop this situation that we WANT IT, we want to struggle to get our Italy back, our freedom, to be able to send our children to school without having to withdraw them because the class is attended by too many immigrant children who don’t speak Italian and slow down not to say block our children’s program… So that all it’s left for us to do is pay for public schools and pay all over again for private schools for our children.

Too wrong…

We must stop this situation, stop the clandestine arrivals from the sea of illegal immigrants, hundreds a day and adopt a less moderate less peaceful behaviour towards Muslims, because they for first are the racists against us, they want to change us…

We must take away the peace flags and hang the Italian flag from our houses! A MESSAGE THAT WILL REACH THE EYES OF OUR GOVERNMENT a flag symbol of freedom, of our motherland and of the trust we must have in our government so that things may change.


FluffResponse said...

the political elite do not see their responsibility, let alone fulfill it.

am curious as to what the anti-jihadists will accomplish on 11 September, whether their protest will be an important milestone.

Harrison said...

...anything feasible to make Europe understand that we are falling under a dictatorship worse than any Italy has ever undergone.

Not true: these moderates aren't condoning these terrorist acts out of principle to inspire "understanding" in Europeans - they are doing so out of ideological conformity to Islamism. If anything, it's to disguise their clandestine efforts at installing elements of sharia law in preparation for the eventual Islamification of European society, while educating Europeans on the importance of cultural relativism and of "understanding" exotic cultures.

I’ll read to you what they write: European women are a shame! They must be re-educated.

They perceive female emancipation as a Western construct, backing it up with claims of sexual objectification of women in the media that strips them of their dignity. Thus, a complete reversal of the way women should be treated is adopted, regardless of how horrific the methods of subjugation may be: FGM being one of them. To wear a burqa is liberating to them, since to not wear one is a sign of corruption of beliefs by the West. This tangential form of rationalisation results in the utter submission of women and ironically, the negation of dignity in its most extreme form.

Demographics rearing its head - and they don't even need to have "a precise plan" to succeed, which is truly frightening.

We must take away the peace flags and hang the Italian flag from our houses! A MESSAGE THAT WILL REACH THE EYES OF OUR GOVERNMENT a flag symbol of freedom, of our motherland and of the trust we must have in our government so that things may change.

Isn't that a contradiction? What "trust" does the government deserve if it is entirely dhimmified and totally oblivious to the Islamist threat? To display the flag is to believe in the power of the people to take it upon themselves and do what the government has always been afraid to do - to believe in the value of the Nation-State and repel the transnational appeal of Islamism and the EU, which will force its adherents to open up their borders and accept these jihadists with open arms.

We must have trust in our fellow peoples of the Nation-State to pick up the slack, while hoping that the government will one day wake up from their inebriated state and view the Islamist threat for what it truly is. But until that day arrives, we must continue to propagate the message that will reach the eyes of our people.

Captain USpace said...

This is scary stuff, we must keep spreading the word. It should be required in the US, Italy, and the world to read Ms Oriana Fallaci.

We can beat these peaceful Muzzies if we just keep getting more and more people saying NO!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves

respect other cultures
trying to destroy yours

Unknown said...


Next elections dont stay home. Your vote is a bullet! Use it. If you have no one to vote for, vote against what you dont want, be it who he is.

Go to the Brussels Demo next 9/11. We need all the people we can gather. Take as many friends you can. And take your flags. Flags are a rally for the people. Those politicians who want to destroy Europe fear that so they tried to kill european nations.

falcon_01 said...

We face this everywhere, and you're right, it has only gotten worse. Sadly, the American people blindly embrace the enemy regardless of how they cheer death- because they have been brainwashed into believing 9-11 is their own fault. It is a sick manipulation of children and sheep.
The time for a peaceful fix is near an end- as reportedly the enemy plans a major multi-faceted assault on US soil within 90 days. If nothing comes of it, at least we few will be prepared. If something tragic happens, we must stand united and show the world we will never surrender, and that no matter what the odds we will fight for freedom.
This is a global menace. Europe has nearly fallen to islam, and I pray for our comrades there to continue to fight and stand firm, making the enemy and misguided crowds pay dearly for every inch. The time of bloodshed is not far off, and it saddens me to tears that those we chose to represent us and protect our interests, who could have prevented the onslaught of islamic violence, have betrayed us to the advancing enemy.
We still yearn for peaceful diplomatic solutions after attacks on freedom, but soon the enemy will declare open season on our soil and we will taste the bitter reality of a global war for every street and neighborhood to be free. The price of freedom is high, but the price of surrender is slavery and torture.

Nora (LV) said...

this is an offtopic for Baron. I have heard that you are having difficulties in finding Spanish counter-jihad sites in Fausta's "blog talk radio". I can help you, just leave a message in my blog. I would have emailed you but I do not have your email.


David M said...

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

Some more off topic.

Why not all go over and make a firm but polite comment on a British newspaper.