Sunday, July 22, 2007

Strangers in the Night

When I was in Copenhagen in April, the weather was unusually fine and warm, and downtown Copenhagen came alive in the evenings with a foretaste of summer nightlife. Kepiblanc, our Danish correspondent and frequent commenter here at Gates of Vienna, offered to give me an after-dark tour, so we took a stroll through the narrow streets of the old city.

From time to time he pointed out groups of young Muslim men who were heading for the nightclubs. They were dressed fashionably, and appeared to be mainly Turks and South Asians. According to Kepiblanc they frequent the bars and discotheques in search of something hard to find in their own cultural milieu: available young women.

Yesterday Kepiblanc sent me an email with more information on this topic:


As you probably remember from our joint evening walks in downtown Copenhagen, one can always spot a “dance hall” — or discotheque — by the crowd of Middle Eastern types hanging around outside, arguing with a doorman while harassing female bypassers.

Of course, the Danish equivalent of CAIR, several Danish factions of the “do-good-industry”, and useful-idiot politicians accuse the doormen of “racism”, bigotry, and discrimination. Accordingly the “cultural enrichers” have started to sue doormen and bar owners — and with success in some cases.

Now, what can a bar owner or a doorman do to protect his business, his customers and earn a little money? If he lets the “youths” inside one thing is a given: trouble. His business is founded on selling liquor, wine, and beer. But Muslims don’t buy anything. Instead they “engage” the Danish girls (Muslim girls are not allowed outside their homes) in a rather un-Danish way. The girls mostly refuse to dance with them, but since Muslims can’t fathom that, the girls need protection from Danish boys. Then the fighting starts. Suddenly fists and knives appear, and the evening is ruined. As is the discotheque.

So, for the bar owner and the doorman it’s a lose-lose situation.

Below is Kepiblanc’s translation of a story from yesterday evening on Danish TV2:

Discotheque: Muslims make trouble

København natklub [Photo text: “Sorry fellas, I can’t let you in.”]

The overwhelming majority of problems in the discotheques can be related to young, Muslim immigrants. So says one of the owners of Australian Bar in Copenhagen, Tommy Petersen, who has appeared several times in media stories for rejecting immigrants. Tommy Petersen underscores that it has nothing to do with racism and discrimination:

“They are mostly unable to behave themselves because they don’t know, or will not respect, the norms and mores of the local nightlife,” he says.

In June the discotheque rejected a young Danish-Turk due to his haircut, a so-called “army cut”, with reference to the dress code of the place. Likewise the discotheque in February rejected three foreigners. The doorman in question later had to pay a fine of DKR 1,000 [$180].

Kepiblanc adds this editorial afterword:
- - - - - - - - - -
But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Several ways, actually.

Some discotheques made an agreement with the cops: They maintain a photo gallery of the “usual suspects” which makes it legal to reject matching faces. Others have established themselves as members-only, but the Muslims somehow figured that one out, so now they’re whining and seething about “racism” once more.

Fortunately, man’s best friend came into the play: by claiming an anti-drug policy some discotheques now place a “sniffer-dog” at the door. Poodles, bulldogs — whatever. It doesn’t matter: Muslims are afraid of being touched by dogs, so they leave the place without further ado.

While the Danes just pat the tail-wagging doggie on the head and walk right in.

I guess it’ll be a while until the Muslims’ lawyers figure out how to handle that one in court, but if they do, I have a suggestion:

Refurbish all the discotheques. Use swine-leather upholstery on all furniture, bars and doorknobs.

Keep the room clean.


Unknown said...

That's the way. There much more to do in this field. What about a knife with pork bones carving in the blade? Or ball cartridges with shots and pork bone splinters?

Vasarahammer said...

Recently an owner of several Helsinki nightclubs raised the same issue. I don't have the article at hand but the message was the same.

'Youths' arrive to nightclubs in groups, harass the women and when they are confronted, the buddies appear with knives.

According to the night club owner, some Helsinki night clubs have an unofficial policy of not letting in the 'youths'. So far this has not caused an outcry of racism and discrimination in the media.

carpenter said...

Well, we have similar bar problems in Sweden too. Here, a "discrimination industry" has occured., 29:th of May
A piece of translation:
"Struggle against restaurant racism - A business idea?
'The Law students' has recieved much - overwhelmingly positive - publicity for their struggle against club-racism. After having sued about a dozen clubs for ethnical discrimination, their requirements of damage compensation amount to almost 1 000 000 kronor [around $140 000]. Now, they're accused of having found a profitable business idea
So far, they have recieved just over 100 000 kronor [around $14 000]. But they will possibly recieve even more. According to the 'law students' themselves their demands amount to one million, against 13 clubs
It all started three years ago, as a discrimination experiment by the law students. With hidden camera an microphone, they went around in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Their work resulted in reports against 13 clubs.

Vasarahammer said...

Here's an excerpt of the interview of Sedu Koskinen, owner of several night clubs in Helsinki. The entire interview is available in Finnish at .Translation is by me:

Sedu Koskinen spoke of a politically sensitive subject in Haaga Studia Restonomia seminar, namely allowing
entry of foreigners to a night club.

"Today there is a problem with foreigners. One must raise this issue in some forum. I sometimes
get tens of complaints that there have been too many foreigners in our place. Regular customers
find that disturbing. Foreign men don't necessarily respect others, especially women. They openly
grab, fondle and behave badly. That is the reality."

"And when the foreigners start making trouble, it is not that do I hit first or do you. At that
point they have already hit, usually with a knife or a beer mug. And normally they come in groups.
They make sure that the group is there and then they start hitting."

"Finns normally don't come in groups. When the foreigners visit a club, they don't come in at once,
but one by one. But they still constitute a gang. When a Finnish gang arrives, they all come at the same
time and they will be noticed at once and their entry is refused. They cannot do that. Foreigners
know how to deal with it.
Obviously we are not talking about the French here. Are there any specific nationalities you need to look
out for?

"Yeah there are. Yugos, Albanians and Asians are a dangerous lot. And the Somalis have arrived as
their own group. They have lived here so long that they know the system and speak Finnish. They are
not outsiders any more. They are deep in the system. And I am not a racist. I have spent a lot of time
abroad and always try to understand as far as possible, but the problems are a reality today. At some
point they may get out of hand, as it has already happened in Sweden and Germany, for example."

However, the law requires that you cannot refuse entry based on race or nationality.

"I know many clubs in Helsinki that forbid entry of foreigners. Even in the most popular clubs
there are clear rules. You just don't talk about them."
Frankly, I'm surprised that he has not been visited by the thought police yet. I used the term 'foreigners' even though that does not sound good in English.

History Snark said...

In a way, the US has this problem also. Only here, it's blacks. A few years ago, my city closed down yet another "black club", prompting a huge debate over racism- was the city discriminating?

The problem though was simple: Every time a club opened which catered to Blacks, it became a constant source of trouble for the police. Usually, within a few months it was shut down. Often after a shooting or two.

The same thing happened after a big rap concert in town.

So I think if the authorities want to do something about the problem they could. However, in Scandinavia, the people in charge would rather be politically correct, than protect folks.

I do like the list of offenders, as long as it's updated weekly or more.

turn said...

I bet some of those cute Vietnamese pot bellied pigs could be trained to sniff for drugs.

kepiblanc said...

turn, excellent idea! - We had a major art exhibition once where 10-12 of those cute Vietnamese pigs had a corner and were running freely around. They're clean, social and funny. The kids love to play with them, so if every disco-bar had a few....

kepiblanc said...

Gun-toter, a "black club" ??? - Does that mean a place exclusively for blacks? - Isn't that (reverse) racism par excellence? - Don't you have a (Council for American Caucasian Relations) over there?

History Snark said...


Sorry. Lost an entire comment due to the small keyboard. To recap:

Kepiblanc, a Black Club is one where they play crappy ghetto "music", and I suspect stand around acting cool. A white guy could possibly go in there, but I don't think it would be a good idea. White women would be welcome, but I don't know if I'd suggest that either.

It's the kind of place where you literally get patted down at the door, and can't wear your coat inside. (I was in a place like that on business once. It wasn't even open yet, I had an appointment, and I was wearing an ID badge from the company I worked for. I still got frisked, and still had to leave my coat at the door. And the only people inside were the owner, the muscle and me.)

At any rate, to answer your other question, there is no CACR. I guess we white men are so busy repressing everyone that we don't have time to organize on our own behalf.

We don't need any protections, because we're white men.

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

Kepiblanc said "Refurbish all the discotheques. Use swine-leather upholstery on all furniture, bars and doorknobs."
- - - - -

Pigskin decor! Wonderful idea! Also the K-9 "peacekeepers". I've read that some American clubs have a "no hats allowed" policy (supposedly to discourage Blacks, who, I'm told, have a fondness for all kinds of head gear). Is there anything the Muslims favor as part of their dress that could be banned?

Unknown said...

They cannot, or must not, drink.
Invent some ceremony to drink before entry.
Who drink gets in.
Who dont drink gets out.

kepiblanc said...

And the discotheques could, once in a while, interrupt the noise and play a little music. In Islam music is haram - forbidden.