Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where Are You Then, My Friend?

A reader in Sweden, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote to me a few days ago with this appeal:

Immigration costs in Sweden amount to almost 29.7% of the public budget (2001).

The immigrants comprise the biggest expenditure within the public budget. Every municipality ought to give the information about the “price of immigration”.

Jansson estimates the immigration costs for the Swedish state to be $33 billion.

And refers to the fact that just $778 million has been shown in the Swedish public budget.

Write about how a criminal nomenklatura squanders, no, embezzles taxpayers’ money to keep the immigration and compassion industry running and so that its thousands and thousands of employees can keep their fat salaries and vote for the right party in 2010.

These new figures (SEK 231 billion = $33 billion) do not astound; we have heard about them before: SEK 215 billion, SEK 250 billion, SEK 315 billion. The Swedish state of idiots even borrow money abroad to be able to pay for the importation of all these asylants who never will get a job.

It is high time for a coup d’état!

Unfortunately, there is no military remaining for the coup!

It could have been started with some 1800 soldiers and a few determined colonels. However, the nomenklatura have gutted the military to avoid the possibility of any revolt or a true coup d’état that they otherwise might have had to fear.

In fact, there are a few men remaining in Sweden who are trained to be tough and to use violence, but they are in the police. And unfortunately their primary duties must necessarily consist of keeping order in places like Malmö.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

MalmöIn the space of little more than a generation, Rosengård, a neighborhood in the city of Malmö in South Sweden, has been transformed from an ethnic Swedish district into one made up almost entirely of Third World immigrants, mostly Muslims.

A video shown last year (in Swedish with Finnish subtitles) on the Finnish TV channel YLE describes the situation in Rosengård, and features interviews with its residents. Here’s a sample from it (thanks to Carpenter and KGS for translations of the Swedish and the Finnish, respectively):

Question: What is Rosengård like?
Mohammed Said: A real wonderful place. Peaceful.
Q: How long have you lived here?
Said: Twenty-five years.
Q: Has Rosengård changed?
Said: Yes
Q: How?
Said: There used to be a lot of Swedes here. They have all left. There are only foreigners living here now, at least 99.9%
Sara Haidu: I have lived here for six years and am doing well. I wouldn’t want to move away from here. Sometimes there are disturbances.
Q: What kind of disturbances?
Najia Ali: Boys on a rage.
Q: Why?
Ali: They only rage; I don’t know why.
Q: Are you both afraid to go out in the evening?
Ali: Yes.
Said: The same with my family. Someone from my family must leave with me when I go out, so that nothing happens.

Large families and cramped housing are the norm in this city. Here there are more children and youth than elsewhere. Almost everyone has a foreign background.

Rosengård has become notorious for a kind of lawlessness that used to be unknown in the once-civilized culture of Sweden. Riots, rape, assault, murder, arson, theft, and general mayhem have become commonplace in the area, with the vast majority of the crimes committed by Muslim immigrants.

As noted in the Finnish video, the response of the Swedish natives has been simply to move away to more congenial neighborhoods, leaving Rosengård with an ever-increasing concentration of unemployed and violent young men.

Crime and disorder are now the norm. Here’s the latest report, from the July 15th edition of Sydsvenskan, as translated by Kepiblanc:
- - - - - - - - - -
Police fired warning shots after assault with knives

Some fifty policemen rushed to Rosengård following an alarm about several major violent episodes. A 20-year old man is now held under suspicion of attempting grave violence and violent riot. Several other are suspected of severe threats, or alternatively, incitement to riot.

RosengårdIt seemingly began as some trouble between various families. When the police patrols arrived the situation didn’t look critical, but emotions are in uproar, says sergeant Anders Telsing.

The riots began immediately after half past seven Sunday evening.

A 15-year old boy tried to grab a cell phone from another 15-year old boy. He refused to give the phone away — and was beaten up.

The two boys are neighbors in adjoining apartments on Ramels Road.

The victim went home to his father, who contacted the perpetrator’s parents and relatives. He was allegedly met with knives and at least one handgun.

The father fled the place, pursued by the neighbor and his relatives. “The father locked himself up in his apartment; they tried to get in. Someone mentions that they had a knife as well as a handgun and threatened him through the door’s peephole and the letterbox flap,” says Peter Lukic, police superintendent.

Someone sounded the alarm and around ten policemen arrived at the scene. Soon thereafter things calmed down.

About 45 minutes later the police intended to leave the area.

A little later a policeman activates the alarm function in his communications gear and calls for immediate backup.

Police superintendent Peter Lukic describes the situation until the alarm goes off:

“A lot of people start arriving from all sides. Bystanders talk about knives and handguns.

“A man with a knife breaks through the police line and runs toward the other family.

“I neutralize him, hold him to the ground and force him to let go of the knife at point blank.”

The man is being held, and right after one o’clock Sunday night he is arrested charged with suspicion of various severe threats.

“Then tempers heat up again. We’re obliged to get in the middle; more and more people arrive. We’re unsure about their armament. They start fighting in spite of us standing right among them.

“The situation is such that we can guarantee neither our own safety, nor that of others.”

He fires two rounds into the air and people spread out.

No person was hurt in the fight or the shooting. An ambulance was called, but it appears that a bleeding man had just suffered an epileptic seizure.

The witnesses who talked to Sydsvenskan give a similar description of the cause leading to the row and the events.

“Luckily the police were present. Otherwise blood would have been spilled”, says a witness.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Unfortunately, the day is coming when blood will be spilled. It’s inevitable.

We receive emails from Swedes over the age of fifty who say that their country is gone; that the Sweden they were born to no longer exists. They feel that is dangerous for them to speak the truth in their native land, so they send emails in a foreign language to strangers who live four thousand miles away.

It’s clear that the situation in Sweden cannot continue as it is indefinitely. Someday there will be too few armed policemen to contain the violence of Sweden’s invited guests. At some point there will not be enough money to pay for the upkeep of the unemployed immigrants and their enormous numbers of children. There will come a time when the Swedish government’s bond rating will drop so low that it will be unable even to borrow the money required to keep the country’s multicultural fantasies alive.

Do you remember that old anti-drug TV commercial from back in the ’60s?

What do you do when the music stops?
Where are you then? Where are you then?
When you’ve dropped four floors from the mountaintop,
Where are you then? Where are you then?

What do you see when your pupils contract,
When you’re out in the alley after your act,
And you’re not quite whole, and the straight world’s intact,
Where are you then, my friend?

Someday the whole façade must come crashing down. Then what?

Hat tip for the Sydsvenskan article: LN.


History Snark said...

This is just scary. Sweden has become lawless, and the government doesn't want to do anything about it.

However, it does appear that the police seem to be figuring it out. But again, what can they do?

kepiblanc said...

The scary thing is that when - not if - Sweden collapses, we'll see a deluge of Muslims entering Finland, Norway and Denmark. Sweden granted them citizenship which means they are fully entitled to everything in those countries on equal terms with Finns, Norwegians and Danes.
The question about upholding the Nordic Commonwealth has already been vented in Danish parliament. I think it should be canceled ASAP.
The one and only silver lining of this black cloud is seeing Sweden as the canary birdcage for the civilized world.

Yorkshireminer said...

Dear Kepi,
I would expect the Danish Government to have some contingency plans in place to close the Bridge between the two countries in time of civil war. The real tragedy will of cause be the Swedish refugees, by that I mean the blond haired blue eyed variety fleeing across the sound to Denmark to avoid the fighting. I expect you will treat them with the respect and warmth that they extended to the Danes in the Second world war when the situation was reversed.
The real problem for our future is caused by the reduction of our armed forces caused by our respective governments running down our armed forces to pay for the immigrant invasion. Robbing Peter to pay Paul if they didn't they would have to raise taxes and the Aboriginal might start asking questions. Holland is selling 28 Panzer tanks and 18 fighters reputedly to pay for the extra cost of keeping troops in Afghanistan.
Britain by the way is in a perilous state. If the cut back continue as they are, the R.A.F will be about the Size of the Greek Air force in 2012. the Navy has already mothballed 50% of the fleet and are thinking about closing the last naval repair facilities at Devonport which will mean that British naval ships will have to go to Hamburg for a refit. The Army is at a record low. There are now more police than there are soldiers. We have always had a small standing Army ridiculously, small compared with other countries. We have now only 36,000 front line troops most of which are stationed abroad. When the anal solids hit the ventilation system and the enlarged Politically Correct Police force with its large quota of ethnic minorities are not able to hold the line we really will be in trouble. For me it is not a question now of if, but when and where. Who will be the new Josip Pricip will he be called Mohamed? Where will it happen Malmo, London, Paris or Amsterdam? The future looks bleak and I fear for our children's future. I only hope that the good American citizens will donate as they did in the last war some of there personal firearms to help arm the local militia which will have to be formed, they donated thousands of guns in the second world war to help arm the Home Guard.
The piece below is an extract from an article in Frontpage I was reading today. It expresses perfectly the way I feel. He has certainly captured the mood of the British and of the Germans I talk too here in the pub on the boarder. There is a dangerous sullen contempt for our leaders growing, and if they ignore it they do so at there peril.

Front Page:-
“Eurabia” is a true nightmare scenario, correct?

Ralph Peters:-
No. Malthusian linear projections never fulfill themselves (and hysteria is never productive). But,
beyond that, the notion that Europe, the continent that's exported more death and destruction than any
other, is going to just shuffle wimpily to its doom is crazy. The Europeans have been playing pacifist
dress-up while we protected them, but, sufficiently threatened, they'll revert to their historical pattern--
which is to over-react. Europe's Muslims may prove to be the real endangered species; after all,
Europe's history of dealing with rejected minorities veers between genocide and, for the lucky, ethnic
cleansing. For me, the question isn't whether Muslims will take over Europe, but whether Europe will
simply expel them or kill any number of them first. Sound far-fetched? How would the Holocaust have
sounded to an educated German (or Brit, or American) in 1932? Europe is a killer continent. When the
chips are down, it will kill again.
Meanwhile, Europe's Muslims are behaving so stupidly that their folly can't be measured with any tools
at our disposal. Even as British pols pander to radical clerics, the average Brit has had enough of
coddling mullahs who preach the destruction of all non-Muslims (and closing the pubs). In mid-July, in
Germany, the major organizations representing the millions of Turkish residents refused to come to a
conference held by the chancellor to address integration. The Turkish leaders demanded--demanded--
that the German parliament first rescind a new immigration law that would have prevented Turks from
importing child-brides, isolating them as virtual prisoners and beating them to death. Oh, and the
Germans also wanted new immigrants to have a vocabulary of 300 German words upon arrival--just
enough to say, "Help, husband killing me." No self-respecting Turk was going to stand for that.
You get the point. Europe has never had a model for integrating non-white immigrants, and they don't
really want one. Meanwhile, from Denmark to Marseilles, Muslim residents make outrageous demands
that only anger the average voter. Eurabia? You have a better chance of finding honest lobbyists in
Washington than you do of seeing the crescent over the spires of Notre Dame.

Fortress said...

I've read quite a bit on several blogs about what's been going down in Europe overall. I read a lot of people getting angrier and angrier...and are perfectly justified to be so. Then I read of what's going on specifically, in places like Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, etc.

I am not a great debater; my lack of eloquence and vocabulary, with a distinct inability to piece together and give voice to thoughts on the fly will forever deny me that particular title. However, one thing that has been bugging me about reports like I just read has been the lines:

It is high time for a coup d’état!

Unfortunately, there is no military remaining for the coup!

I've read these far far too often.

I address the comment to all those who have stated similar everywhere. I will not try to analyze why I see this, that is for better men with more time on their hands. In the end, I don't see the why as being as important as the simple facts:

If you want your country back, you, YOU personally and all those like you, are going to have to step up and take it. YOU will have to organize the revolution. YOU will have to get the guns, the weapons, the bombs, whatever you need, and kill and destroy what will have to be killed and destroyed to get it back. You want your freedom and rights back? You don't get that handed to you. As the founding fathers of the United States found...if you want those things, you have have to TAKE it. And you have to be willing to do some pretty ugly things to both take it...and keep it. You will have to face the facts: you are going to hurt, you are going to kill, you are going to destroy and you yourself might be hurt and killed, those you love may die, and your cities will burn. That's just the tip of the iceburg.

This has ever been the price for freedom and no amount of arguing, wishing for, moralizing, sermonizing, or any other means of justification for inaction will ever change this simple fact.

Help is not coming for you. Help CANNOT come for you in this world. You cannot expect help, nor can you expect someone to save you outright.

All those who cry for professional soldiers to come to save them; statemen, scientists, farmers, teachers, students, IT professionals, policemen etc, etc...look into the mirror. As has happened many times in history, it is the common man who must take up arms and become that soldier if they want their children to live free.

You can fight and possibly die as free men, or live and die as a slave. These are the only choices I see for you at present.

magnus said...

I'm totally against the high immmigration we have in Sweden, and I think we need to have very low immigration for at least many decades on in the future!

That said, I'm sure the cost of immigration isn't 33 billion dollars. There's no way it can be. These figures comes from an investigation full of errors. Each unemployd immigrant can't cost our society 150 000 dollars a year. They consume only a fraction of that in social benefits. That estimation is really a fraud, and it's more or less a joke in the Swedish debate. The anti-imigration opinion does not benefit from this joke. It gives it no cred to its important issue. The last time the authorities estimated the cost of immigration was however too long ago, in 1994. The cost then was about 6 billion dollars. Now the authorities refuse to estimate the cost of immigration, but a lot of people think it may be between 7 and 14 billion dollars -- but no one knows.

But there's no way it can be 33 billion dollars!!!

When crime rate increaeses, or if one day sharia is more explicitly imposed in Malmoe, what is the cost of that? Is it even possible to measure? That's simply nothing we shall have (even if it wass "free of charge"), period!!!


But know people get shot and stabbed to death every day in our largest cities and the fabrics of trust simultaneously gradually vanish.

forss said...

To Yorkshireminer,

I don't know who this Ralph Peters is but what he's saying 'not cool' in a few ways. First this notion of Europe as the exporter of death and destruction is historically false. I'd say Mao managed to kill as many people as got killed in WW2. European imperialism didn't do anything out of the ordinary in the history of conquests. Europe managed to export the beacon of liberty, the U.S. You get the point. And by the way, you should acquaint yourself with Gunnar Heinsohn, whose interview you can find on Gates of Vienna.

Second, repeating this 'killer continent' bullshit is just playing in the hands of your enemies. Peters says that there is no other response to muslim immigration as fascism. You should come to understand that without the stranglehold of socialist ideologies: welfare state, pacifism and multiculturalism, jihadists have no power over the considerably more advanced Western societies. You shouldn't say that violence is the only way for the future, when we can free the market forces (laissez-faire) and let the students of these mullahs work for their living so they don't have the time to listen to propaganda.

PapaBear said...

The crisis will come sooner than people expect.

The crisis will arrive when the middle class of Sweden/Denmark/Europe-in-general can no longer pay enough taxes to hold up the Welfare State

The crash will be ugly. Potentially uglier than events of 65 years ago. When people get sufficiently afraid and desperate, then they will accept any measures

Perhaps this is the whole plan of the European Elites?

PapaBear said...

David: As the founding fathers of the United States found...if you want those things, you have have to TAKE it. And you have to be willing to do some pretty ugly things to both take it...and keep it.

The distinguishing characteristic of the soldier is not that he is willing to sacrifice his life for those he loves -- it's that he's willing to sacrifice his soul to protect those he holds dear. To do what's necessary, no matter how ugly. To be damned, even if only in his own heart

Unknown said...

Ralph Peters knows nothing.
Between Centuries V and X, Europe has been ravaged by several invasions; various waves of barbarians, vickings, muslims. With the cruzades it had reversed a bit its tale.
But turks continued to ravage eastern Europe.
During this while, peoples forom spain and balkans had to pay a heavy tribute of yong boys and girls who were sent to arabia.
Not to speak about 1,2 millions who were enslaved by barbary pirates in southern europe or at see even in XIX century. The trade of slaves to new world was not a job of europeans alone. They try to catch slave in the coas of Africa but this was a complete fiasco. All slaves that camo to new world were enslaved by muslim or african slave traders who sold them to europeans. and this slave trade lasted just for two centuries. Why dont you talk about all those slave taken to islamic countries? You would have much more to say.
And what about mongols and what they did in central Asia and india?
When you talk about expell, what about the way french where expelled from Alger? And the way portuguese where expelled from their former colonies? Why should european be diferent from others when it regards to minorities? Look at the way arabs an turks deal with it. If Europe is a killer continent it has learn the lesson played on her by others. Who are not better. Look at what is happening in Africa: Darfour, Congo, Rwanda, Burindi, etc. "Europe has never had a model for integrating non-white immigrants" lets talk about China's "arrogant whites and black devils" and others.
why should Europeans be the only good guys? Everybody dance and we want to dance to.

Joern said...

To Magnus Andersson:

In Denmark the Welfare Commission reached the result that non-Westener in average make an impact on the welfare-budget that is 3,47 times larger than that of the Danish considering both tranfer-payments, services and the taxes both grops pay.

As the welfare budget amounted 752 bill. ddk in 2010 you simply calculate simple relation-calculation the result.

I can inform you that the amount 225-250 billions ddk.

You get our total documentation on:

Nothing concerning a lot of words, belief or expectations
are involved - poor mathematics, the bricks of the universe.

Perhaps you for at moment forgot the service.

Kind regard
J. E. Vig, M. (Sc.) Economics