Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muslim Immigration into the UK: Part Four

Below is the final installment of a four-part dossier about Muslim immigration written by El Inglés. This series was originally published as a single dossier in pdf format under the pseudonym “Pike Bishop”.

Previously: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

Immigrants at a camp in Calais

A Consideration of Muslim Immigration into the UK: Part Four
By Pike Bishop

VII. Conclusions and Demands

Our conclusions, which include and build on the conclusions of our earlier dossier, A Consideration of Muslim Crime in the UK and the Response of the British Authorities, are as follows.

1. Muslims are significantly more criminal than the native British.
2. Muslims are, in the aggregate, substantially parasitic with respect to the welfare state and the British economy in general, in that they drain away the wealth of the country as a whole: a) to support themselves and b) by necessitating disproportionately large financial outlays to ameliorate and contain their myriad pathologies.
3. Muslims are, in the aggregate, culturally unassimilable, retaining an unacceptably strong allegiance to horrendous cultural traits that have no place in a civilized country and insisting that we, the British, accept them and allow them to be propagated.
4. Muslims consistently display separatist, subversive, and treasonous tendencies that bear no comparison with any behaviour or attitudes on the part of any other group of immigrants.
5. These various characteristics of Muslims are not observed to simply disappear as Muslims ‘integrate.’ On the contrary, they are persistent, and are arguably worsening in many regards.
6. Family reunion immigration results in the growth rate of the UK Muslim population being very much higher than that of the British population as a whole, whilst also constantly infusing this population with Muslims from the ‘old country.’ This drastically reduces what little momentum towards integration exists amongst Muslims in general.
7. Muslim fertility rates are significantly higher than the fertility rates of the native population. Family reunion immigration is a major contributing factor to this high fertility.
8. These factors, taken together, will push our country along the path to large-scale, violent, tribal conflict of a kind and intensity only amenable to being solved through the permanent departure of the greater part of the Muslim population of the UK.
9. Steps must be taken as soon as possible to avert this looming catastrophe. The most obvious step, and the one we restrict our attention to in this document, is the bringing of an immediate, permanent halt to all Muslim immigration.

On the basis of the foregoing, we make the following requests:

1. We ask that any and all laws, treaties, or obligations pertaining, in any way, to family reunion immigration be revised, annulled, or withdrawn from so as to allow the runaway Muslim immigration facilitated in this fashion to be brought to a complete halt immediately.
2. We ask that any and all laws, treaties, or obligations pertaining, in any way, to asylum be revised, annulled or withdrawn from so as to allow asylum to be granted to Muslims or not purely at the discretion of the British people, through the actions of their elected representatives.
3. We ask that the UK Border Agency be ordered to focus its efforts, as and when appropriate, on the tracking down and deporting of Muslim illegal immigrants specifically.
4. We ask that the granting of student, work, and tourist visas to Muslims be brought to a complete halt immediately, and a ten-year moratorium be placed on the granting of such visas. During this time, the possible future viability of granting a very limited number of such visas can be investigated.
5. We ask that the granting of British citizenship and permanent residency to Muslims cease immediately, with no exceptions at all.
6. We ask that the Home Office investigate ways of stripping the British citizenship away from Muslims found guilty of committing serious criminal offences, irrespective of what generation of immigrant they may be. Those Muslims who are native British and cannot be considered immigrants in any meaningful sense, but who have committed serious criminal offences connected in some way with their religion, should be interned until they are deemed to no longer be a threat to the British public.
7. We ask that the Home Office close down any and all mosques or Muslim facilities within which incitement to terrorism or subversion, or the advocacy of jihad or sharia are taking or have taken place, deporting the Muslims responsible as necessary.
8. We ask that the government impress upon Muslims in the UK who are not British citizens that, whatever type of visa they may currently hold, it will not be renewed, and that they should therefore make plans appropriate to their leaving the UK permanently before or upon its expiry. This includes those Muslims holding permanent leave to remain in the UK, which should be revoked without exception.

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Anonymous said...

awsome, great ideas all.

never gonna happen....

sulber nick said...

Something's 'gonna happen' - that seems inevitable to me.

gsw said...

Since neither melanin nor ethnicity are factors of 'being muslim', may I assume that anyone renouncing islam may stay in the UK, just as anyone 'becoming' actively islam, would be asked to leave?

Since Islam=Caliphate; this could all be done on treason charges.
However, it would never have come to this if the UK government would treat them as equals.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

7. Muslim fertility rates are significantly higher than the fertility rates of the native population.

“The right crowd and not too crowded.”

In the U.K. the demographic displacement of the indigenous population should record the ideologically driven socio-economic assault, the social conditioning and the economic leverage used to collapse the population.

What kind of civilisation criminalises young mothers and their children due to their economic position think of all those yellow press headlines "benefit-scrounging single mothers", the target of such headlines in the U.K. were not immigrants but the indigenous peoples.

There is a civil war of conscience being fought in the U.K. - intangible due to the level which it is being fought on and that is the dimention of crass individualism.

I ask the reader to forget the welfare element of the statement "benefit-scrounging single mothers" and think about what kind of civilisation would launch such an assault on its mothers and children in part its very existence.

1389 said...

In response to 4symbols,

What kind of "civilization" (as Islam purports to be) would deliberately USE its mothers and children as a demographic time bomb to assault and take over other nations?

Michael Servetus said...

I like every word. Something like this should be copied and spread around as tracts in proper places both in Great Britain and the US. I like the approach of a looming threat and danger that no one wants but which the political empty suits are forcing upon us.
The signatures of persons of strategic importance should also be sought, like that of security personnel such as generals and commanders of various branches of armed forces, police personnel and others. This is a well worded piece. Its common sense is like a light in the darkness

Anonymous said...

I think these measures are too mild. We need the wholesale deportation of the Muslim population. But the measures you have described may be useful at an interim stage, before people are ready to endorse mass repatriation.

Rather than shutting down specific mosques, it may be useful to declare Islam itself to be a form of organised crime and add it to the list of proscribed organisations in Britain. This would involve shutting down and confiscating the assets of every mosque and Islamic organisation in the country.

I think a serious case could be made that Islam is a form of organised crime. In fact, I have been gathering my thoughts on this and intend to publish an essay about it on my blog soon.

EJGB said...

As I've said before, if our ancient kings had only known...

Unknown said...

Brilliantly well written. Try this: Go back and substitute the word Hispanic for Muslim and the word British with American.

pakeehn said...

Very good, but instead of "we make the following requests" I would have written "we make the following DEMANDS". The situation has gone beyond the point where polite supplication is appropriate. I believe the leadership is afraid of the Muslims. It's time to show we are a force to be dealt with also.

Charles Martel said...

The pressure continues to build on the Continent and in Britain. The governmental elites are seditious, subversive and treasonous and are acting in concert with the Muslims. It is this cooperation in the destruction of our Western traditions, shared memories, common language and culture that precludes the possibility of a peaceful resolution.

In the final analysis, it is universal suffrage itself which dooms all Western nations, some sooner than others, to to violent civil war and I would not be confident of the outcome for multiculturalism and political correctness have dissolved our common ties and common purpose.

The government WILL most assuredly be on the side of the Muslims as it is now and shall remain. The conflagration that faces the West will require a radical departure from the well worn paths of political correctness, tolerance and non-discrimination.

The seditious leftist swine in our midst will make victory that much more difficult. The sooner this thing comes to a head the better. Every new immigrant is an additional enemy combatant - worse, MANY new combatants since they are reproducing like jackrabbits.

Until Muslims have been stripped of the franchise, no government solution will be forthcoming. With universal suffrage, we've managed to paint ourselves into a very uncomfortable corner.

It will not only be the leftist seditious swine who will undermine our civilization. No, unfortunately, many of our so called "conservatives" have been equally vitiated by the leftist mist that permeates the air we breathe.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

@Charles Martel,

... we've managed to paint ourselves into a very uncomfortable corner.

The first casualty of democracy is truth, that has become the guiding maxim of the politicians, they have ran out of the anti-vandal paint that they used to paint themselves into their multikulti corner worst still for them their mojo has evaporated.

Michael Servetus said...

Martel and 4 Symbols,
You know I think the time for words has passed already and yet we will most likely continue to see nothing of thge sort that is actually called for. That is because of the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy that the common man feels in the face of the governmental behemoth, particulalry its high tech security and armed forces. If all things were equal, as in musket to musket, rifle to rifle, hand to hand, sword to sword, hatchet to hatchet, we would probably already have seen a necessary and just rebellion of arms. Which is why, in the U.S. the second amendment is so important, though yet still insufficient. I speak on a imaginitive and theoretical basis.

Anonymous said...

The United states is at a Cross roads. We have a president who is, along with the State Department, indiscriminately imnporting Somalis and others by the hundreds, for our welfare system to support. They refuse to protect our borders and enforce our laws, and even sue our states to stop them (namely Arizona) from protecting their own borders.Between illegal aliens coming across our borders ( and that includes clandestine Islamic border crossings; our states are in big debt because our schools, our hospitals, and our welfare systems are overwhelmed. Our own federal government is deliberately trying to saturate this country with third world Islamic barbarians who have no other design than to destroy us. Islam is now beginning to demand Sharia law for America, and that cannot happen. It is NOT compatible with our Cosntitution. We sympathize with Europeans who realize what their governments have done to them. We must make our governments
STOP aiding and abetting these ideologically corrupt animals.