Sunday, July 29, 2007

Catching Up on Scott Thomas: Victim Extraordinaire

Dan Riehl has been following the TNR debacle quite thoroughly. Scroll down through his posts to learn that the mystery soldier is married to a staff person at The New Republic.

Discover the real name of this military journalist sap, and look at some of his former blog entries. Hint: “Integrity” is not his middle name.

Finally, follow Dan’s link to Howard Kurtz at WaPo. Foer, TNR’s editor, is quoted as complaining that his writer has:

“…lost his lifeline to the rest of the world” because military officials have taken away his laptop, cellphone and e-mail privileges.

Poor baby. These horrible events he witnessed: scarred women, dogs run over by soldiers, men doubled over in laughter at mass graves... No doubt all these are seared, seared into his memory.

This guy is in doo-doo so deep that you have to wonder at his intellectual capacity. Did he really think no one would check his credibility? Does he live in a moonbat bubble, even in Iraq?

Be sure to read all of Dan’s reports on the now-outed Scott Thomas. And pay attention to Dan’s ideas about this person’s motivation. Aside from being resentful that he is a poor viktim of the rigid imperial military, I mean. So far he hasn’t claimed to have been drafted, but that may be next.

The boy’s out for notoriety and bucks. Which the not so gentle pacifists will give him in great abundance. This is the new anti-war poster boy. What Kerry did for Vietnam, “Scott Thomas” will do for Iraq. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Follow da money.

[TNR's tawdry mess ends here]


Don Miguel said...

‘The magazine's editor, Franklin Foer, disclosed in an interview that Beauchamp is married to a New Republic staffer, and that is "part of the reason why we found him to be a credible writer." Foer also said Beauchamp "has put himself in significant jeopardy" and "lost his lifeline to the rest of the world" because military officials have taken away his laptop, cellphone and e-mail privileges.’

After reading what Foer said to Howard Kurtz, I can see how TNR got snookered by Beauchamp: Foer is a bloody idiot. Like most journalists, he doesn’t know squat about the military. Even if you forget about all of the factual errors in Beauchamp’s stories and give him the benefit of the doubt about the rest of what he wrote (no matter how implausible), there’s a glaring question to be asked: where are the NCOs and officers when all of these alleged incidents happened? The fact is that in every "incident" he wrote about there would have been an NCO and/or officer present. And in today’s politically correct Army, none of them would have put up with that kind of crap. In fact, he’d have a boot up his ass immediately because no superior would put his career in jeopardy for any of the things that Beauchamp alleged – especially after what those dumbasses at Abu Ghraib did.

And as Dymphna said, Beauchamp "is in doo-doo so deep that you have to wonder at his intellectual capacity." Regardless of the truth of his stories, he committed crimes under the UCMJ. He either participated in, witnessed and did not report, or made up (thus libeling his fellow soldiers) actionable offenses under the UCMJ. Of course he "lost his lifeline to the rest of the world;" this pure excuse for a soldier is a menace to his unit.

History Snark said...

Ace has spent a lot of time on this idiot as well. The most interesting thing to me as an ex-soldier is that, right off the bat, he was described as a "private". In Army terms, that's either an E-1 or an E-2. Which means he's at the absolute bottom of the food chain.

Supposedly, he's a college grad. I went in right after I graduated from University, and I went in as an E-3. Most folks that go in as an E-1 get promoted as soon as they complete their training.

So I immediately smelled a rat. The only way a college grad with over a year in the Army could be a "private" is if he got busted. And that would also explain his "everybody's picking on me" complex.

In any case, as I put it in a comment on Ace of Spades, he's a jackass with delusions of grandeur. And he seems to be functionally illiterate to boot.