Monday, March 14, 2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/14/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/14/2011To take your mind off the nuclear crisis in Japan, consider the case of a German woman named Monika Strub. Ms. Strub was a man until she underwent a sex change, and in her former gender she was a neo-Nazi, a member of the NPD. Now she’s a leftist, and says she is a true socialist. From National Socialism and manliness to International Socialism and femininity — is there a connection?

In other news, Bahrain has asked Saudi Arabia — under the fig leaf of the Gulf Cooperation Council — to send troops across the causeway to Manama to help Bahrain’s (Sunni) Royal Family contain the violent protests that have broken out among the country’s Shia majority.

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Unknown said...

“…A forced marriage, as opposed to an arranged marriage, is where either bride or groom, or both, do not consent to a wedding and are coerced into accepting it…”

Or in other words, a “forced” marriage is always an “arranged” marriage to which one of the parties has been willing to risk objecting.

One aspect of this vile business that the BBC will never cover is the financial motivation that is the reason behind so many ‘arranged’ marriages being ‘forced’ - ‘immigration by spouse’ is a huge moneymaker for families who broker their children’s marriage to their cousins-in-need-of-a-British-passport back in their dusty ancestral village.

And since Labour cynically abolished the Primary Purpose Rule in order to gerrymander the south Asian immigrant vote, immigration by spouses has increased by 50%.

International arranged marriages (or ‘fetching marriages’) are a major factor in the formation of ghettoes in Britain. Even in the second and third generation, a very high proportion of immigrants from certain countries enter arranged marriages with spouses from their county of ethnic origin.

Every year, thousands of ‘fetched’ spouses become British Citizens, despite being unable to speak English, having very little understanding of life in here and contributing virtually nothing economically - around 60% of ‘fetched’ spouses are unemployed.

In the 2001 Census nearly ½ of ethnic Indian and 3/4 of ethnic Pakistani and Bangladeshi children aged 0-4 had a mother born in her country of origin. 68% of all children born in Tower Hamlets are born to foreign mothers.

That’s a lot of babies born into households where English is not the first (or even spoken) language. We have 448 000 children (according to the BBC) who go to primary school unable to speak English.

'Fetching-marriages' mean that many children are effectively born as ‘immigrants’, growing up as ‘immigrants’, unable to speak English, with few or no cultural links to their country of birth. And when they grow up they’re sent to their ‘ancestral’ country to ‘fetch’ a foreign spouse. And it goes on as it already has here for three generations.

It’s time to re-establish the Primary Purpose Rule and stigmatise and proscribe these disgusting and foreign cultural practices that so harm British society.

EJGB said...

Here Here! Pity an idea like that will never see the light of day in the US.