Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Counterjihad Calendar: January

The Counterjihad Calendar Project is designed to support and supplement the efforts of Stop the Islamization of Europe and the group’s plans for a Counterjihad rally in Brussels on September 11th. SIOE is a joint effort put together by SIAD in Denmark and Akte-Islam in Germany, who have combined forces to stage a protest at the EU Parliament on the anniversary of 9-11. My goal is to have the complete calendar available before then.

Stop the Sharia Clock!

A few weeks ago I posted a preliminary version of my calendar idea, and took suggestions from readers for improvements in the design. I’ve heeded some of the advice, and the revised version of January is ready to go.

Each month will feature an Islamized monument or building that is iconic for the country. Some of them will be well-known to everyone; others will be familiar mainly to the citizens of the countries involved.

The end product will be a wall calendar that will be sold at our Café Press store.

I started with France because — let’s face it — the French have the most impressive monuments in Europe.

Each calendar image has to fit on an 11"x17" page, so I will be inserting a sidebar on the left side of the page, as shown in the January image below (click the image for a larger version):


The “Islamized Europe” logo will appear at the top of the sidebar on each calendar page, and the country featured that month will be highlighted in red on the little map. Readers will notice that I took their advice and simplified the background of the feature image.

On the sidebar I will list as many Counterjihad websites as I can find from the country shown on that page. The French links I have collected so far are:
- - - - - - - - - -
I need more input from readers in each country to help me create lists of URLs for that country. It would be satisfying to fill up the entire sidebar with Counterjihad sites, so please send me links.

A reminder — these are the twelve countries I will be using for the 2008 calendar:

  • France
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • India
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • The U.S.A.
  • Greece
  • Britain
  • Australia
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain

As I feature each country in a post, readers may post their suggested counterjihad links in the comments, or send them via email. Like many Gates of Vienna projects, this will be a group effort.

Next up (for February): Denmark. Vikings, get ready with your links.

Så er det nok!


kepiblanc said...

Well Baron, you asked for it. Here are my favored Danish blogs:

Fernando A. Ramírez Martínez said...

Great Idea, I'm so buying that calendar. Concerning anti jihad spanish blogs: Take a look at this aggregator of libertarian anti jihad blogs.

You could use the monastery of El Escorial for the spanish theme. It was built by Philip the second, the king that won the battle of Lepanto.

Baron Bodissey said...

Kepi --

Thanks for those. I have several of those on our blogroll already, and also some othes, such as Zonka (although I will use "Zonka På Dansk" for the calendar, of course).

Snipfer --

Thanks, that link was just what I needed.

I was thinking of using Cordoba, for its historical resonance. But I haven't decided for certain.

Chiefy said...

Do any of the above sites have English Translations? I would love to add other countries to my daily reading.

songdongnigh said...

Well Baron, Art is in the eye of the beholder. I just have to say it: The January image looks like something the Jihadi would print AFTER the fall of France. Featuring the enemies symbols is a tricky business. The best graphics impart their message in a split second. The message I got is that Islam is already paramount over France. You’re on a good track with the calendar, but the imagery is ambiguous. Please take this as food for thought from a long time reader and wholehearted supporter of The Gates of Vienna. And no, I don’t have anything better, or worse, just sayin‘.

Chiefy said...

Well No Pasaran andGalliaWatch are in English. Sorry, I'm a one language guy, but working on it.

Jeremia said...

Dutch blogs (some in English):

Anonymous said...

Excellent Baron

Zarxos said...

Glad to see you implemented my suggestion. I think the lack of so many words makes the image more powerful.

Yet I think it would look even better with the "Suffit!" in the (left) corner or at least to the side a bit.

Just my thoughts. Take 'em or leave 'em.


Keep up the good work though. It's a fantastic idea. I'm eagerly awaiting Denmark's picture.

Jeremia said...

I forgot one of the best horses in the Dutch stable:

Unknown said...

Do you even know what Jihad means? Contrary to popular belief, its not a holy war to destroy other religions and to make Islam predominant. That kind of act is forbidden in Islam.

A Jihad is any Islamic act that is performed under dire circumstances. Such as

* praying five times a day in a non-Muslim country even if people oppress and ridicule you for praying. Or if your work schedule refuses to allow you to take time to perform prayers but you manage to do it somehow. That's Jihad.

* Wearing Hijab even if other people who rather you look and act like them oppress you. Its funny cause Muslim women make the decision to wear the hijab and non-Muslim people oppress them then they go around saying things like 'empower' and 'free' the Muslim women. So silly. I wear hijab cause I want to. If you treat me differently, then you're the one who is oppressing me.

* Eating only halal food even if the country you live in is determined to make your life hell because they hate you for being different.

* Killing in self-defense to protect yourself, others and property. Unfortunately this is the only thing that you short-sighted people think is Jihad.

I'm just wondering, how many Muslims do you know exactly? Can't be many... Swimming in your own ignorance.

Jeremia said...

Tazkera, nobody is forcing you to stay in a country full of short-sighted people that hate you, oppress you and make life hell for you. Why don't you do all of us a favour and return to where you (or your family) came from.