Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Palestina Libre!

The Demonic Convergence, Installment #4,881

Nothing exemplifies the practical merger of the Red Revolution and the Great Jihad better than the issue of “Palestine”. I picked out the images below from various Communist and Anarchist websites, just to give you an idea of the depth of collaboration that goes on between the Left and the Mujahideen.

First, the vanguard of proletarian revolution in Latin America wields his bayonet on behalf of Hamas:

Palestina Libre #1

Next comes an Islamized and cartoonified Che:

Palestina Libre #2

And a detail from Picasso’s Guernica, updated for the great Progressive cause of our time:

Palestina Libre #3

Finally, a sultry-eyed Muslima in full Patty Hearst mode takes up a rifle and a keffiyeh on behalf of her oppressed sisters in Gaza:

Palestina Libre #4

The merger between the Jihad and the Reds is seamless, and will presumably remain that way until the Revolution is finally achieved. After that there will be a bit of a reckoning.

Allah vs. Marx: Who Will Win?


Dymphna said...

Is that a trick question, sir?

Zenster said...

Finally, a sultry-eyed Muslima in full Patty Hearst mode takes up a rifle and a keffiyeh on behalf of her oppressed sisters in Gaza:

That picture reminds very little of back during the Hearst kidnapping days when McDonald's first introduced the SLA burger:

Open the bun and, look! … No Patty!

Paul Weston said...

Allah versus Marx? Allah will win.

Allah & Marx Versus us? Us.

Hebes Chasma said...

Off topic. I think it is a good idea to promote the term "Jeffersonian Islamophobe". It compels people to read things like this and make a connection between islamophobia and founding fathers. Undermines iSlam much more efficiently.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

Allah vs. Marx: Who Will Win?

The dismounting and fallout of the allah/marx piggyback alliance will be bloody interesting to watch.

In the U.K. “palestine” was as much apart of the distraction politics agenda as climate change and starving african children pop-propaganda tools used by governments of both the left and right.

Papa Whiskey said...

The left and its woggish allies might take a lesson from the history of Argentina, which was thrown into turmoil in the early 1970s by a terrorist campaign at the hands of leftist groups such as the Monteneros and the E.R.P. After several years of this, the Argentinian military staged a coup and fell upon the left with an all-effacing ferocity. Some 30,000 were killed.

urah2222 said...

Baron -

Bet my last sou that "El Che" viewed Arabs and Muslims generally the same way he viewed Blacks in Cuba (AS UNTERMENCHEN!)The Hispanic/Modern History of Latin America only started AFTER "The Moors" were Thrown Out of Spain. Towns were NOT named "Matamoros" for nothing. So far as I know, there are NONE named "Besamoros" anywhere in the Spanish or Portugese speaking nations of the Americas. Wonder why? I don't.

Dr. Shalit

urah2222 said...

In "Allah vs. Marx" My bet is on ALLAH.
"ISLAM" has the one ingredient missing from Marxism, which same is Religion, or at least the appearance of being a Religion. Otherwise, let me watch the game and root for BOT of them to LOSE!

Dr. Shalit

Anonymous said...

this muslima is leila khaled