Thursday, March 24, 2011

It’s Hard to be Norwegian in Groruddalen

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Norwegian correspondent Vikverjer has translated an interesting article about the ascendancy of cultural enrichment in a formerly Norwegian suburb of Oslo.

The article below was published today in Aftenposten, one of the major Norwegian newspapers:

“It is difficult to be ethnic Norwegian here”

Patrick Åserud has had enough of pressure about salami-free food, blond-hate and horrible language skills.

“I will not let my children grow up here. I do not dare to.”

School in Groruddalen

He has made up his mind. After spending his whole life in Groruddalen [a district of Oslo], the developments of the past year have frightened Patrick Åserud into leaving. In the coming summer he will move with his wife and kindergarten-age daughter from Furuset [in Groruddalen], and out of the city.

He is moving from a local area he thinks is on its way to falling apart due to the heavy weight of failed integration.

Worrying stories

“It has become difficult to be an ethnic Norwegian in Groruddalen. There are huge language problems, and additionally a pressure that we [Norwegians] must adjust to norms that feel completely foreign to us, who have a Western lifestyle and mindset.

“There are kindergartens where almost no children or parents speak Norwegian, and there are schools where children are threatened with beatings if they bring salami with them for their school lunch.

“Girls are bullied for being blond, and they colour their hair dark to avoid it and fit in. It is especially not okay to be gay at the school, nor atheist, and especially not Jewish.

“Over the last three years it has been particularly frightening to watch and hear about everything that happens,” says Åserud.

A majority of parents need translator

He has quit his job at the kindergarten. It is especially during his fifteen years as a teacher at the school and kindergarten that he has noticed the changes in the population.

“We had to use a translator in 10 of 18 conversations with parents.

“What kind of possibility does one have to create a good environment and a co-operate with the families, when the situation is like this?” asks Åserud.

Thousands have left

He feels that it is he and his family who must integrate as a minority in their own country.

“I was positive and optimistic earlier. But it has crossed a line when there is a majority that does not speak the language well.

“There are many of us that have strong feelings about this, regardless of the colour on our skin. An Indian family I know are expected [by the muslim immigrants] to live and behave as Muslims, just because they have brown skin colour.”

“Many people will perhaps think you are intolerant and not in line with the ‘New Norway’?”

“If that is the case, then there are very many who are not in line. The reality is that [Norwegian] people move away from this area. And they do so because of experiences they have had,” says Åserud.

Numbers from Statistisk Sentralbyrå back up his statement. 3,000 fewer ethnic Norwegians now live in Groruddalen, compared to only two years earlier. More people are moving away faster then before, but even over a longer time-span the trend is clear: Groruddalen has lost 20,000 ethnic Norwegians the last fifteen years, and still the population continues to grow.

The ethnic Norwegian percentage in Groruddalen has gone from 82% to 56% in fifteen years.

Fears that it will become like Malmø

And this year Åserud will become a part of that statistics. He is moving with his family to [the town] Hamar.

“We have no connections there, but we can’t afford a house in Høybråten, Røa or the other places [my comment: Generally more ‘whiter’ areas populated by the elite politicians who praise ‘multiculturalism’ — translator] where we don’t feel like foreigners when going shopping,” says Åserud.

He has no good recipe for how the development can be turned around.

“I don’t know. I fear that it will start becoming like Rosengård [widely-known immigrant/Muslim area in Malmø in Sweden with heavy crime]. There shots are fired in the streets on a average once every week. I wish the best for this town, but I feel I can’t carry the integration on my shoulders,” says Åserud.

A sidebar on the article:

Last week [the newspaper] Aften revealed that four out of ten parents are trying to move their children away from minority schools [schools where Muslims are usually in the majority].

The principals confirm that the number of minority [Muslims immigrants] students is given as explanation by those who move. School analyst Ivar Morken says that the schools have become like a “social garbage can”, because they are thrown into the demographic problems that schools can’t solve.

Below the article, various Norwegians have left comments. A sample:

Pettern: It is good to see the reality described by one who stands in it!

This is in strong contrast to the glorified pictures and statements we are handed by naïve politically correct politicians from certain political parties, and from people in immigration-dependent organizations!
Tilskuer: The socialist’s experiment is complete, and they are probably happy with themselves.

Forcibly move Halvorsen, Stoltenberg and Støre [politically correct leaders on the Left] to Groruddalen and let them experience the multicultural joy and blessings on their own body for a couple of years.

Perhaps that will educate them.
Futurum: The day will come when we ethnic Norwegians have become a minority in our own country.

I think even the most left-wing person will cry when they one time in the future discover what they have done to Norway and what kind of life they have left for their children and grandchildren. Today Norway is playing the world’s social-service agency, but we forget our own children and don’t care about our own culture. Unfortunately our oil riches blind us, so we do not see we are digging our own grave. If we really want to help people, then we would help people in a neighbour-country near where they are from. Then we could have given aid to tens of thousands more people for the same amount of money we use to aid a handful of immigrants here home in Norway instead.

The immigration policy is just halo-politics, where the size on the halo is adjusted to how many immigrants you let into the country.

Now it is time that people must soon wake up from the slumber that our oil-riches haves forced us into. Very soon it will be too late.

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Vortac said...

So, formerly prospering cities are turning into Third World hellholes because of the "oil riches". That's an interesting theory. Well, Scandinavian authorities have already established that recent surge in the number of rapes is caused by "warmer weather", so I guess they are applying the same "logic" here.

on-my-own-in-berkeley said...

I think that he was referring to the fact that Norway still has North Sea Oil and is actually a very rich country on a per capita basis.

Takuan Seiyo said...

I am so saddened by the restrained grief coming through this man, rather than towering rage. He is a victim of ethnocide in his own country where the soil consists of the decomposed parts of his ancestors going back maybe 10,000 years. This is a mega-crime of epochal dimensions and there is nothing stronger the Norwegians (except for the Nazis) have to say about it?

trencherbone said...

The Polluter Pays Principle
Islam is a form of pollution, which is not just limited to environmental pollution caused by the population pressures of fast-breeding parasites. Islam is also a toxic upwelling of spiritual, moral, social, economic, educational, genetic, intellectual and cultural pollution in the Western societies it is slowly poisoning.

On the principle that the polluter pays, Muslims should be made to bear the cost of their socially corrosive activities, rather being rewarded for them.

babs said...

Just as an aside; salami that I buy is made of beef, not pork.

månesteiner said...

Thinking of salami - who knows what's really in there? It's truly a crapshoot.

But Islam is what it has always been. There are no surprises in that package.
We can't blame Islam for the transformation of Groruddalen. Norway, like the rest of the lunatic West, is inviting 7th century desert tribesmen into their home and then is suddenly mystified at the rising crime, disharmony and unraveling of their society.

Islam isn't the problem.

Andrew Leatherland said...

I am always fascinated as to why socialists take this route. Why?

Because one of the hallmarks certainly of modern socialist experimenters is an unwillingness to adapt their lifestyle for that which they are so happy to prescribe for everyone else in their society.

If demographics change so significantly, to the point that cultural change comes on a more country wide scale, how do they propose to retain those principles and practices that they currently enjoy.

I'm thinking of things such as being critical of patriachal social norms, liberal approaches to sexual practices, criticising religion, women's equality & advancement.

How will they propose to react when the new social profile impinges on what they take for granted and they simply won't be able to wish it away any longer?

E. REX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

The Norwegians and Swedes are utter fools to bring into their countries hordes of ignorant, illiterate Muslims who hate them. They will never assimilate. They will force the Scandinavians into total submission to Islam. They regard you as cowards & fools and prove it every time they rape one of your young women or sodomize a little boy.
How could this happen to the descendants of the Vikings?

kimjongun said...

A multi-ethnic society is a temporal term referring to the time between the first coloureds moving until the last whites move out.

Anonymous said...

The same thing is happening here in Canada, muslim Somali immigrants here are killing one another like they live in a pirate land and yet accuse the Police of indifference. The truth is that these immigrants still live like they are in war torn Somalia and not the haven Canada has become to them at the expense of Canadian taxpayers.
Truthfully we experience the same hatred from muslims that you do in Norway and Sweden, our grandchildren are the sacrifice we will pay for letting these religious crazies into our country by the hundreds of thousands.
we too have total communities that are muslim. You are not alone in your suffering.

Anonymous said...

Governments of the west have committed TREASON against their own people and countries for letting in "sworn enemies of the state" like those who worship the devil god allah.
Have you ever wondered why muslims do not assimilate? How can you assimilate violence, hatred and religious arrogance into peace loving countries like Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark, England and a host of other countries? Islam cannot assimilate into any country on the planet, they cannot even get along with themselves let alone with anyone else in the world, so how did these "politicians" think they could get them to assimilate here? Our politicians know that it IS NOT POSSIBLE, OUR POLITICIANS HAVE COMMITTED TREASON~!~! It must be for the love of money because there is no other explanation for giving our country away to those that hate us. The love of money is THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.
Canadian politicians have thrown the doors open wide to muslims knowing full well what has happened in Europe...what is wrong with them?

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

jetlag700 said (3/26/2011 6:19 AM)
"... OUR POLITICIANS HAVE COMMITTED TREASON ~!~! It must be for the love of money because there is no other explanation for giving our country away to those that hate us."

No, it's not for money.

The idea is to stamp out nationalism, to devalue and ultimately destroy the "cultural identity" of the various European nations.

The founders of the Global Governance movement believe that pride in one's national identity and culture leads to overzealous patriotism and jingoism-- and resistance to being consolidated into one "uber-State". The EU and other One-Worlders want to sidestep nationalistic resistance to their accumulation of power, so they've enacted policies that tear down national unity and social cohesion. They know that the presence of millions of unassimilable foreigners will ultimately trigger chaos and civil unrest. They believe that the inability of local police to prevent violence and ensure the safety of citizens will lead to desperate requests for the Overlords to step in and restore order. Thus will be born the new Totalitarian State, at the specific request of the once-free Europeans.

mjazzguitar said...

Instead of importing Somalis, we should be allowing immigrants such as these in, insofar as they can leave the anti-Israel crap behind.

mjazzguitar said...

Norway's antisemitism:
Norway, Israel, and the Jews