Tuesday, March 29, 2011

British Muslims for Israel

Despite his assertion that he doesn’t feel himself to be in any danger, I can’t help but wonder if this young man has some sort of death wish.

The following report about a British group called “Muslims4Israel” is from Israel National TV:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.


Anne-Kit said...

Good Lord! I am almost speechless...

Perhaps it's the mother in me, but I have this urge to scoop him up and whisk him out of harm's way.

May God protect him, he will need it!

goethechosemercy said...

Protect him from the hatred.
Keep him safe.

Anonymous said...

My jaw dropped--is this guy for real?

I, too, fear for him. He is either amazingly brave or incredibly ignorant of certain things.

B.B. said...

For some reason, I'm reminded of this.


Anonymous said...

On a more serious note, I'm sure there's some rule in the International Charter of Human rights, or somesuch, which says that this TV announcer's shirt is a crime against humanity.

Trev said...

What a truely amazing guy,i am absoloutely gobsmacked.Good luck for the future matey,you deserve to be heard.

Sagunto said...

"We [..] solidarity with the people of Palestine and the people of Gaza. But however, what we do have a problem with is the leadership of Palestine, with the leadership of Gaza."

The people didn't want those leaders? In free elections the people of Palestine would have supported the Muslims4Israel line? Am I supposed to believe in tigers feeding on oranges or something?

Kind regs from Amsterdam,