Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Muslim Violence

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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In Denmark, Muslims are attacking the Inuit people, the indigenous people of Greenland, who have been a part of the Kingdom of Denmark for centuries. Whenever Muslims target non-Muslims with violence, this is blamed by the media on past legacy of colonialism, US foreign policy, Israeli aggression etc.

Well, Muslims are now attacking… Greenlanders.

And we all know they are evil, Zionist Crusaders with a long history of colonial aggression in the Middle East, right? Here’s a Scandinavian post on the subject, with my translations.Apparently, some Arabs feel that Greenlanders don’t belong in Denmark and should go back home where they came from (my translation):

Because Greenlanders have repeatedly been attacked by Arab and Somali immigrants in the city of Århus, Danish authorities have started an information campaign in local schools and a slide show showing photos from Greenland with comments in Arabic. Greenlanders have been subject to rock throwing, harassment and assaults by Arabs. Residents in the district of Gellerup stay in their flats for most of the day because they fear to go outside. “It baffles me that parents don’t react to this. I complained to a mother in my apartment building after her son had assaulted me, but she slammed the door shut in my face,” says Naasunnguaq, who uses the Inuit word for flower as a nickname because she wants to remain anonymous. She has lived in the neighborhood for 16 years. According to Lars, also from Greenland, Arabs have racist views of Greenlanders: “They cannot understand why we should be allowed to live in Denmark. Even if we try to explain that we are Danes and get [Danish] citizenship by birth, they don’t understand it,” he says.


Their football matches and events during Greenland’s National Day have also been interrupted by rock throwing. A large number of security guards had to be employed to keep the attackers at bay. According to the chairman of the Multicultural Association in Gellerup, Rabhi Azad-Ahmad, the attacks are caused by ignorance and prejudice, and because young Arabs and Somalis are looking for easy targets to assault in order to send a message of strength to other groups. Several of the Greenlanders have problems with finding a place to live in other parts of the town, but the Århus municipality will try to accommodate those wishing to move to other apartments in order to escape the racist violence.

More Muslim violence, this time from Germany:
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Private security guards are to be hired at schools in a tough Berlin district from August to keep teenagers in check after a series of schoolyard brawls and attacks by ex-pupils, the municipality said Friday.

The ethnically mixed Neukoelln district will pay the guards to rush to trouble spots in the district’s 76 schools, although teachers say this should be the job of the police.

It will be the first time in Germany that private guards have been employed in schools.

Heinz Buschkowsky, the district mayor, said, “Right now we can’t assure parents that their children are safe.”

A year ago, teachers admitted they were powerless to check fighting at one school where young Arabs were the main ethnic group, and police began checking pupils at the school gate for knives and other weapons.

This month a teacher was beaten up at another school by a former pupil.

And from Holland:

A group of six men assaulted two gay men on the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam city centre last Thursday night.


The group then headed towards the Herengracht. Witnesses had called police and the six were arrested. The suspects are all between the ages of 15 and 19. Four are of Moroccan descent, one is Surinamese and one is Turkish.

According to NIS News:

The cabinet considers radical Muslims are in principle allowed to use democratic procedures with the aim of undermining democracy. This is not dangerous; democracy is strong enough to withstand such a movement.

The government is convinced that “religion — thus, also Islam — can make a positive contribution to cohesion in society.”


falcon_01 said...

But don't you know by now they are just exercising their politically correct and protected rights to violently express hatred and persecute others who do not conform to their will? How can we be so "intolerant" of their will to kill us?
The PC movement will not rest until "radical" muslims are allowed to completely subjugate everyone on the planet, or chop off our heads (or both if they want).

xavier said...

Instead of giving a powerpoint slideshow, how about booting the Arabs/Moslems out of Greenland....permenantly,


R. Hartman said...

People are alread so intimidated that they try to explain to immigrant scum that they are born Danish. It's about time for Argentinian measures, as there are no hopes of ever pumping any sense of decency into these criminals. Problem is that even Marocco doesn't want these people , er, pigs; they cause lots of problems during their summer holidays in their 'native' country.

Satantiago said...
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Petey said...

Perhaps these Islamic folk might feel less inclined to violence if they understood the nature of the Inuit and if they were educated about them. Maybe a cultural exchange with Greenland is in order. In fact we could set up a cultural center several miles east of Thule. There these Islamic folk could really learn about the lifestyle and the value of traditional Greenlander dietary practices and the value of high body fat when it's 0 deg. in the summer. I bet seal blubber goes pretty well with cury and rice. Then the very learned survivors can come home and teach their friends what they know. It all works out, were happy they're less angry and the Polar bear get fed.

David M said...

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Ypp said...

The typical liberal way of fighting crime is to settle criminals among law-obiding people, to teach them good behavior. The more crime, the larger numbers of criminals will be transferred. Since we have a whole bunch of failing countries, we should expect lagge numbers of residents of those countries to be settled in the West in order to improve them

El Rider said...

No reports like that in the US. Not only have muslims not yet hit "critical mass" but here in America we have guns and we use them, regularly.

History Snark said...

I think people are forgetting something: Denmark is a friend to the US. THus they are to be blamed for Iraq because they haven't restrained the aggression and militarism of the US.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Hi new blogs are springing up over Scotland, maybe to replace the ones that were removed by the BNP to stop legal challenges.

I noticed this one linked to you so perhaps you could return the favour


Thanks a lot the chaps will be chuffed

pps brill post I have cut and pasted and forwarded it on to friends in Scotland.

Mr. Spog said...

Today it's the Greenlanders who do not belong in Denmark; tomorrow it will be the Danes.

Yankee Doodle said...

And we'll be seeing more, not less, of this, as more Muslims move to Eurabia and the North American Union.

El Rider, we need to talk to Jorge Arbusto about immigration. Meanwhile,

"here in America we have guns and we use them"

there are too many people working on that -- by the time Muslims hit a critical mass here, lawfully-owned firearms may be a critical deficiency.

Good post, Fjordman & G.O.V.!

Yorkshireminer said...

I have just read the article in JUTLAND'S POST what caught my eye were a couple of sentences at the beginning of the article. Here is my rough and ready translation.

A presentation about Greenland is to be seem every day on a screen in Gellerup Bibliotek, what is so interesting is that the pictures have Arabic text.

I think this says it all. If you have to have Arabic text then it shows that the muslim community are not integrated. You have to know DANISH to be integrated. Having to put on such a presentations begging the muslims to be tolerant over for other cultures, shows that the muslim culture is not tolerant.
This of cause will be a failure, asking tolerance from a growing testosterone driven overrepresented muslim youth, who can't get there hands in the cookie jar because all the girls are bagged up in black and in certain circumstances sewn shut, is a recipe for disaster. Not being able to get at the females and driven by testosterone and the (good book). They preen and bellow like stags in rut. There has to be an outlet somewhere. Not being the sharpest tools in the shed, they do not realize that most religions control there followers, and their religion more so, by putting strong sexual prohibitions on access to the opposite sex.

What usually happens when countries grow rich, is that women get treated as equals, religious prohibitions wane, couple this with effective birth control and women start to take over in their choice of a partner. They dress more revealing, and begin to check out the male talent to see who is the right fit. The mini skirt and the sexual revolution of the 60s was female driven. If the country remains rich then these new rules tend to stay in place.

Import an alien culture whose views are diametrically apposed to the prevailing attitude and you have a recipe for disaster. The males are forced to look down on the indigenous culture as they are taught that their culture is far superior. Yet they are driven by a sexual need and as such feel guilty, as their culture is superior they project their guilt on the indigenous population, especially the women as these are the weakest, and the target of their lust. is it any wonder why we have rise in rape cases. We males now have very little choice in choosing a partner, and have little or no incentive in protecting our breeding stock, we no longer own it but rent it. Ask any man who has gone through a divorce, he has very few rights and just has to pay.

I feel very sorry for the Greenlanders, not being a large population, they have no demographic inertia. If all the 56,000 Greenlanders emigrated to Denmark there enclaves would be relatively small and would find where ever they lived unable to resist muslim encroachment. They also have distinctive features and tend to be smaller and stockier than the Danes. This makes them easy visible targets.

This shows a council that doesn't really know what to do. They have to be seen to be doing something, so they come up with this idea. As the male muslim population rises the problem will only get worse until a tipping point is reached and a backlash starts. Sad terrible times are ahead for us all.

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Wow this post, heck this entire blog is serious. At first I thought this was all satire. But you really think the Muslim hordes want to conquer Denmark. Better start building that fallout shelter mate.

X said...

Surely you can be more creative with your insults?

Zerosumgame said...


Wow this post, heck this entire blog is serious. At first I thought this was all satire. But you really think the Muslim hordes want to conquer Denmark.

Hey, we're just listening to what you Muslims tell us. It's not like you've been making a secret of plans for a worldwide caliphate...

By the way, according to Alexa, Danes are now down to 2.3% of the hits here. I find that odd, as there has been a lot of posting on Scandinavia lately.

Meanwhile, Archonix (how ya' doin?) is holding up his end -- the UK is at 10%.

Unknown said...

Ikbal Khaldun is able to state what muslims want?
We just have to do to muslims what muslim had done to frenchs in Algerie in the 60s.
All the reasons you can give to justifie what was done to french can be turned against you.
For those who dont know there was in Oran a kind of medical center where abducted french colons where bleed to death by transfusion to algerian nacionalistas

Profitsbeard said...

What the hell we people in the west thinking bringing in Islamo-cuckoo's eggs into their civilizational nest?

It isn't immigration, it;s colonization.

The Koran says so.

All must become Islamic, be enslaved, or die.

As clear as the Nazis.

But more dangerous.

Beach Girl said...

Profitsbeard is dead-on - it is colonization. In February 2002, after the 9/11 bombings in the US, a woman phoned into the Michael Savage show. Her words have stayed with me. She said in effect Muslims were establishing colonies here in the US and the mosques, Islamic schools and centers just solidified their communities. We had better be careful because their only goal was to bring us into submission to Islam. Hmmm...

With Gordon Brown's removal of Muslim and terrorists from the violent Islamist terrorists, I feel so much better. I'm sure our friends in England do too.

Excellent post, by the way!

Iqbal Khaldun said...

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Profitsbeard said...

iqbal khaldun-

Daniel Pearl would be, except they sliced his head off.

Who's trying to blow smoke where the sun don't shine?

I hear Mecca is lovely, especially this time of year.

Time to go stone Shaitan, eh iq?

Captain USpace said...

But I'm sure they attack the Greenlanders in a peaceful way...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't call a spade a spade

Islamist terrorism
not related to Islam

X said...

the UK is at 10%

Can't be me, I do all my reading through google reader and then just pop in to make comments. That woudl show up as "US or Commercial" in most stats

Toad734 said...

Wow, thats shocking. Its almost worse than being an Arab in Israel.

X said...

Arabs in israel have a better life than I do in the UK these days.

Unknown said...

Oddly enough, I see similar problems in the 'States among the poorest minorities and immigrant subcultures. Does that mean we should be taking... measures against the Baptists and Catholics?


Unknown said...

greenland Ackbar!