Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Culturally Enriched Kidnapping

Cultural Enrichment News

Below is a culturally enriched crime story from this morning’s Sjællands Nyheder in Denmark.

Note: Islam is not the only variety of cultural enrichment in the West, although the majority of enrichment atrocity stories involve the Religion of Peace and usually have a non-zero Mohammed coefficient. In this case, the perp is said to have had “a foreign accent”, which is no proof of Islamicity on his part. I wouldn’t make any bets against it, however.

Many thanks to our Danish correspondent Signe for the translation:

Attempted kidnapping of eight-year-old girl
By Claus Rødgaard Thomsen

SORØ: Tuesday morning an eight-year-old girl from Ruds Vedby was subjected to an extremely unpleasant experience as a man tried to kidnap her by dragging her into a van.

“There haven’t been any similar episodes, but if we have this sort of thing in the area we must get hold of him,” says Hugo Larsen, deputy police commissioner at Sydsjælland and Lolland-Falster Police.

The eight-year-old girl escaped with a fright this time around.

In the morning she left her home on Fuglebakken for the short walk to Ruds Vedby School.

A gray-black van followed her and on Ternevej, a man jumped out and tried to get the girl in the van. The man grabbed the girl so hard it hurt, while he allegedly said “Come here, girl” with a foreign accent. [emphasis added]

The girl screamed and managed to free herself and then ran to the school.

The description states he is between 190 and 195 centimeters tall and wearing a ski mask and black pants.

Hugo Larsen says the incident took place between 8 and 8.15.

The police find the girl’s report completely trustworthy.

“We believe her. We have also interviewed the mother,” says Hugo Larsen.

He asks people to contact the police at 114, if they have seen anything the police can use to catch the man.

“We know that sexual offenders commute, so tomorrow he might appear in Kalundborg or Hillerød,” says Hugo Larsen.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it was just his way of proposing marriage to her, like the Perfect Con-man himself?

Madelina said...

A more correct translation of the man's words would be "Come here, slut". "Tøs" means slut, whore. But, in this brave new world we just have to accept that all ethnic european girls are free to be taken by the enrichers. Anything else would be RACIST.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this would not be happening if Jews weren't building homes in Samaria. We need to convince them that its in their best interest to commit suicide as we are doing.