Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Danish Soldiers Are Legitimate Targets

Islam is a political ideology with the trappings of a religion, and adherents who are zealous in their practice of Islam are engaging in political activism, often of the most radical and violent form.

For that reason we right-wing extremists regard vigorously practicing Muslims as a potential fifth column in their adopted countries in the West. As a result we are considered “racists” and “Islamophobes”.

But there is no secret about the lack of loyalty among Muslims in the West. Sedition is routinely recorded in opinion polls, proclaimed from the pulpit, broadcast over the airwaves, posted on the internet, and distributed in newspapers. One has to be willingly blind, stupid, or dead in order to ignore it.

Then from time to time outrageous traitors emerge who are too obvious to ignore. Take, for example, the case of Asmaa Abdol-Hamid, a candidate for the Danish Parliament. Zonka has kindly translated this article from Monday’s B.T.:

Asmaa: Fair to attack Danish soldiers in Iraq

Danish soldiers in Iraq are everyday being attacked with rockets and mortars. The violence by Iraqi insurgents is increasing, with dead and wounded as the result. But that is all right, according to Enhedslisten’s controversial candidate for parliament, Asmaa Abdol-Hamid.

In the latest issue of Socialistisk Arbejderavis [Socialist Workers’ Newspaper — translator] she encourages the support of the Iraqis in their fight against Danish and other foreign forces.

Yesterday B.T. caught the charismatic parliamentary candidate for Enhedslisten by phone.

Asmaa Abdol-HamidWhat kind of fight is it that you want to support for the Iraqis?

“I support the Iraqi people’s movement against the occupation forces. As everybody else they have the right to live in a land where they decide for themselves.”

B.T. wrote Sunday that the Iraqi rebels are being paid 1,000 kr [approx. $180] every time they attack the Danish and British base in Basra.

Do you object to the Iraqis who are waging an armed fight against the Danish forces?

“I am not against an armed fight. It is a resistance fight, and thus it is completely fair,” says Asmaa Abdol-Hamid to B.T.

Asmaa’s statements are causing scandal and puzzlement at Christiansborg [location of Folketinget, the Danish parliament].
- - - - - - - - - -
“She is a confused young lady. She has said so much and contradicted herself so many times that one gets dizzy,” states Naser Khader, New Alliance.

“She’s got it completely wrong. It is the Iraqi government, which is legitimate and approved by the U.N., so it is that government one has to support,” says Naser Khader.

And the conservative Allan Niebuhr, who is chairman of the Parliament’s Defense Committee, is scandalized.

“It’s complete insanity. One can have many political opinions, but what she is saying openly calls for direct battle against Danish soldiers. It is very offensive,” he says to B.T.

In Enhedslisten there is support for Asmaa’s statements. Another member of parliament, Frank Aaen, supports the idea that the fight against Danish and other soldiers is legitimate.

“We are saddened every time a human dies in war, Danish, Iraqi or American. But resistance against an occupation force is completely legitimate — and we have been against the war from the start, and believe that the occupational forces should be called home.

“But we are at the same time against all forms of terror. In that I am convinced that Asmaa agrees, and thus there is nothing in which she is quoted for that points in any other direction,” says Frank Aaen to B.T.

Zonka adds a couple of comments:

  • This interview is from the Multicultural newspaper B.T., which is far nicer to the views of Asmaa than others, and is trying to do damage control. Other newspapers are far less sympathetic.
  • Asmaa has been reported to the police for violating section 100 (§100) in the criminal penalty code, which covers High Treason (Crimes against King and Country) as well as agitation for assault against the country. The report has been made by Rasmus Jarlov, a Conservative member of Parliament. (Jyllands-Posten)

Zonka has also translated an editorial on the topic of Asmaa from today’s Jyllands-Posten:

Editorial: The True Face

If there were even the slightest hope that Enhedslisten’s parliament candidate Asmaa Abdol-Hamid would listen, then one could patiently explain why her comparison between WWII and the Danish presence in Iraq is wrong.

One could tell her that the German troops weren’t invited to occupy Denmark by the Danish government. Even though one could criticize the cooperation policy, one cannot claim that the government invited Nazi Germany, not even to stay.

One could explain to her that neither the Danish or the other Western soldiers in Iraq are there as occupation troops, but on the contrary because the Iraqi government wants them there to help maintain the stability and security of the country.

However, there is no need to make the attempt, because Abdol-Hamid wouldn’t listen, and her agenda is different; she is not interested in historical facts.

When you think about it her statements about killing Danish soldiers are not really surprising, because it is the logical extension of her previous statements, which as a whole document that her sympathies lies somewhere other than with the Danish democracy.

What can surprise is what Enhedslisten wants with such a candidate. This party is to begin with an unusual mix of representatives of alternative points of view, but is strange that they choose a candidate who is a downright opponent of some of Enhedslisten’s core values, such as equality between the sexes.

The explanation seems to be the simple psychological mechanism, that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Members of Enhedslisten don’t like USA or the current Danish government. Neither does Abdol-Hamid. Thus she must be one of the good guys, and if she can secure votes from rabid Islamic groups, it is done in the service of a good cause.

So primitive seems to be the chain of reasoning.

The rest of us can rejoice that the candidate expresses her disgusting points of views so clearly that they serve as a grim warning.

Hat tip: Kepiblanc.


Zonka said...

Small correction, I mistakenly mistook the first article as coming from Politiken, when in fact it was from B.T. ... Mea culpa!

Baron Bodissey said...

Zonka --

Correction noted, and effected.

kepiblanc said...

Her party - Enhedslisten (Unity List) - is in severe internal conflict and seems to go completely down the drain. If it survives it will be due to its Muslim voters.

The questions of course are: can one commit high treason if not Danish? - Is she Danish? - If yes, why? - If not, why can she run for parliament?

Anyway, all Danes and our troops are outraged. This is certainly a major setback for the Muslims over here.

Unknown said...

Not only is she an evil piece of filth, but she's also a stupid piece of filth.

Pay attention, Asmaa.

Iraqis across the entire country of Iraq are turning against your murder/death cultist buddies in AQ and other "foreign" arab degenerates in Iraq and joining the US and coalition forces in ridding their country of your barbarous scum.

Yorkshireminer said...

Can she commit treason in Denmark now? The British Prime Minister I think he was called Blair got rid of the Treason laws in Britain in 1997, it seems that they offended the sensitivities of the Commission in Brussels. I would have assumed those moron in Brussels would have demanded the same from Denmark. I certainly would have no compunction as a prosecutor in bringing her before the courts if the Danish treason laws were still in place. A public execution in Tivoli complete with a nice Danish crowd with a Carlsberg in on hand and Dannbrog rampant in the other, cheering on the executioner, would certainly concentrate the minds of muslims in Denmark and make them reconsider their delusions of grandeur.

Zonka said...


The treason laws are still within the criminal penalty laws, but there haven't been a single case since Dr. Dampe who was sentenced to death in 1821, but later exiled for life at a military prison cell at Christiansø.

The relevant law in this matter is:

§100:1 he who by public statements encourages or causes evident danger for hostile measures against the Danish state, is punished by prison up to 6 years.

Unknown said...

Well then - bring her to trial. She's a traitor to Denmark if she takes on her political work as a Dane; if she does it as a muslim she is an enemy alien who should not be in parliament.