Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eat the Rich!

Bill Whittle channels Iowahawk in the following video about sticking it to the “rich” in order to enact Barack Hussein Obama’s very expensive agenda for the United States during the coming year.

Iowahawk and Mr. Whittle use the demagoguery of Jabba the Hutt Michael Moore as the jumping-off point for a scheme to soak the rich and pay for Hope ’n’ Change in America:

Hat tip: Wally Ballou.


Van Grungy said...

Whittle is awesomeness..

thanks for the post..

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of Bill Whittle - glad to see his Firewall videos circulating here at GoV.

babs said...

I am so reminded of the movie "Dave." Where Marty the Jewish CPA sits down with the cabinet and starts cutting all the insanity out of the American budget.
I am so totally tired of hearing that something will not make a difference...
How about we cut every street tree, jogging path, nature trail, jungle gym, memorial and turtle tunnel out of the budget? Then we can move on to every subsidized airport, transportation hub and ferry terminal. Moving further we can cut off all flood insurance to homes on beaches and in earthquake areas.
If we want to get really fancy we can stop subsidizing people that "try to farm" and large agro farmers.(Don't even get me started on ethenol subsidies.)
The Federal Gov't is awash in money bought and paid for by constituents. They are not me. I am the big sucker.
Really, the list goes on and on and the American people send in their money year after year for this insanity.