Thursday, July 05, 2007

Digging the Dirt

Is Digg about to join Google and YouTube in the suppression of “Islamophobia”?

Ron, a regular reader and tipster, sent us a link to this post at Ft. Hard Knox:

No Digg!I tried to Digg an article from a site today. It’s called Defense against Islam Helped Forge the United States of America, on Foehammer’s Anvil. Instead of the normal screen requesting a title and story description, I received a red exclamation point, with the following message:

URL Blocked: This URL has been widely reported by users as being regularly used to Spam Digg’s submission process and cannot be submitted at this time.

Huh?! I looked through Foehammer’s site, and looked for anything that would normally be considered “Spam.” I looked for obnoxious self-promotion, attempts to sell something to readers or Diggers, ads eating up an inordinate amount of bandwidth…I found nothing of the sort.

What I did find on Foehammer’s blog was a message that is very consistent. Foehammer speaks out unrelentingly against the enemies of the United States in the War on Terror — Islamists, Jihadis, Islamic Extremists, etc. So, what happened?

Go over to Ft. Hard Knox to find out more.

Readers sometimes Digg us, so Gates of Vienna gets a fair amount of traffic from Digg links. It would be a shame to see all that disappear.
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But Foehammer’s core message is similar to ours, so we may just have to join him in Digg-free solidarity.

Jenn’s conclusion?

I’ve always been taught, when researching motivation, to follow the money trail. I can’t help wondering if the decision of Digg Admin is in any way influenced by their investors. I recently co-authored an article on this topic, here.

Foehammer, you’ll be missed on Digg. Your articles were always well-researched and informative.

Perhaps soon, a bunch of bloggers will be sporting “Banned on Digg” banners, similar to the ones that I’ve seen for sites that are “Banned in Red China.”

“Banned on Digg”, eh? I guess I’ll have to work on the graphic…


Jenn Sierra said...

Follow the money trail.

bernie said...

I posted an article last February DIGG is Filled with Liberal Idiots which received more than 150 diggs from non-leftwing diggers yet never made it to the front page, it got buried in 4 hours, so fast it basically proved my point.

Here is an example: Digger Dshpls has no clue about Islam but simply buries any news story outright if it is not complimentary to Islam: "This weekend has seen unusually high numbers of prejudicial anti-Islam stories. I've buried all the ones I've seen, but these people are bloodthirsty to spread their ignorant hate.". That's right. This idiot buries NEWS stories if the NEWS, the FACTS, the REALITY is not nice to Muslims!

Abu Abdullah said...

I hope you have a plan in the event Google shuts down this site for the anti-Islamic content.

Profitsbeard said...

foehammer has a good idea goingat his site... to simply start the promotion of "BOYCOTT ISLAM" in the West.

Why fund your invaders?

I've done it since 1979 when the ayatollahs hatch from their cuckoo's eggs in Iran, but it's a good anti-pc movement to encourage.


SonomaEats said...

Well, Foehammer's article is blatant religious bigotry; I can see any site with an editorial slant turning down that link. Now, I didn't really think Digg had an editorial policy so that does become an issue.

Anyone who wants to boycott Islam really needs to quit buying oil anyway. Text me when someone writes "How to peacefully get terrorists out of your neighborhood."

Foehammer said...

"I will not refrain from condemning Islam until Islam refrains from condemning my nation, my people, my allies, my culture and my way of life. I will not refrain from condemning Islam until Islam looks in the mirror and reforms and truly reflects back a 'vision of peace' and not one of 'subjugation via over-taxation' or 'indoctrination or death'." -FOEHAMMER, a Jihad Watch comment, June 12, 2004


I didn't feel like chewing my cabbage twice for maserati.

Yep, you never know who's lurking.

Baron & co., I wish you all would open the comments options up to "Other", I dislike having to use my old Blogger account to comment. You'd get more feedback in general, too. :D

Foehammer said...

Stirredup isn't stirring too well either:

Pastorius said...

Digg is bullshit, and we all should have known it from the beginning.

Anon. is right; you'd better have a good plan in place in case you are eventually shut down completely.

Now, the question is, what will that be?

Baron Bodissey said...


I think requiring a blogger ID cuts down on the drive-by trolls, of which we have very few, thank the Lord.

And I don't need anymore feedback! My mailbox is full to overflowing, every day.

Pastorius --

There's no sign that Blogger (Google) is starting to shut down "Islamophobic" blogs... yet. But we're keeping the possibility in mind.

Foehammer said...

@baron: I think you should take note of a comment and link that was left by one of my Canadian readers (Sounder) this week -->

Want proof of Google censorship? They’re at it!

Go to the link below, then enter the site and read their story about Google policies at the top of their blog, which by the way, had to be abandoned.