Friday, July 06, 2007

Here’s Some Live News Coverage from Fausta @ 3:00 p.m. EDT

Update: Here’s the direct link to today’s podcast.

Monica Showalter of Investor's Business Daily, Robert Meyer of Publius Pundit, and Gateway Pundit talk to Fausta about Colombia, the US Congress and the Free Trade Agreement in this afternoon's special podcast.

You can listen to it here.

You can call in with questions if you listen live. If that’s not possible, be sure to check out Fausta’s archived broadcast.

Personally, I want to listen so I can hear if Gateway Pundit sounds as good as he looks. That boy oughta be in the movies.

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Sir Henry Morgan said...

Apologies in advance for this, and if you want to pull it, that’s fine - but here’s the latest from the UK.

You might want to put this up as a full post:

Off topic, but vitally important for us to know.

“” Scary ?

from Daily Telegraph letters page today;

Ethnic Border Guards

Sir - There are certainly very serious questions to be asked about the manning, mission and effectiveness of the Border and Immigration Agency of the Home Office, previously the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (Letters, July 5). It says its role is “securing our borders, enforcing our immigration laws and managing migration to the benefit of the UK”. Its catastrophic failure to perform these functions correctly is plain for all to see.

When I said to a previous Home Secretary that the controls at our ports of entry were “beacons of political correctness”, he replied that I had made a demeaning remark. I therefore asked the Home Office what proportion of its staff in the various immigration, identity and passport services were from ethnic minorities.

Given that ethnic minorities are estimated to form about 6.7 per cent of our total population of working age, I was alarmed to receive the reply that, of those staff whose ethnicity was recorded, 29 per cent of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, 30 per cent of the Immigration Service and 14 per cent of the Identity and Passport Service were from ethnic minorities.

While it is only right and proper that all law-abiding bona fide citizens, regardless of ethnicity, should have equal opportunities, the manning of our front-line immigration services is curiously disproportionate. It does not promote confidence in the agencies responsible for the control of our borders and therefore the security and integrity of our nation.

Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, Conservative Defence and Security Spokesman, Brussels “”

[[SHM adds: Note: “of those staff whose ethnicity was recorded …” - so how high is the actual number in these departments?

The government CAN’T be doing this out of sheer incompetence. No one, not even this bunch could be that incompetent. They MUST have an agenda.

How many jihadis are getting through that even the intelligence services and police don’t know about? THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF!… we need to know]]

Go have a read, with Captain Haddock’s usual pithy comment added on.

PS I think our countries, people and cultures are being betrayed by our leaderships - knowingly.

Yorkshireminer said...

Another Brit who is OT it seems that SIAD has found a lawyer so a law suit seems on the cards against the Koran. Don't you just love the Danes