Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Mullahs’ Federal Flophouse

NIACMove over, CAIR.

Welcome NIAC to the cohort of American Islamic groups that gather in Washington D.C. to gorge at the federal trough and twist the arms of senators and congressman hard into the middle of their backs.

Muslim advocacy groups in the United States are slick, sophisticated, well-funded, and in your face. NIAC is a top player in all four of these categories. It’s the Shi’ite alternative to all those tiresome Sunni Wahhabists.

According to DKShideler at the CVF blog, the Iranian pressure group is confident that it can reserve a room in a Congressional office building as easily as you or I can book a double at Days Inn:

NIAC Books A Room: The House Republican Conference has one week to block the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), from holding a July 26, 2007 two and a half hour disinformation conference in room B 369, Rayburn House Office Building: “Human Rights in Iran and US Foreign Policy Options.”

NIAC presents itself as an educational non-partisan group, taking both sides of any issue, a slightly more sophisticated version of CAIR. But a closer look shows that they fit somewhere between open apologists for Ahmadinejad and a regime defense team running interference to prevent any U.S. actions against Iran. NIAC simply takes the Baker-Hamilton “realist” position to the logical conclusion of U.S. surrender: that the U.S. should appease Iran whenever possible, negotiate on Iranian terms all issues of interest to the Mullahs, and never support Iranian democracy advocates or any internal critics of the Mullahs’ regime.

Go over to the CVF blog to find out the details of the NIAC offensive, including a cast of characters and a set of mug shots. The usual suspects are there — Mad Jad featured prominently — but there are others you probably haven’t heard of or seen before.

NIAC is carrying water for the mullahs in Iran, even as it pretends not to. Its purpose in Washington is to make sure that the administration and Congress remain hobbled by indecision and fecklessness for as long as possible:
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For NIAC, being an “advocacy organization” means pressuring Congress and the White House to eliminate or freeze economic sanctions and to stop any support for Iranian democracy supporters or dissidents. They’re wrong about Iranian Americans of course: those thousands of successful Iranian-Americans are involved in U.S. politics as citizens, as voters, through professional and civic associations. They’re just not involved in a way that makes them a malleable constituency for a handful of elite politicians in Tehran or Washington, D.C.

Iran Is a State Sponsor of Terrorism: Keep in mind that on April 30, 2007, the State Department Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism designated Iran as a state sponsor of terror…

DKShideler’s conclusion:

Bottom Line: As a public education effort, consider asking your Congressman these questions:

Will the Republican Leadership support NIAC’s efforts to book the room on July 26, or encourage Mr. Soros to spring for a room at an actual Motel 6?

Should your congressman be supporting efforts to buy Ahmadinejad more time?

Should we keep his economy chugging along without stronger economic sanctions, lest the Iranian mullahs begin to feel deprived?

If all efforts to assist dissidents and democracy advocates result in their imprisonment, is it NIAC’s position that ineffectual hand-wringing is the only alternative?

Ineffectual hand-wringing is official U.S. Government policy. There’s a chapter dedicated to it in the State Department handbook. It’s employed so frequently that the acronym IHW is used for it in the literature.

If you want to see more than that, contact your senator or representative.

And go over to CVF to learn more.


Always On Watch said...

The political jihad is accelerating!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back. And, Happy Motoring.

falcon_01 said...

Welcome back from me as well! Had me worried of impending doom (no more than usual paranoia) that I posted "Go Bag" suggestions!

mikej said...

According to its 2006 IRS Form 990, available in PDF from, NIAC is pretty small potatoes by comparison with the outfits that import refugees, many of them Muslims. NIAC took in less that $400K in 2006, none of it from the government. It appears that its main activities are maintining an office and an annoying web site. Unlike the National Council of La Raza, which did receive a bunch of government money, NIAC claims that it is not a lobby, i.e., it answers No to Part III, question 1.

Of course, if we're going to let Muslims run loose in our country, then they have the same rights to free expression that we have, don't they? I'd prefer to boot them out, but the Bush administration prefers to admit more of them all the time.

Infidel & Kafir Watch said...

Political Jihad is either accelerating or you are loosing the battle and becoming weaker?

which one is it?