Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Israel Embraces the Nakba

The NakbaThe founding of Israel in 1948 is considered by the Arab world to be the greatest tragedy since the Crusades, and maybe even since the days of the Prophet. That’s why they have a special word for the event: the naqbah, or nakba, meaning “tragedy” or “catastrophe”.

Nothing else quite matches the nakba within the Palestinian territories for sheer emotive impact. In the Palestinian mind, the sorrow and rage engendered by the event justifies any activity — lying, stealing, destruction of property, kidnapping, suicide bombing, the murder of innocent people, the indiscriminate slaughter of women and children — anything.

Above all, the fury over the nakba requires the destruction of the state of Israel, and the extermination of the Jews.

Given all that, the only explanation I can put forward for the following story is — like so many actions taken in the West of late — mass insanity. Israel has decided to teach the nakba in its official school curriculum:

Israel Education Ministry ‘Nakba’ Curriculum

Arab schoolchildren in Israel will be taught next year that the founding of the State of Israel was a tragedy (Nakba in Arabic) in accordance with a widespread Arab view of the event.

The Education Ministry, headed by Prof. Yuli Tamir (Labor), has approved adding the Arab version to the curriculum in response to calls by Arab nationalists who requested the “Nakba“ version be taught in their schools.

The NakbaThe new directive approves a Grade 3 textbook “Living Together in Israel,” which was written by Arabs who left their homes during the 1948 War of Independence and claim that Israel took their land. The textbook evenhandedly points out that the Arab nations refused to accept the United Nations partition plan creating the Jewish State and a new Trans-Jordan country.

“The Arab narrative deserves to be told in Israel,” Tamir explained. Arab MKs congratulated her for her decision, though immediately raised new demands. Arab MK Hana Sweid said Tamir should now incorporate Arab poetry into Jewish school curricula, while MK Jamal Zechalke called for “Arab cultural autonomy” under which Arabs would solely determine Israeli-Arab schools’ curricula regarding Arab history and culture.

Not everybody in Israel is happy about this insanity. Reaction from the right was intense:
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MK Zevulun Orlev (NRP), a former Director-General of the Education Ministry, called upon Prime Minister Olmert to fire Tamir for making an “anti-Zionist decision that erases Jewish history and denies the State of Israel as a Jewish state. The Education Minister gives Arabs the legitimacy not to recognize Israel as the State of the Jewish people. This decision marks the “Nakba“ of Israel’s education network.”

Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman slammed Tamir as “expressing not only post-Zionism but also political masochism… The Israel left always complicates itself trying to justify the other side without understanding that there is nothing to justify.”

Moshe Feiglin, running for Likud Party Chairman on behalf of the party’s Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction, said, “If it is OK to teach Israeli[-Arab] schoolchildren that the Jewish victory in the War for Independence and the establishment of the Jewish State are actually a catastrophe, this means that the State of Israel is an illegitimate and temporary body… Yuli Tamir hereby reveals that she does not identify with the Jewish claim over the Land more than with the Arab claim. If we do not hurry and give Israel a leadership that truly believes in the justness of our existence, Israel will be erased from the map.”


It’s evident that there are some anti-Zionist Jews in Israel who look forward to the end of the state of Israel. Presumably they think that the utopian bi-national Palestinian entity will be such an enlightened and peaceful place that they will not be in danger of violence at the hands of the new Arab majority.

There are many people in the West these days who seem bent on collective suicide. But in the United States or Europe, it’s possible to imagine that the deadly results of suicidal government policies can be postponed for a generation or two.

But not in Israel. The mass insanity in evidence there will have a direct and immediate impact on the current generation. “Palestine” will not wait a moment before driving the Jews into the sea.

So maybe it’s time for the Jews in Israel, like those in Europe, to pack their bags and move… where?

Where can they go?

Hat tip: Dana.


History Snark said...

Well, the Joooos could always move back to Europe. The locals there would, I'm sure, embrace them with open arms. And give them a nice place to live while they work out a "Final Solution" to the Joooish Question.

Which in turn reminds me of probably the first Mark Steyn column I ever read. He was at a dinner party in France, and someone made a comment about "the Jews make trouble everywhere they go", and he was the only person who reacted with any surprise.

And the hostess more or less apologized for his shock.

In any case, this post just reinforces to me that there's nothing more dangerous than a far-left woman. They have the "worst" traits of their gender- a desire to nurture everyone and avoid conflict at all costs- with an ignorance, optimism, and naivete that is almost unheard of among men.

Except of course for men like Dhimmi Jhimmi Al-Carter, and I'm not sure if he meets the requirement for manhood.

Mr. Spog said...

The obvious place for the Jews to go is the United States and maybe Australia and Canada. But my impression, gleaned mostly from listening to "Arutz Sheva," is that Israeli religious nationalists (who increasingly seem to be the only nationalists remaining) have no intention of leaving Israel voluntarily, regardless of how crazy their government becomes.

Profitsbeard said...

They bet on the wrong horse (the neighboring invading genocidal Arabs) and lost.

Now they want the winner to cede defeat after the fact.

If Israel doesn't hold fast against this lunacy, Meyer Kahane will be proved right: the Muslims will erode the land from within, and destroy Israel.

They are not Israeli "citizens", they are infiltrating "soldiers of Allah".

Who do not recognize Yaweh.

Wake up, Juden!

Westward Ho said...




(That is, the pals walked/drove to Transjordan to make way for the invading arab armies - as the Arab authorities had exhorted them to do on the radio - expecting to return within 2 weeks, with the jews all dead (yep, millions of them). They then could return and divy up the houses and towns etc that the zionists had built where there had been nothing but desert, again as the Arab authorities assured them in public announcements.)

This REAL NAKBA deal was the objective. That was SUPPOSED to happen.



Whenever I hear *anyone* say “nakba” I want to scream “YOU MEAN THE _REAL NAKBA?!_ THE ONE THAT WAS INTENDED???!!!!!!!!”

rickl said...

This is insane, all right, but no more insane than modern American public schools that portray America's Founding Fathers as nothing more than rich, slave-owning white devils.

Actually, it is more insane, given that Israelis are totally surrounded by people who want to exterminate them.

ziontruth said...

The surface impression is one of desperation. But, under the surface, things are constantly improving.

I mean that the decision to teach the Pretendestinian narrative is not representative of the Jews of Israel. Nor Olmert's talk of giving away Judea and Samaria. Nor even the police action against the settlements.

The majority, after the trauma of the assassination of Rabin (Nov. 1995), is behaving very, very responsibly--if there's a case to be put before HaShem that the Jewish nation has atoned for the sin of gratuitous hatred (for which the Second Temple was destroyed), then this is it. Make no mistake, though: it is only by its current silence that the illusion of a suicidal Israeli Jewish people is maintained.

Few believe in concessions anymore. Many have begun exploring alternative ways of solving the conflict, some ineffective (pitting enemy factions against each other), some extreme ("Nuke the r--heads") and the one solution that was proposed years ago, by the late Rabbi Meir Kahane (may HaShem avenge his blood), the one I advocate myself (mass expulsion of the enemy population). The majority is in the stage of thinking what the right course is, of uncertainty about it, but let there be no doubt that there is absolute certainty that concessions are out, consigned to the trashheap of failed ideas.

That's the necessary first half of the move toward change: a majority of conscious rejectors of the Old Order. The arrow is in place and the bowstring is being stretched as we speak. Now all that's left is for the majority to stop being silent. In due course.

Parker Bic said...

You have fancy words for your "attrocities"; this naqbah

Open a real history book (as yours obviously leaves out many important, world affecting chapters).. Look in the index under "Holocaust".

TO all of you wiseasses and inconsiderate fools, calling us "jooos" and the like - Our families DIED to get us a homeland.
The Arab world already tried on Numerous occasions to wrest is from us. Our proudest moment, one in which the whole CIVILIZED world has recognized as a victory, 1967. We will not just die to ensure that we will always have a homeland; We will go down fighting if necessary, and take as many with us as is needed to get this point across to you -- WE WILL NOT STAND DOWN -- WE WILL NOT BE TAKEN DOWN -- AM YISRAEL CHAI!

History Snark said...


Easy. The term "Joos" is not intended as an insult to you and your people. It's an insult, but to those idiots that think in terms of "world Jewry", international Jewish Conspiracies ans the like.

It's also used because some stupid folks are anti-semitic, and use the term "Jew" as something of an obscenity.

Since, to my knowledge, I'm the only commenter to use the term, I can assure you that nobody here is against the Jews. In fact, I'd suggest that you re-read my original comment, (easy to find- It's the first one) and notice that I said "The locals there would, I'm sure, embrace them with open arms. And give them a nice place to live while they work out a "Final Solution" to the Joooish Question.

Does that sound like I'm anti-Jewish, or does it sound like I'm suggesting that Europe still has a problem with anti-Semitism?