Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gossip-Mongers in Denmark

Here’s an update on the Danica White, the Danish freighter that was captured by pirates early last month. According to the latest news, the pirates are being aided by a fifth column of Somali immigrants in Denmark.

From an article in Monday’s Ekstra Bladet (my translation):

Kidnappers Have Gossip-Mongers in Denmark

The Foreign Ministry and the shipping company are silent about the five Danish sailors on board the freighter Danica White. The pirates are said to have many gossip-mongers in Denmark.

The Danica WhiteFive Danish sailors have been hostages now for six weeks. They are on board the Danish freighter Danica White. On June 1st Somali pirates took the Danes prisoner, and captured the ship, in international waters 210 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia.

Continuing negotiations to free the sailors have been kept secret by the ship’s owners, H. Folmer and Co., and the Foreign Ministry. They have released no information about them to the general public, nor about the well-being of the sailors on board.

According to Ritzau’s [the news agency’s] sources, the reason is that all the information about this that leaks to the public is immediately broadcast from resident Somalis to the pirates who hold the five Danish seamen captive. About 17,000 Somalis have settled in Denmark.

There are unconfirmed rumors that the group that allegedly holds the five Danes in captivity has an intelligence network deeply embedded in the country, which is where the seafaring data is coming from. Presumably the same is true in Denmark.

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