Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stop the Crusaders!

Below is a video of a demonstration in London yesterday in support of Col. Muammar Qaddafi and in opposition to the NATO intervention in Libya. Strangely enough, the demo also promoted sharia:

Sharia on the right of me, sharia on the left of me, sharia in front of me!

Still photos of the event are here.

Hat tip: JPD.


Henrik R Clausen said...


Now, that's a good idea. Let's leave Qaddafi to his routine massacres and get down to something useful.

felix said...

Advocating implementation of sharia law among the host country's muslim populace should lead to deportation. I expect mainstream politicians will start to express this point of view.

kloutlichter said...

please for the love of any god you may wish to talk to,let the politicians see that these people have to go.They are just the spear point of a host of idiots behind them.

Border_Reiver said...
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